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It GiRL October 2020

We Know What Girls Like!

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ed’s letter

Hello everyone, Eeek, what a busy month it's been putting together this issue. Around this time last year a film called Swimming For Gold was filmed right here in Australia and I was lucky enough to meet some of the cast including none other than, Peyton List! Well, it's been a long time coming but the movie is out this month and I can finally share my chats with the cast with you! It's all in here from page 22. Another thing you may notice is that this issue is all about besties. A girl can never have too many friends, but we've all got that one (or two or three!) that are extra special - our BFFs! You can check it out from page 26. And last, but definitely not…

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it girl mailbox

Hi It GiRL magazine, I am a new reader of your magazine and I really like it. I never used to read magazines before, but now I'm going to collect yours. DIMI, 8, AUCKLAND, NZ Dear It GiRL, My friend Mikayla and I love reading your magazine together. We are neighbours and every month when her subscription comes she lets me read it with her. I love it! FINLAY, 9, MELBOURNE, VIC Dear It GiRL, I really enjoy your jokes page. Some of the jokes I've heard before but there are lots I've never heard and I like to tell them to my dad. He loves hearing jokes. Thanks for making us laugh every month! SIENNA, 8, CAIRNS, QLD Hi It GiRL team, My name is Lizzie and I am 11 years old. During the Covid-19 lockdowns I was sooo…

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10 things we love that are pink!

one Flowers. Now that winter is over we can’t wait to see all the gorgeous flowers start to bloom. two Patrick Star. He’s always up for an adventure with his best friend, SpongeBob SquarePants, but he’s equally lazy - an expert when it comes to sleeping, watching TV and doing nothing. three Fairy Floss. This sweet treat looks like a fluffy pink cloud and is totally delish. Yum! 4 PINK STARBURST LOLLIES. WE LOVE ALL THE FLAVOURS, BUT THE PINK ONES ARE OUR FAVE! five Ballet slippers. Even if you’ve never dreamed of being a ballerina, you have to admit, ballet shoes are super pretty. 6 Strawberry ice cream. The perfect pink treat for spring! seven Flamingos. These pretty birds get their colour from pigments found in the foods that they eat. 8 SUNSETS. PRETTY PINK SUNSETS…

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it girl hot stuff stuff

PLAY IT HEADBANZ, $25, AVAILABLE AT KMART.COM.AU Pick your fave headband and take a picture card without looking at the drawing. Put the headband on and place the card in the headband. Then, play by asking questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers as you try and guess what’s on your card. It’s hours of fun! CUSHION IT CUSHY CUSHIONS, $24.99 EACH, AVAILABLE AT TYPO.COM.AU Guys, we think we’ve found the cutest cushions ever! They’re soft, cuddly and are available in a range of styles, textures and designs. From a soda can to a cheese toastie, and everything inbetween, these cushions will make you smile every time. GAME IT TACO CAT GOAT CHEESE PIZZA GAME, $15, KMART.COM.AU Each player places a card from their hand face up into a community pile while saying taco/cat/goat/cheese/pizza in player sequence. When the…

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whoa! how embarrassing!

SELFIE SPRUNG My cousin gave me her old selfie stick because she didn’t want it anymor e, and I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop using it. My family got tired of me asking them to take a selfie so I started taking photos with my cat. I was in the backyar d taking selfies and making weir d faces with my cat when I hear d laughter . I looked up and saw that the boy next door and his friends wer e watching me fr om an upstairs window! I was so embarrassed that I dropped my cat and ran inside. OLIVIA, 11, NSW CHASE AND TRIP We were playing chasing at school and some of the boys from my class were playing with us too, including my crush. I…

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it girl of the month

FACT FILE AGE: 9 NICKNAMES: Luce, Lulu and Lucy Goosey SIBLINGS: two sisters, Carrie and Harlow PETS: a goldfish called, Goldie FAVE COLOUR: Purple FAVE SINGERS: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa FAVE ANIMALS: Otters and penguins FUN FACTS: • I love fairy lights and have them hung around my bedroom • My Nanna is teaching me how to make crème brûlée. Making the top crunchy is tricky! • I love the rain, especially after a really hot day • I’ve watched The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix four times. I love it! MEET: Lucy All About Me THE THINGS I ENJOY MOST AT SCHOOL ARE seeing all my friends and choir practice. What I don’t like about school is pop quizzes. I TAKE ART CLASSES. My dad is an architect so mum says I…