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Knives Illustrated January 2017

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FIXED - Those early versions were used for the same reasons as fixed-blade knives are today: self-defense. With so many size and style configurations, choosing the right one can be daunting. But, the right fixed-bladed knife can be a tool for a lifetime. It can also serve as a backup tool to a gun, and could make all the difference in a defensive situation. 01 Steel Will Knives CENSOR 1312 OVERALLLENGTH: 7.68 inches BLADELENGTH: 3.54 inches BLADEMATERIAL: AUS-8 stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.16 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: Nylon WEIGHT: NA MSRP: $64 WEBSITE: SteelWillKnives.com 02 Steel Will Knives CHIEFTAIN 1620 OVERALLLENGTH: 13.11 inches BLADELENGTH: 7.48 inches BLADEMATERIAL: 1095 stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.24 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: Micarta WEIGHT: NA MSRP: $199 WEBSITE: SteelWillKnives.com 03 Steel Will Knives ADEPT 1010 OVERALLLENGTH: 11.34 inches BLADELENGTH: 5.91 inches BLADEMATERIAL: N690Co stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.2 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: G10 WEIGHT: NA MSRP: $299 WEBSITE: SteelWillKnives.com 04 Ontario Knife CERBERUS OVERALLLENGTH: 10.2 inches BLADELENGTH: 4.8 inches BLADEMATERIAL: D2 tool steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.188 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: G10 WEIGHT: 7.67 ounces MSRP: $265 WEBSITE:…

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anatomy of a blade

It started at the beginning of time. Since a caveman cut himself on a piece of obsidian, man has been constantly refining the way he cuts things. From single-edge and double-edge arrowheads made of stone, to limber steel, to refined steels. From a ground edge to a mirror-polished razor’s edge. Blades for prying, for abuse and for elegance. Blades to baton through limbs and blades to clean your fingernails and open envelopes with. Sure, when talking about the anatomy of a knife, we could have talked about blade metals or shapes, etc. The story could have gone on for days. In the following story, we’re going to focus on a few grinds (the shape of the cross-section of the blade) and discuss the advantages of each. We will discuss why some knives…

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FOLDERS- A knife may be the last line of defense for an individual interested in self-defense and personal protection. Folding knives are unique in that they offer compact and concealable usability, along with the durability of a fixed blade. They also provide the security and confidence of being ready for an aggressive encounter, no matter what social situation you find yourself in. 01 Chris Reeve Knives LARGE INKOSI OVERALLLENGTH: 8.4 inches BLADELENGTH: 3.6 inches BLADEMATERIAL: Crucible S35VN stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.14 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: 6Al4V titanium WEIGHT: 4.96 ounces MSRP: $445.00 WEBSITE: ChrisReeve.com 02 Chris Reeve Knives SMALL INKOSI OVERALLLENGTH: 6.37 inches BLADELENGTH: 2.75 inches BLADEMATERIAL: S35VN stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.128 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: Titanium WEIGHT: 3.01 ounces MSRP: $375 WEBSITE: ChrisReeve.com 03 Bear & Son Cutlery ARMOR PIERCING BUTTERFLY 5 3/8" OVERALLLENGTH: 8.75 inches BLADELENGTH: 3.37 inches BLADEMATERIAL: 14C28N Sanvick stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: NA HANDLEMATERIAL: T6 aircraft aluminum WEIGHT: 4.5 ounces MSRP: $158 WEBSITE: BearAndSonCutlery.com 04 Bear & Son Cutlery STILETTO DAMASCUS (CARBON…

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the art of customizing

“It’s almost perfect. If only the handle guard wasn’t there or if the coating was removed.” “It would chop better if the edge was a different profile.” These are words most of us knife nuts have said out loud at one time or another. A knife’s look and functionality are major factors when selecting outdoor tools. Comfort and usability often take a backseat to those traits until the tools are actually used. Only then do the blisters or hot spots rear their ugly heads. Sometimes it’s just the physical aesthetics of a tool, like the coating of a blade or axe head, that bothers us. Either way, there is a large population of knife and tool users who want to customize their tools to suit their needs. Following is what you need to…

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BUSHCRAFT - Bushcrafting has been around for hundreds of years, and it's all about surviving in a natural environment. But a good knife is key to actually thriving; if you have the right tool and some specific skills, you have what it takes to tackle and tame the challenges of the wild. 01 Morakniv MORAKNIV ELDRIS OVERALLLENGTH: 5.6 inches BLADELENGTH: 2.2 inches BLADEMATERIAL: Stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.08 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: TPE WEIGHT: 2.8 ounces MSRP: $29 WEBSITE: Morakniv.se/en/ 02 Morakniv MORAKNIV GARBERG OVERALLLENGTH: 9 inches BLADELENGTH: 4.3 inches BLADEMATERIAL: Stainless steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.13 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: Polyamide WEIGHT: 9.6 ounces MSRP: $119 WEBSITE: Morakniv.se/en/ 03 Bear & Son Cutlery BABY BOWIE OVERALLLENGTH: 6.5 inches BLADELENGTH: 3 inches BLADEMATERIAL: High definition Damascus steel BLADETHICKNESS: 0.144-0.152 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: Genuine India stag bone WEIGHT: 2.5 ounces MSRP: $189 WEBSITE: BearAndSonCutlery.com 04 Boker BOKER PLUS CARACAL FOLDER OVERALLLENGTH: 9 inches BLADELENGTH: 4.125 inches BLADEMATERIAL: D2 BLADETHICKNESS: 0.188 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: G10 WEIGHT: 7.4 ounces MSRP: $129 WEBSITE: Boker.de 05 CAS Iberia CASSTROM KNIFE OVERALLLENGTH: 8 inches BLADELENGTH: 3.5 inches BLADEMATERIAL: O2 BLADETHICKNESS: 0.157…

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HUNTING - The hunting knife is one of those specialized tools that many people think they can do without. It's designed to process game in such a way that no meat is left behind, and the hide is not perforated or cut in any way. Specialized knives designed for the hunting fields have evolved over time, with unique blade shapes and profiles that help the hunter manage his kill quickly and efficiently without damaging any part of the animal. 01 Benchmade NESTUCCA CLEAVER OVERALLLENGTH: 6.56 inches BLADELENGTH: 4.41 inches BLADEMATERIAL: CPM-S30V BLADETHICKNESS: 0.140 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: G10 WEIGHT: 4.95 ounces MSRP: $145 WEBSITE: Benchmade.com 02 Buck Knives BUCK 853 SMALL SELKIRK OVERALLLENGTH: 9.5 BLADELENGTH: 4 5/8 inches BLADEMATERIAL: 420HC BLADETHICKNESS: 0.125 inch HANDLEMATERIAL: CNC contoured Micarta WEIGHT: 7.6 ounces MSRP: $80 WEBSITE: BuckKnives.com 03 Columbia River Knife & Tool DW POINT OVERALLLENGTH: 7.5 inches BLADELENGTH: 3.17 inches BLADEMATERIAL: 8Cr13MoV, 58-59 HRC BLADETHICKNESS: NA HANDLEMATERIAL: 0.128 inch WEIGHT: 4.40 ounces MSRP:…