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It GiRL February 2020

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi everyone, Happy New Year and welcome to a new issue of It GiRL! I love this time of the year because it feels like a fresh start, plus, it's also smack-bang in the middle of summer, which means holidays, ice cream, beach visits, sleep-ins and more ice cream! I'm lucky enough to have a pool at home and one of my favourite things to do in the summer time is invite my besties over for a pool day. We just spend the whole day in and out of the water and it's always so much fun! But, there are still days when I don't know what to do with all my spare time and I know you guys probably feel the same way too. So, this month we've put together…

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it girl mailbox

Hey It GiRL, My mum bought me my first issue of It GiRL when Ariana Grande was on the cover, and ever since then I wait for your mag to hit the stores every month. My fave is the calendar page where it tells me everything that is going on. I also like LOL and The Last Page. I really enjoy your magazine. FRANKIE, 9, VIA EMAIL Dear It GiRL, I am a big fan of your mag and I also really love Taylor Swift. I've read other mags, but yours is definitely my fave. Thanks for making such an awesome magazine! ZOË, 12, PERTH, WA Dear It GiRL mag, I totally love It GiRL! I have about 20 copies and I read them again and again. I love Whoa!, the quizzes, the posters and Hot Stuff.…

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ways to have fun for under $5

one Camp out in your backyard. Put up a tent, tell ghost stories and toast marshmallows. The best bit? If you get spooked, you can just go back inside the house! two Grab all your hair accessories, nail polish, and anything else you can find to hold an afternoon pamper party with your friends. three Head to an op shop with your bestie and hold a competition with each other to see who can buy the best item for under five dollars. four TAKE A PHOTO, DRAW A PICTURE, WRITE A LETTER OR AN EMAIL AND SEND IT TO IT GIRL. WHO KNOWS, YOU MIGHT GET PUBLISHED! five Visit your local netball or basketball court and shoot some hoops. If ball games aren’t your thing, find a cool bike track and go for a…

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it girl hot stuff

DISPLAY IT ABOVE BOARD - LETTER BOARD, $24.95, AVAILABLE AT SPORTSGIRL, SPORTSGIRL.COM.AU Customise your letter board with your favourite quotes, sayings or even daily reminders. This is the perfect addition for your room, study desk or party. It comes with three insert backdrops and 145 rose gold coloured letters! SPRAY IT SO...? FRAGRANCE BODY MIST, $5 EACH, AVAILABLE AT WOOLWORTHS Are you looking for a deliciously fruity or sweet body mist? These yummy body mists by So...? are just what you’ve been searching for! From vanilla to watermelon and everything inbetween, your hardest decision will be choosing your fave one! RIDE IT 50CM SPECTRUM BIKE, $89, KMART.COM.AU This is one of the coolest bikes we’ve ever seen! It features a sporty design and is a great bicycle for anyone who likes to pick up a bit of speed…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

DIVING DISASTER Our swimming teacher took us diving off one of those proper diving boards. While I was waiting for my go I was so nervous that I started to cry. When it was my turn to dive, I was so scared that I didn’t think that I would be able to do it. I stood on the diving board for ages and my teacher kept telling me that I was going to be fine. Then without thinking, I just jumped off and did a waterbomb into the pool! My whole class couldn’t stop laughing. I was so embarrassed I just wanted to hide! ANGELA, 12, QLD BRIDGE FEAR While visiting family friends in Sydney, my family decided to do the Bridge Climb where you walk over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 10 NICKNAMES: Sar and Sar Bear SIBLINGS: a little sister, Katherine PETS: a cat called, Whiskers FAVE COLOUR: Pink FAVE SINGERS: Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello FAVE ANIMALS: Cats and sloths FUN FACTS: • I love the rain and thunderstorms • Mangoes are my favourite fruit • Mum says I’m a bad listener because I’m always off with the fairies • I like to pour my Maltesers into my popcorn box at the movies • I have a sweet tooth (which is probably why I love baking!) but the one dessert I don’t like are donuts. MEET: Sarah All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS definitely seeing my friends and when we do art stuff. I LOVE TO DANCE. I take three classes a week. I also get very involved…