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in the books

“SOMETIMES IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE HOW MUCH WE CAN PACK INTO A YEAR …” A lot can happen in a year. As we close the books on another great year at Knives Illustrated, I can’t help but look back with fondness at the memories that we’ve created in a relatively short time. Sometimes it is hard to believe how much we can pack into a year—it really doesn’t seem like much while we are in the thick of it, but when we look back at it all in one lump sum, it’s quite profound. Over the past year, we have traveled to the SHOT Show together, gone behind the scenes of BLADE Show, and even taken a 4,000-mile motorcycle trip to Idaho to bring you this issue’s “Behind the Scenes” article, straight…

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full speed ahead

“This job and process is never simple,” says Knife Rights Director of Legislative Affairs, Todd Rathner. “After 20 years of lobbying, I’ve learned that I should never be surprised by an argument and to never count someone out because of party affiliation or their initial objection to an issue.” As Rathner and Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter will attest, there’s been plenty of activity on the Knife Rights front, even as the year is winding down. Knife Rights’ bill to mostly repeal Illinois’ switchblade ban, SB 607, was signed on August 11, 2017. It was effective immediately upon signing. The new law allows possession of automatic knives by those who have a Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Card, which allows the individual to purchase firearms and ammunition. This is not a possession with…

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life enhanced

01 Morakniv MORA ROOKIE As knife lovers and people who understand the importance of one of the world’s oldest tools, we want to make sure that our children grow up learning the important skills of proper and safe knife use. But, we also understand that it can be a dangerous tool in unexperienced hands. This is where the Mora Rookie comes into play. With the inclusion of a rounded tip and finger guard, the Mora Rookie is designed for children to learn safe knife handling without drastic consequences in the event of a mishap. Features • Fixed blade knife with blunt safety tip • Stainless steel blade with finger guard • Natural wood handle • A black polypropylene sheath keeps both the knife and its user safe when the knife’s not in use. • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Specs Blade…

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standing tall

There’s a proper tool for every job. RMJ Tactical has made a name for itself through the development of modernized tomahawks designed to survive the rigors of the battlefield and provide the war-fighter with a tactical advantage. In some circumstances, a large chopping tool capable of breaking holes in walls for shooting ports or cracking locks comes as an absolute necessity. In other circumstances, carrying a full-size tomahawk is simply impractical. Enter the Utsidihi. At less than 8 inches overall and only 3.3 ounces, one could wear this blade discretely and practically anywhere. RMJ is known for creating tools that make quite the statement, but could one of the smallest blades they have produced live up to the reputation of its bigger brothers? I was willing to find out and purchased my…

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10 ways to carry the utsidihi

01 Deep Pocket: The Utsidihi is small enough to carry on a daily basis inside the handwarmer pockets of your pants. Put some grip tape on the sheath to prevent it from slipping out. 02 Horizontal on Belt: Worn “other strong hand” on the belt, the Utsidihi can be used as an effective backup blade to a pistol. 03 Canteen Carry: If you carry a canteen kit, don’t leave home without a good fixed blade. 04 Piggyback: RMJ Tactical makes excellent tomahawks that pair perfectly with the Utsidihi. With some cable ties or Chicago screws, you can mount their sheaths together. 05 Diver: Worn either on the BCD or in kelp-catcher position (on the inside calf), the Utsidihi works great as a dive knife. 06 Neck Carry: The Kydex sheath included with the Utsidihi is secure enough to carry the blade…

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practical tactical

Your last line of defense may also likely be your first tool. Although I have a long history of martial arts, I also consider myself to be a practical person. I have nothing against “fighting” knives in general, I just believe that any knife should have a focus on utility as well. The truth of the matter is that you will use your knife for common everyday tasks 99.9999% of the time and the odds that you will ever use your knife for actual combat are slim to none. I have spoken with many veterans and special ops guys and almost every time I asked what they used their knives for while deployed—the answer was opening boxes and general utility or field use. This is where I think the V1 PRO by Wilson…