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It GiRL April 2020

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi girls, I have had so many embarrassing moments in my life, but one that stands out in my mind is when I was skateboarding with my brother and sister at the park and I totally stacked it in front of so many people! Everyone was staring at me and I had also hurt myself but I quickly stood up and pretended I was fine, when I really wanted to cry! At the time it was super-embarrassing, but now when I think about it I laugh at how funny I must have looked. I'm telling you this story because we've put together a Whoa! Special just for you and it starts on page 25! We all have totally blush moments, (I have one at least once a week - most of…

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it girl mailbox

Dear It GiRL, I really like your quizzes and puzzles, the celeb stories, Whoa! and Tech Head. It GiRL is my favourite thing to read. Keep up the great work! BRONEY, 9, HOBART, TAS To the best mag ever, I love everything about your magazine. I especially love all the celebrity gossip and interviews. For my birthday I have asked for an It GiRL subscription. Thanks for reading my email! CALISTA, 11, VIA EMAIL Hi It GiRL, I just bought the new issue and OMG, I love it! Firstly, it has my fave celeb, Maddie on the cover, and it also has a story on Symera Jackson who is in my fave show, Team Kaylie! Thanks for being so cool! ELORA, 12, CONCORD, NSW Hey It GiRL magazine, I love reading your mag because it has cool quizzes and posters…

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letter we love this month

Dear It GiRL, Our names are Banee and Scarlet and we are best friends. We know you get a lot of mail from readers who love your magazine, so we're not going to tell you that we're your biggest fans ever. We're not even going to tell you about how every month when the new mag comes out, we spend lunchtimes at school reading it together. Instead, we're just going to say thanks for making such an awesome mag that two best friends can enjoy together. You guys are the best! BANEE, 9 AND SCARLET, 10, BELMONT, VIC…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT THE ORIGINAL TINY HANDS CHALLENGE GAME, $25, AVAILABLE AT KMART.COM.AU This game is funny! Compete in fun tasks using only your tiny hands. Can you catch a ball, turn over a playing card or serve someone a drink? Sounds easy, but it’s trickier and funnier than you think when all you have is two tiny hands to do it with! WANT IT PUSHEEN RANGE, FROM $9.99, AVAILABLE AT TYPO.COM.AU Pusheen is the loveable tabby cat who was made famous through her animated comics and GIFs. If you’re a fan of this sweet feline, then you’re going to love this cute collection from Typo. It includes, pillows, mugs, laptop and phone covers, badges and more! LOVE IT KATY KOALA BEANIE BOO, $9.99. AVAILABLE AT YOUR TY RETAILER Following the devastating Australian bushfires, Beanie Boo have added a…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 11 NICKNAMES: Addy or Ana SIBLINGS: a sister called, Bec and a baby brother called, Xander. PETS: none FAVE COLOUR: Blue FAVE SINGER: Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande FAVE ANIMAL: Sloth. I think they’re so cute. FUN FACTS: • I love dumplings • I can take really good selfies • I don’t like doing maths but I’m actually pretty good at it • I once broke my arm by falling off our wheelie bin. I stood on it so I could look at something, and because it was empty, it toppled over and I went crashing down • I can’t wink, whistle or curl my tongue. MEET: Adriana All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS when we do sport and my least favourite thing is when we do math. I…

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10 ways to glam up your bedroom!

1 If your room is in need of a lick of paint, ask your parents if you can repaint it in a light colour. It will help make your bedroom feel bigger. 2 Rearrange your wardrobe into colours. It will look pretty and your clothes will be super organised! 3 Make like a cool Arabian princess and hang up some shiny beads. 4 CLEAN OUT ALL THE JUNK FROM UNDER YOUR BED. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT TREASURES YOU COULD FIND. 5 Beautify your dressing table by displaying your jewellery in creative ways. 6 Pick some pretty flowers from your garden and put them in your room. 7 Get the Blu Tack out and stick some pics of your fave celebs, or your idols, on your wall. 8 DRAW BACK YOUR CURTAINS AND OPEN YOUR WINDOW. SUNLIGHT AND…