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don’t take it, make it

I came to learn at a very young age that there are a lot of items we think we need to pack in, when in fact we can make most everything we need right in the field. With a good knife, folding saw, some cordage and a little know-how, you can camp in as much luxury as someone with a 75-pound backpack full of tent stakes, pot holders, fire tripod, grill, camp chair and every other kind of camp utensil imaginable. A little over a year ago I had the opportunity to take a trip down to the Amazon Jungle with my friend’s company, Bushcraft Global, where we hiked deep into the Amazon with a couple of indigenous Jacuna guides. To say that they took bushcrafting to the extreme is an…

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get up, stand up for your rights

With apologies to Bob Marley for cannibalizing his lyrics, it’s time to get up and stand up to prevent the erosion of knife rights. It goes with out saying that if you’re reading this, you’re a de facto supporter of the cause. But wouldn’t getting a custom knife be icing on the cake for your actions? Knife Rights 2016 Ultimate Steel™ Knives, Guns & More Spectacular is an enticing program offering supporters the opportunity to collect on some primo SWAG. Your support could garner you some of the over $200,000 in prizes. One of a kind, custom knives, firearms, and even a trip to South Africa are all on the block when you part with a small amount of coin for a worthy cause. Knife Rights lobbies for legislative actions as well…

6 min.
the buck selkirk

“… BLADE THICKNESS AND DESIGN MAKE THE KNIFE … CAPABLE OF PREPARING FOOD OR PROCESSING GAME …” Participants in numerous outdoor activities use edged tools. A knife may be used to slice tomatoes, cut vines, split wood, or process game. But whatever the use, there is no denying that a sharp blade is indispensable. Depending on the surroundings, the knife may be a large fixed blade model or a convenient folding knife. It would not be unreasonable to have two knives of different types available, but in many instances one knife must suffice. The Buck Selkirk Model 863 is just such a knife. Before addressing the capability of this fine knife, it is appropriate to address the country of origin, China. This author is of such an age that WW II gives…

9 min.
field proven, wallet friendly

“…I WAS IMMEDIATELY DRAWN TO ITS COMPELLING PROFILE AND WELL THOUGHT OUT ERGONOMICS.” A few months ago, I was perusing Facebook and checking in on some of my favorite knife groups when I saw the new Schrade SCHF42D. I was immediately drawn to its compelling profile and well thought out ergonomics. I noticed on the side of the blade a stamp that instantly let me know that I had to test one, “Griffin Design.” Those two simple words let me know that this was designed by someone I highly admire in the knife world, Brian Griffin. If you know Brian Griffin then you know that he is not only a lover of knives, but one of the most knowledgeable knife users in the field today — making a name for himself…

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top notch bushcraft cutters

#1 AUTHORS TOP PICK CRKT SAKER The CRKT Saker Bushcraft Knife excels in the woods, it’s more like what can’t it do. Build a fire or a shelter. Hunt. Forage. If you’re a Bushcrafter, this fixed blade knife will be your go-to blade. A true Scandi grind on a 1075 carbon steel blade gives you an efficient cutting tool for all tasks. Just grab hold of the walnut handle and draw it from the thick, high-quality leather sheath. When Leamington, Ontario, Canada designer Abe Elias was creating the Saker, he found that proper heat treatment and blade geometry combined with an ergonomic handle enabled longer periods of comfortable use. It’s an approach born from working with hand tools most of his life. This survival knife is a must-have blade for those…

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stylish steel

Finding an unusual or unique knife style isn’t that difficult, since there are so many custom makers in the industry, and you can find someone that will make just about anything you want. But when it comes to production knives, the diversity of styles narrows down quite a bit, and you soon find yourself swimming in a sea of “black blades” — especially where fixed-blade knives are concerned. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got several black-coated 1095 blades myself, but I do like to change it up every now and then as far as the visual aspect goes, as well as the steel type. That’s why I was intrigued by KA-BAR’s Snody Big Boss, which was designed in conjunction with Mike Snody for mass production. The two things that really stood out…