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It GiRL May 2020

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hi everyone, If you're anything like me, then you've got TikTok fever and can not stop making fun videos on the app - it's just so much fun! So when I heard that our cover star this month was going to be TikTok influencer, Mariam Star I was super excited! We asked her so many questions about TikTok and you can read our chat on page 20. Then flip over to page 22 for four pages all about, you guessed it, TikTok! Phew. Also this month we've put together a pretty cool Easter special for you guys. I love Easter time. It's full of family traditions, holidays and of course, chocolate! On another note, it's been a crazy time lately with all the Corona Virus stuff that's been going on. So…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL, I made a bet with my bestie that my email will make it into the mag. Can you please publish my letter so I can win our bet? The loser has to buy the next issue of It GiRL for the winner. So, pretty please?! PALAISE, 10, VIA EMAIL Dear IG, My name is Sienna and I am eight years old. I love your magazine and I also like Roxy's YouTube channel! I watch her new videos every week! SIENNA, 8, CAIRNS, QLD Hi It GiRL, I love your mag, it totally rocks! My favourite pages are Save or Splurge, Celeb Spotlight, Celeb Gossip, Travel the World and The Last Page. I never miss an issue of your mag! SERENA, 9, GLADESVILLE, NSW Hi It GiRL mag, I loved your April issue. Whoa! is my fave section of…

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10 ways to be a champion friend!

1 NEVER forget your friend’s birthday. This is superbad so do whatever it takes to remind yourself - write it in your diary, set an alarm, ANYTHING! 2 Be loyal. Don’t ditch friends just because there’s a fun new girl at school, or because the “cool group” asks you to hang out with them. Nothing cool about that. 3 Laugh at your friend’s jokes even if they’re not all that funny. At least she’s trying to make you laugh. 4 NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR MATES BEHIND THEIR BACKS. IT’S SO NOT OKAY, AND CHANCES ARE IT WILL GET BACK TO THEM. 5 If you and a pal are having a fight, be the first to try and sort it out. Go on, nobody likes fighting. 6 Take loads of photos of the two of you…

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it girl hot stuff

PLAY IT CAT-OPOLY, $48, AVAILABLE AT MIGHTY APE, MIGHTYAPE.COM.AU Calling all cat lovers! Buy your favourite cats such as the Tonkinese, the Sphinx or the Main Coon. Land on Catnip and collect everything in the centre of the board. You may have to pay dog tax to get past the neighbourhood canine, or even worse, you may fall in the water and be out for three turns! BUILD IT TROLLS WORLD TOUR POP VILLAGE CELEBRATION LEGO, $79.99, AVAILABLE AT ALL GOOD RETAILERS Build the Trolls tree house with this fun LEGO set. Hang pods from the branches or close them up and take them with you ‘cause they’re totally portable! It comes with five Trolls minifigures including Guy Diamond, Tiny Diamond, Poppy, Branch and Cooper. TWIST IT TWISTY PETZ SINGLE PACK, $9 EACH, AVAILABLE FROM WHERE ALL…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

SOLO SWIMMER One of my most embarrassing moments happened at my school swimming carnival. I was standing at the edge of the pool ready to swim in a race when I thought I heard the starter bang go off, so I dived into the pool and swam as fast as I could. I could hear people shouting my name so I thought I must have been winning. Unfortunately, I was racing all by myself and people were yelling at me to stop. The worst part was that this happened in front of the whole school. I was so embarrassed that I went to the toilets and cried. It was so bad! BIANCA, 10, QLD SCENE STEALER A commercial was being filmed at the end of my street so I rode my bike down to…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 10 NICKNAMES: Nic or Nicky SIBLINGS: a brother called, Zachary. PETS: a dog called, Scotty FAVE COLOUR: Yellow FAVE SINGER: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and JoJo Siwa FAVE ANIMAL: Dogs FAVE WEBSITE: YouTube FUN FACTS: • I love doing cartwheels and handstands • I really like flowers and sometimes my dad brings me some on his way home from work • I’m a huge animal lover. The only animals I don’t like are cockroaches and mosquitoes • I love dressing up for special occasions like weddings MEET: Nicola All About Me MY FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SCHOOL IS when we do art. I love everything to do with art - painting, drawing, making collages - I love all of it! I PLAY AFL FOOTY AND ALSO TAKE JAZZ CLASSES. My footy friends laugh that…