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In-Fisherman June 2019

In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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JUNE 3 Dealing with Seasonal Transitions > Spinnerbaiting Pike & Walleyes > Grubbing Transition Smallmouths > Timing Summer Peak Largemouths JUNE 10 Sportfishing Magic & Mayhem > Lake Trout Tactics in Overdrive > Archive: Brush Cats 1991 > Cranking Cranked Up Largemouths JUNE 17 Into the Wilderness Close to Home > Mississippi Delta Slab Crappies > Secluded Largemouths & More > Small-River Wilderness Catfish JUNE 24 Tactics for Tough Times > Wind-Pattern Largemouths > Prespawn Reservoir Smallmouths > MaxScent Secrets for Walleyes…

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getting the big bite

Chad Griep is a master craftsman—turkey box calls and fine marabou and hair-jig ties that he shares from time to time and I mainly use to fish for small-mouths. My biggest bass from Mille Lacs last year fell for one of his marabou masterpieces. I love to fish feathers and hair and have been doing so since discovering Cap Kennedy’s Rock-A-Roos in the 1960s. A note I sent to Chad recently might get you thinking? The topic is in line with Field Editor Matt Straw’s article in this issue about using select tactics and strategies to catch giant smallmouths. Hi, Chad: One thing I noticed with small-mouths a long time ago, and it has held true these many years, is that fundamental subdued color patterns in browns, greens, and black (often…

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bits & pieces

Bass and Boat Noise Sound Science— In this issue of In-Fisherman , Field Editor Steve Quinn writes about the sense of hearing in bass, including the range of frequencies they can detect and how that applies to the lures we choose to capitalize on their sound detection capabilities. Beyond applying sound factors to our presentations, hearing in many species of aquatic animals also comes into play conservation-wise, whether it’s about what sounds might deter them for the purposes of keeping them out of certain areas, or how certain sounds might interfere with their normal behaviors, such feeding, migration, and communication. Sounds travel much faster in water than in air, due to the higher density of liquid water compared to air, as Quinn discusses in his article. Recreational boating can create a variety…

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GUNNISON RIVER MONTROSE, COLORADO Trout » Incredibly scenic, with miles and miles of pristine water and plenty of public access, the river offers lots of rainbows and browns, including some big fish. Most anglers fly fish, but spinning tackle also works well. Contact: Guide Jeff McKenna, 970/778-2906, coloradowestslopeflyfishing.com. Kristine Fischer COLUMBIA RIVER TRI-CITIES AREA, WASHINGTON Smallmouths » The area near the confluence of the Snake and Yakima rivers has lots of 3-pound fish with a good shot at 4 to 6-pounders. Contact: Three Rivers Tackle in West Richland, 509/948-8787, threeriverstackle.com. Bruce Holt NORTH TEXAS RESERVOIRS Channel and Blue Catfish » Channel catfish are typically in full spawn in June and good numbers are caught on cutbaits fished under floats around rocks, timber, or riprap. By late June, blues are usually moving off beds and are caught by drifting during the day…

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staff noteworthy & new

Garmin Detail Garmin’s BlueChart g3 Vision and LakeVu g3 Ultra cartography lend high-resolution shading that provides exceptional detail to lake bottom views, by combining color and shadow, making pictures easy to interpret. Available with coverage for U.S. coastal waters and more than 150 Garmin-surveyed lakes—$249.99 to $349.99, garmin.com Precision Depth Crappies Precision Trolling Data, famous for its running-depth profiles for crankbaits, offers a Crappie Jig Data app that reveals the running depth of longlined crappie jigs, in several trolling speeds from .75 to 1.5 mph. Popular crappie crankbaits also are included. Individual jigs cost $1.99 each. A lifetime app membership for crankbaits and longlined jigs is $109.99, precisiontrollingdata.com Rust Buster Tackle Boxes Plano’s Rustrictor Stowaway tackle boxes are infused with a rust-stopping compound. Close a box and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor fills the interior with ions…

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the hidden world of bass sound detection

But when we jump into the water to snorkel or scuba dive, we hear nothing but own our exhalations. For centuries, mariners and scientists generally regarded the aquatic world as a quiet, as referenced by Jacques Yves Cousteau’s famed film, “Silent World,” released in 1956. Since then, scientists have learned a lot about sound under water and how fish species respond to it. Sound Science Physics informs us that because molecules in water are much closer together than they are in air, motional energy is transferred faster and sound waves travel 4.8 times faster in water than in air, at almost a mile per second. Lower-frequency sounds can travel amazingly far. In his book, Knowing Bass , long-time bass sensory researcher Dr. Keith Jones noted that when the Soviet Union launched their…