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In-Fisherman May 2020

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In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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inside angles

The Great Migration of Modern Angling In-Fisherman Field Editor Ned Kehde, who gave the angling world the Ned rig, also is the greatest historian of the development of finesse fishing. In this issue, another of our field editors, Cory Schmidt, writes about Ned rig alternatives that are nifty as can be. Mention of Kehde reminded me of a perspective In-Fisherman cofounder Ron Lindner once offered on the “march to modern angling.” I went digging and found it in an issue we published in 2001. The rest of what you’ll read here is what Lindner, who was In-Fisherman publisher at the time, observed back then. Lindner: “Many anglers may not realize that most of the classic fishing theory, as well as the tackle and technology we use today, and the course of angling as…

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bits & pieces

Record Bass Under the Radar? We received a note from Sean (John Jr.) Hilgeman, after he uncovered old photographs and a newspaper article about his great grandfather’s catch—an uncertified world-record largemouth?: “My father always told me about this huge fish, but I had never seen it until those photos were found,” Hilgeman says. “The fisherman was my great grandfather Eugene Fabian. My dad, John Hilgeman Sr., and he had the photos in a box all these years.” Local newspaper reports of the time indicate the bass was caught on the evening of August 19, 1963, in DeLand, Florida, on a black worm and Shakespeare rod and reel and 30-pound-test line. The bass was taken home and weighed on a Fairbanks scale and photographed. The big bass was reportedly witnessed by 11 people. Reports indicate…

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NORTH ARM, GREAT SLAVE LAKE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Pike » June and July offer some of the best fishing in North America for giant pike. Trout Rock Lodge is just a 15-minute float-plane ride to the southwest from Yellowknife, but it’s the only lodge in the 100-mile-long North Arm. Unlimited habitat for big pike. Comfortable lodging. Awe some guides. Contact: Trout Rock Lodge, 867/873-4334, enodah.com. Doug Stange PRIEST RIVER NORTH IDAHO Bass » Lakes Pend Oreille and Coeur d’Alene are excellent bass fisheries that get little fishing pressure. May and June offer prespawn and spawning options for large-mouths sometimes surpassing 8 pounds and smallmouths sometimes surpassing 6 pounds. Contact: The Willows Club by Anglers Inn International, 800/468 2347, anglersinn.com. Bruce Holt WHITEWOOD AREA SASKATCHEWAN Channel Catfish » The catfish population has grown steadily in the Qu’Appelle river system,…

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staff noteworthy & new

Perfect Boat Boot The Muckster II Ankle Boot, from the Muck Boot Company, is a solid choice as a chilly- and rainy-weather boot to go with the rain gear that anglers spend so much time wearing in the boat, whether it’s raining or not. There’s 4-mm of neoprene, plus Airmesh lining, for warmth and breathable comfort—$115, muckbootcompany.com Performance Braid Spiderwire Ultracast is engineered to provide long, smooth, quiet casts, in break strengths from 8 to 80 pounds. This ultra-thin braid comes in Invisibraid translucent, Moss Green, and saltwater colors, to blend into any environment. Available in spool sizes from 125 to 2,800 yards—$9.50 to $419.99, spiderwire.com Ultra Thin Storage Ultra Thin tackle boxes from Lure Lock are ideal for organizing stickbaits and shallow-diving crankbaits. Made of 100-percent polypropylene for durability, the box also offers Tak…

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the effects of lunar factors on bass fishing

I recall one of the largest kerfuffles we ever got into during my 30 years of editing In-Fisherman was the issue, for reason of space limitations or contract problems (I can’t quite recall after all these years), in which we didn’t include our usual “Solunar Moon Times” table in an issue. We soon realized the extent of reader angst, as the first issues hit newsstands and mailboxes. Distraught readers across the continent were beside themselves over this omission. We were well aware of the importance of this information to many anglers, and had faithfully published the monthly calendars, that includes solunar majors and minors, as well as moon phases. But we failed to realize the depth of reliance on this information by our readers. More recently, Curtis Niedermier, Editor In Chief of FLW…

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majors and minors

According to solunar theorists, major periods occur when the moon is directly overhead or directly below a reference longitude. Minors occur when it’s positioned at 90 degrees to either side. The moon’s orbit is not round, but elliptical. At the most distant point (apogee), the moon is about 252,000 miles away. At its closest position (perigee), it’s about 233,000 miles distant. Some theorists feel that the moon’s greater gravitational pull (as much as 20 percent stronger) means solunar peaks at this time create even better fishing potential.…