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Knives Illustrated November 2018

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our true pastime

“TODAY, AS WE CARRY ON THE TRADITION OF HUNTING, IT IS LESS ABOUT SPORT AND MORE ABOUT PAYING HOMAGE TO OUR HERITAGE.” It was a way of life once. As I write this I am traveling across this great country of ours to visit family in my home state of Colorado. As my wife and I drive across the now-tamed landscape that is these United States, I am reminded of our founding fathers, who forged the path for so many to come after them. The harsher the terrain, the more I realize that we come from very stout folk. For them, hunting was not a sport but an absolute necessity. Although they did have covered wagons and could bring food along for the trip, it was a very limited supply considering it…

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hunting helpers

Hunting, even for seasoned professionals, is not easy, and scoring game is not a given. Add to this the problems of not having the correct or functioning gear, and things get much worse. At least you can eliminate the latter with some helpful new items hitting the market. All of these amazing new products work singularly or as a team to give you an edge when immersed in the outdoors. 01 Cordova 125 XL Cooler This cooler is big, bad and in control of whatever you need to keep cold and secure. Its roomy interior space allows you to store everything from kid’s party juice boxes to freshly killed game after a long day’s hunt. Trilock quad-core rubber gaskets create an extra tight seal, while its eco-friendly foam provides the best insulation…

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a hawke’s perspective

Mykel Hawke is a literal jack of all trades, and he shows no signs of stopping. Mykel, who is extremely dedicated to his country, enlisted in the military in 1982 and served for 12 years, retiring from the U.S. Special Forces as Captain. From there he continued to stay active protecting and helping our country as a reservist and National Guard member. He’s held top level security clearance and has been in and around numerous conflicts as both soldier and contractor. During quieter civilian times, Mykel didn’t rest. He’s authored numerous books, including Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual and Hawke’s Special Forces Handbook, and helped to design tactical knives and other self-defense tools to assist in evening the odds when danger comes knocking at your door. He is an accomplished martial artist,…

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Soldiers graduating from the Special Forces Qualification Course were presented the Yarborough knife along with their Green Beret. They signed for it, and it became military property. Today, civilian versions are created without the specific “Yarborough” name and serial number, so don’t hesitate to pick up yours today. Maker: Chris Reeve Knives Blade Design: William W. Harsey and Chris Reeve (design by William Harsey, function and manufacturing input by Chris Reeve) Blade Material: Stainless CPM S35VN steel with KG Gun-Kote Blade Length: 7 inches Blade Thickness: 0.22 inch Overall Length: 12.375 inches Weight: 12.8 ounces Blade Hardness: 55-57 RC Blade Style: Spear point Blade Finish: PVD Handle: Canvas Micarta Handle Thickness: 0.97 inch Sheath: Black nylon KnifeArt.com…

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battling against ignorance

“… THE COURT HAD NO IDEA THAT THEIR DECISION COULD ADVERSELY IMPACT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LAW-ABIDING NEW YORKERS.” The issue: New York City’s policy of treating any locking-blade folding knife that can be “wrist flicked” to open as a prohibited gravity knife. Knife Rights has filed its petition for a rehearing by the full court, known as “en banc,” after a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled in favor of New York City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.in Knife Rights’ long-running federal civil rights case. THE TRUE PROBLEM In a 45-page decision, the court failed to focus on the essential constitutional problem with the law, that being, the total inability for anyone to clearly determine if a knife they wish to possess is legal.…

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switchblade ban repealed

Switchblade Freedom Day was officially Aug. 1 in Louisiana. That's the day Governor Edwards signed Knife Rights’ bill to repeal Louisiana’s ban on possession of switchblades. The bill repealed the total ban on switchblade knives and allowed for the carry of a switchblade provided it is not “intentionally concealed on one’s person.” That provision was necessary to gain the neutrality of the sheriff’s department and the state police. Manufacture and sale of automatic knives also became legal. As for switchblade EDC, Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter said, “Allowing for concealed carry of a switchblade in Louisiana is complicated, but Knife Rights will continue to look for opportunities to fix this aspect of the law in the future.”…