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iphone 12 pro: the six most important things you need to know

Apple has just taken the wraps off the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Each are available in two sizes (the regular iPhone 12 now comes in a 6.1in model and a 5.4in ‘mini’), but as was the case with the iPhone 11, the ‘Pro’ models have some differences that set them apart and help justify their higher price tag. 1. A NEW, SLIGHTLY LARGER DESIGN THAN BEFORE As with the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone 12 Pro comes in two sizes. This year, the display on the two models measure 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, up from 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches. (Bear in mind that a 6.1in display is the same size as the regular, non-Pro iPhone 11.) This means the phone bodies themselves are a bit larger as well, though…

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iphone 12 mini and iphone 12: six ways they’re more ‘pro’ than you think

It took a little longer than usual, but the iPhone 12 is finally here. And just like we expected, there are four phones this year, with Apple adding a new ‘mini’ model to the lower-end of the line-up. But even with an extra option, the choice of which one to buy might not be so difficult this year. That’s because the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are closer than ever to the higher-priced Pro models that cost hundreds more. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini might not have all the same features, but when you break down the differences between the standard and Pro lines, they’re a lot closer than you’d think. Here are the surprising iPhone 12 features that make the baseline iPhones a lot more pro. 1. THEY…

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magsafe enables a whole new charging and accessory ecosystem

Remember MagSafe? The charging plug for MacBooks was given the boot when Apple moved to USB-C charging, but the company just brought it back as a new standard for iPhone charging and accessories. With a ring of magnets around a new charging coil design, along with improved shielding and NFC, you can sort of ‘snap’ the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro to a new MagSafe wireless charger, just like you do with the Apple Watch. The more precise alignment and improved internal components allow for faster charging – up to 15 watts instead of 7.5 on earlier iPhones. That’s about as fast as charging previous iPhones plugged in. This doesn’t make existing Qi chargers are useless. The new iPhones still support existing Qi-enabled wireless charging at rates up to 7.5 watts,…

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homepod mini: six things to know about apple’s new smart speaker

Apple has added a new member to its smart speaker line-up. The HomePod mini is a smaller version of the HomePod speaker Apple released in 2018, and if it takes off, it will help Apple grab a bigger piece of the burgeoning smart speaker market. The HomePod still has the mesh grill exterior available in Space Grey or white, but it has an entirely different shape. It’s round, not a cylinder like the full-sized HomePod. It reminds us of the mesh-protected apples you might find at the supermarket. While we haven’t seen it in person, the screen at the top of the HomePod mini seems more prominent, even brighter. Here are the top six things you need to know about the HomePod mini. 1. SIZE, SPEAKERS AND MICROPHONES The HomePod mini measures 3.3…

14 min
review: ipad (2020)

Price: £329 from fave.co/3jBr5Y3 The new iPad was comprehensively outshone by the new iPad Air at Apple’s Time Flies event on 15 September, offering only a dull (albeit significant) spec bump while its costlier sibling got a redesign and raft of new features. But the Air isn’t ready to buy yet, so while we wait for the big show, here’s the warm-up act. What Apple is calling the eighth-generation iPad is in almost every respect the same as the 10.2in iPad Apple launched in 2019. It differs only in having a processor that’s two generations newer – thereby promising a handy boost in speed – and being very slightly heavier. Is that enough to justify the cost? Almost certainly not if you’re thinking of upgrading from the 2019 to 2020 models. But it’s…

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ipad air (2020) vs ipad (2020)

Apple has revealed the newest iterations of its iPad line-up, with a significant performance boost for the standard 10.2in version and a completely new design for the iPad Air. Over the following pages, we’ll see how the two compare and offer advice on which one you should buy. PRICE The iPad (2020) comes in two storage variants, each with either just Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and cellular configurations. Here are the prices: 32GB: £329 128GB: £429 32GB, cellular: £459 128GB, cellular: £559 This is good news for UK consumers as it means the entry-level model is now £20 cheaper than the previous version, although sticking with 32GB of storage does seem a particularly mean move from Scrooge McApple. Prices see quite a sharp increase with the new iPad Air models, presumably due to the major redesign that the…