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In-Fisherman March/April 2021

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In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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United States
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tv specials 2021

The In-Fisherman Television Specials have been airing across North America for over 40 years. In each show, In-Fisherman editors take you to three different parts of North America to fish for three different fish species—everything from bass and walleyes, to catfish and carp, sturgeon, muskies, pike, trout, salmon, and pan-fish like crappies, perch, bluegills, and white bass. From time to time, we also feature near-shore saltwater species like stripers, redfish, and tarpon. It’s entertainment that offers solid how-to-fish tricks and tactics to help you catch more fish.…

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march/ april

MARCH 1 Presentation Sleight-of-Hand > Anchoring Strategies for Big Fish > Historic Hook Designs > Swimbait-Hook Largemouths MARCH 8 Gold Standard Tactics for Today > Tactical Smallmouths > Summer Peak Largemouths > New Age Classic Walleye Lures MARCH 15 Perfect Storm for Giant Sportfish > World of Giant Walleyes > Situational Bull Redfish > Perfect Storm for Giant Sportfish MARCH 22 Hot Baits Happening > The Magic Light Switch > Slow-Rolling Crappies > MaxScent Largemouths MARCH 29 Sportfishing Magic & Mayhem > The Wide World of Smallmouths > Trolling Striper Giants > Wild Ride Walleyes APRIL 5 World-Class Fisheries & Peak Periods > On the Hunt for Erie Walleyes > Triggering River Muskies > World-Class Destinations in Play APRIL 12 Pick-Your-Pocket Presentations > Jig Magic Steelhead > Fine Time River Smallmouths > Pick-Your-Pocket Multispecies APRIL 19 Muscling the Mobsters > Life & Times in Catfish Country > Staff Boats in Action > Grinding Big Fish…

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why fish jump

Besides liking to catch them, sometimes it’s also fun to think about the fish we pursue and some of the questions that arise in the process. On the question of “why some fish jump and others don’t,” I’d offer this: Each fish brings to the table a set of characteristics that make it a unique fish species. Smallmouth bass often jump. Catfish may thrash the surface, but usually don’t jump. Salmon often jump, but carp rarely do so when they’re hooked. Some genetic renditions of rainbow trout often jump; others wallow like bullheads. Stripers fight impressively, but don’t jump. Alligator gar jump, but never get all the way out of the water. Same for big white sturgeon. Largemouth bass jump, often way out of the water. Walleyes don’t jump and neither…

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finding bass

Field Research— Tournament bass anglers are thought to be highly specialized in their knowledge of bass seasonal movements and behavior and their ability to catch fish. But, how well do they find bass, and when they do locate them, how successful are they at catching them? We investigated how bass behaviors, angler behaviors, and environmental conditions affect tournament anglers’ ability to locate and capture largemouth bass.* We tracked 49 largemouth bass using radio telemetry in Brushy Creek Lake, Iowa, from May to mid-August, and five tournament anglers per event were equipped with a GPS unit to track their location while fishing. We then determined bass home range, weekly movement rate, depth used, and spatial overlap with anglers, as well as depth of water where anglers fished, angler movement rate, and air…

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parasite protection

Health Notes— Fish are hosts to many parasites, but typically only a few types can affect humans who eat raw or undercooked fish. While trematodes, such as black-spot and yellow grubs, look unappetizing, they’re harmless to humans. Two nematodes found in saltwater fish—cod worms and herring worms—can cause digestive problems in humans until the worms eventually die in the gut. “In freshwater fish, the primary parasite of concern is the broadfish tapeworm,” reported Jeff Gunderson, former Director of Minnesota Sea Grant. “They’re not pleasant to get, potentially growing to 30 feet long and an inch wide in humans. Carriers of broadfish tapeworm include northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, and burbot, among others, and I wouldn’t rule out Great Lakes salmon and trout.” Anadromous salmon and trout also have been shown to…

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record paddlefish has been around

From the Field— Guide Jeremiah Mefford specializes in snagging big paddlefish from Keystone Lake in Oklahoma. He set the state record of 143 pounds in May 2020, only to have that mark broken by one of his clients in late June, with a fish weighing 146.7 pounds. Less that a month later, he guided Cody James Watters to the new rod-and-reel world-record paddlefish of 151 pounds 14 ounces, accompanied by his 9-year-old son at Keystone. It was verified by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife technician Eric Brennan and released in good condition. The anglers noticed a metal band in its jaw, which Brennan examined and determined that the tagged fish was part of a research project conducted by Oklahoma State University. Further checking revealed it had been tagged by Craig Paukert while…