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In-Fisherman June 2020

In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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Enlightenment One “Bit” of Information at a Time Feature articles in In-Fisherman take the reader down a road to understanding subjects about specific fish species. The smallmouth bass article in this issue, for example, digs deep into options for connecting with bass by using hard-won tactics that few anglers may have considered before. As we so often say, a little tweak here, a little trick there, and soon enough you’re fishing better than you have before. Topics in a column such as those in Bits and Pieces take a different route to enlightenment about more diverse topics. Many puzzling issues have been addressed in the 40 years the column has run. Like how critical is it really that bass, both largemouths and smallmouth, be held out of water no longer than a…

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bits& pieces

Union Apprentices Help Improve Fisheries Conservation in Action— A new generation of conservationists is helping improve America’s fisheries and expand fishing opportunities. Participants in labor union apprenticeship programs are a potent source of skilled volunteer labor in conservation, access, and outreach projects organized by the nonprofit Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) Work Boots on the Ground (WBG) program. Launched in 2010, the program has completed 237 projects in 31 states. The value of volunteer labor donated through WBG exceeds $1.5 million, while outreach events have engaged more than 13,000 participants, including over 6,000 in 2019. Apprentices—who spend the work week on the job earning a living while advancing their careers in a variety of skilled trades—play a vital role in these efforts, as do their seasoned coworkers. The long list of USA conservation projects…

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QUETICO PROVINCIAL PARK ONTARIO Smallmouths » This 1.2 million acre paradise two hours west of Thunder Bay has 2,000 fish-filled lakes. Connected to the Bound ary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to the south, travel is by ca noe or kayak, which is why 100-bass days are possible, including big fish. Walleyes, pike, and lake trout also are plentiful. Contact: Ontario Parks, ontarioparks.com/park/quetico. Gord Pyzer COLUMBIA RIVER PORTLAND, OREGON White Sturgeon » Fishing in June and July offers great catch-and-release fishing for gi ant white sturgeon, with numerous fish from 7 to 9 feet, and a chance at fish exceeding 10 feet. Contact: Dan Ponciano Guide Service, 306/607-8511, columbiariverfishing.com. Bruce Holt LAKE GRANBY COLORADO Lake Trout » June is the best time of the year for vertical jigging in 30 to 60 feet of water for big fish. Nearby…

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staff noteworthy & new

Glacier Trek Pro Designed for fishing in difficult conditions, the XTRATUF GlacierTrek Pro Swingsaw 15-inch Legacy Boot features insulated waterproof construction and an outsole with SRC slip-resistance technology for superior gripping traction. The Spandura-covered 5-mm Neoprene boot is comfort rated to -20°F and weighs about 5.9 pounds—$195, xtratuf.com King Kahle The Eagle Claw Kahle hook is a propriety name for one of the most noteworthy hooks of all time, on the market since 1953. The Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L141 has a standard hook eye, while the L144 offers the option to snell. Hook sizes range from a tiny #14 up to a 10/0 called the King Kahle. Also note the Trokar Inshore Kahle—prices vary, eagleclaw.com Muskie SKIXX A lineup of seven Shimano SKIXX muskie rods, ranging from a heavy-power 8-footer to an extra-heavy 9-foot…

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✯ one-two ✯ punch largemouths

In fishing, looks can be deceiving. The finest-looking spring day with falling barometer and mild winds can prove a bust in the fish-catching department. Ever hear the expression, “Too nice a day for ‘em to bite!” A close look at a largemouth bass suggests that it’s an eating machine, with big eyes, expansive gut, and extra-large mouth. But far from it, this species is a crafty predator, weighing the risks and potential rewards of every strike, even with the most appealing targets. The most experienced anglers can vouch for this pickiness. Check the results of top-level tournaments. Sure, some competitors show off a sack of impressive specimens. But scan farther down toward the bottom of the standings and you find folks who have studied bass fishing for decades and invested hundreds of…

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“minnesota finesse” for bass success

Rubber and silicone undulate and twist, displaying green, a little orange, some white, and more green, coalescing into an impressionistic version of a perch. It slides slowly, effortlessly through weeds, over boulders, flaring here and there with pauses and contact. “It” is a finesse swim jig with a homemade skirt. Making skirts for jigs and spinnerbaits is a great way to spend time when weathered out, snowed in, or pretending to watch a movie. It takes an immense amount of skill. Not. Easier than painting a flat wall and therefore perfect for unskilled labor like me. Easy but highly informative. Making skirts teaches us things about the vision of bass—sight feeders of the first order. It highlights the movements that trigger strikes. One of the oldest tricks in the skirt-man’s manual is…