Improve Your Health Issue 4

Providing positive, realistic and life-enhancing tips to ensure you're living your best naturally healthy life. With more than 30 years in print, Top Santé has always been dedicated to the health and wellbeing of women. That is why the editors have put together a series of special bookazines dedicated to the main topics on readers' minds. Whether it's how to get better sleep, the best way to manage the menopause, taking on a new walking hobby, or ensuring you're enjoying optimum health from top to toe, our 100-page specials provide positive, realistic and life-enhancing tips to ensure you're living your best naturally healthy life.

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your great gut guide

Sometimes the easiest answers come from the simplest links. Take gut health for example. Happy belly = happy brain and body. More variety of beneficial bacteria in your body = more wellbeing benefits. See? A simple system... with a rather complex composition. Each of us has a constantly moving microbiome: the combo of some 100 trillion organisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses, weighing around 2kg – the same as a Chihuahua if you were wondering – working to keep germs away, fight infection, processes nutrients, synthesise hormones, improve sleep, control weight, boost energy, and everything inbetween. Gone are the days of gut defined by digestion alone. With each passing year, ongoing research reveals more links between optimal health and microbiome make-up. So it goes without saying, you should do all you…

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what’s new for gut health

TUMMY-FRIENDLY BREAKFASTS Set yourself up for the day with Lizi’s Digestive Health Granola (£3.70, It contains 1 billion cultures and more than 4g of fibre per 50g serving. And if porridge is more your thing – oats are packed with beta glucans and soluble fibre – then try new Simply Seedz Porridge Pots (£1.95, Containing just five ingredients, the pots are a mixture of jumbo and rolled oats and are packed with dried fruit – the Date and Apricot pot contains 6g of fibre. HELP FOR IBS SUFFERERS Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects up to 17 per cent of the UK population, rising to 23 per cent for women, and is the second leading cause of work absences. We explore this condition, or collection of symptoms, later in this guide, but in the…

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tried & tested: kombucha

Fermented foods have made a comeback in recent years, which is in no small part down to their reputation as a provider of ‘good’ bacteria and contribution to a healthy digestive system. Kombucha – a fizzy, fermented black tea – is at the forefront of this wellness trend. Top Santé Editor Katy (@thehealtheditor) recently tried three of the latest… Remedy (£24.99 for 12 330ml cans, creates kombucha in small batches that has been brewed for 30 days. Flavours worth trying include Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Lemon and Apple Crisp. ‘There are so many great tastes in this range – very refreshing and didn’t make me bloated,’ says Katy. Nexba Kombucha (£29.99 for 24 330ml bottles, is made with oolong tea leaves and is brewed for 40 days, allowing even more time…

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what supp?

Double the benefits! JSHealth Skin + Digestion and Detox + Debloat (£29.99 each for 60 capsules, will keep your digestive system functioning properly. The digestion one uses a combination of vitamin C, burdock and turmeric to support the gut and de-stress skin, while the debloat formula features milk thistle and fennel seed to relieve abdominal bloating. Freeze dried! Bio-Kult Boosted (£24.98 for 30 capsules, features 14 strains of live bacteria and vitamin B12 to target the immune system and digestive tract. The bacteria in Bio-Kult Boosted are cryoprotected during the freeze-drying process to help protect them from the acid environment of the stomach, which can hinder a supplement’s effectiveness. A high-potency probiotic! Young Living Life 9 (£33.70 for 30 capsules, is a step up from the brand’s Life 5 formula and contains…

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restore to the core

WHETHER IT’S A new wardrobe or a fresh set of make-up, a revamp can go miles towards helping you feel better on the outside – but what about the inside? Just as your outer self needs an occasional restyle, your hard-working digestive system should also be treated to a well-deserved makeover from time to time. Deep in the centre of your body, your gut is working away constantly, influencing numerous processes. There are the obvious digestion and waste elimination processes, but ongoing and indepth scientific studies have also proven that your gut directly influences your weight, skin, immunity and even energy and mood. The reason it has such influence over your health is because of the complex community of microbes it houses. There are thousands upon thousands of bacterial species in your…

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the great gut evolution

DID YOU KNOW, microbes (with a few very rare exceptions) can only survive if fed with carbs? In contrast, animal cells run on fats AND carbs. This dualfuel ability brings huge evolutionary benefits. For example, humans switch to carbohydrate burning in autumn to allow them to benefit from the carbohydrate bonanza of this natural harvest-time, which allows the laying down of fat. This brought the survival benefits of insulation against cold winter weather and a pantry to turn to in lean times. Winter, spring and early summer diets on the other hand were fat- and fibre-based – in other words, ketogenic. These days however, Westerners with modern food supplies live in a permanent autumn. We love this because carbohydrates are so addictive, but eating like this is also so dangerous. GET THE…