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In-Fisherman May 2021

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In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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MAY 3 Select Strategies Revealed & Refined > Trend Lining Big Blue Cats > Classic Lures for Gator Pike > Finesse Factoring Smallmouths MAY 10 How We Roll on Beast Patrol > North America’s Toughest Sportfish > Jigworming Largemouths > Trigger Time River Muskies MAY 17 World-Class Fisheries & Peak Periods > On the Hunt for Erie Walleyes > Triggering River Muskies > World-Class Destinations in Play MAY 24 Pick-Your-Pocket Presentations > Jig Magic Steelhead > Fine Time River Smallmouths > Pick-Your-Pocket Multispecies…

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Among the most parroted advice in fishing is that we need to “match the hatch,” or make lure choices that resemble the forage our target fish are eating. I don’t deny that this is worthy of consideration. But we should also consider that abundant forage fish may not actually be preferred—and, therefore, matching the hatch may not always be the best approach. Many studies have clarified how fish make food choices. Pike in one study were given a choice of yellow perch, dace, sticklebacks, and fathead minnows. The pike ate the minnows first, then switched to sticklebacks and dace. Perch were least often targeted. Yet perch are the predominant prey in many North American waters. Apparently, pike and other predators can create their own prey environment, selectively eating prey species they prefer…

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Improve Wrist Strength and Mobility Fishing Fitness— Fishing requires strong fingers and wrists. Scott Hotaling, certified personal trainer, recommends here some exercises you can do in just minutes to improve your wrist strength and mobility for those long fishing weekends we work so hard for. If you feel pain during any of these exercises, stop immediately. For more, visit Scott Hotaling’s Training Basically channel on YouTube or his website at trainingbasically.com . Wrist Extensor and Flexor Stretch— This stretch helps to maintain and improve the mobility in your wrist. • Raise your arm in front of you, palm down, with your elbow bent at about 90 degrees. • Bend your hand and fingers up at about 90 degrees or as far as you can comfortably without pain. • Press against your hand and fingers with…

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SOUTH FORK, SNAKE RIVER IDAHO Cutthroat Trout » A recent survey indicates 6,300 trout per river mile, including large numbers of native Yellowstone cutthroats, plus lots of wild, but non-native rainbow and brown trout, in this river section near Swan Valley, about 1.5 hours west of Jackson, Wyoming. Contact: South Fork Lodge, 208/483-2112, southforklodge.com; Teton Valley Lodge, 208/354-2386, tetonvalleylodge.com. Steve Quinn CLEAR LAKE CALIFORNIA Crappies » This fishery in the northern part of the state boasts huge numbers of crappies in the 1- to 2.5-pound range, with double-digit bass as a side distraction. Contacts: Capt. Ed Legan, 702/497-8938, clearlakefamilyguideservice.com. Steve Ryan PICKWICK LAKE MUSCLE SHOALS, ALABAMA Smallmouths » Head to Pickwick Lake for big smallmouths below Wilson Dam. Alabama Bass Guide clients regularly catch 6-pound fish, and Capt. Salzman’s personal best is 8 pounds even. Big baits and big fish. Contact:…

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Catfish Special With distinctive custom color and graphics, the Abu Garcia Catfish Special is part of the C3 round-reel family. The workhorse 6500 size has three stainless-steel ball bearings and one roller bearing, plus a smooth and powerful Carbon Matrix drag. Centrifugal braking delivers controlled casts, while an extended bent handle with a power knob provides torque for big fish. A 7000 size also is available—$149.95 (6500), $174.95 (7000), abugarcia.com Wobbler Kits William’s famous Wobbler is offered in two new four-piece kits, one for pike and walleyes, the other for trout, each with distinctive high-vis UV reactive colors and species-specific sizing—pricing set by individual retailers, williams.ca Hook, Line, and Supper New Techniques and Master Recipes for Everything Caught in Lakes, Rivers and Streams, and at Sea, says author Hank Shaw of Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook…

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When we consider the best options for a bass trip, many famous lakes and reservoirs come to mind. Rivers tend to be an afterthought for largemouth bass, though many of the best smallmouth waters feature current. Rivers may be masked by the reservoirs they feed. In addition, many of our country’s largest rivers are coastal, where estuarine and saltwater species often gain top billing. It’s high time we buck the tide and focus on bass that thrive in big rivers, which tend to be fertile, with fishing patterns that shift dramatically with water levels and flow rates. Here’s a brief overview of some of the nation’s major bass rivers. East Coast Rivers On both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, big rivers house good populations of bass, many with large-mouths and smallmouths. Start up…