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so many knives, so little time

“SO EVEN WHEN I CARRY A KNIFE FOR SERIOUS PURPOSES, I USUALLY HAVE A SECOND KNIFE ON ME FOR MORE-GENERAL CUTTING CHORES." I’ve carried one or more knives every day as a police officer, an outdoorsman and a general wilderness wanderer I’ve had a knife in my pocket since before my parents allowed me to own one. I used to “borrow” one from my older brother when he wasn’t looking. I wasn’t choosy then. I borrowed whatever I found in his favorite hiding places. Not long ago, I commented to a custom knifemaker friend of mine that I probably could have gone through my whole life with just a Buck 110 Folding Hunter and never needed another knife. That didn’t happen. I own many knives of every size, shape and description and will continue…

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waryof carry?

“Knife law preemption is key to gaining knife freedom,” explained Doug Ritter, Knife Rights founder and chairman. “Even in a state with minimal-to-no knife restrictions, without preemption, any town, city or county can restrict knives more than the state does. That’s an invitation to abuse, as unwary knife owners cross a city line and suddenly become criminals for carrying knives that are perfectly legal elsewhere in the state.” Knife law preemption ensures that the laws regarding knives are the same everywhere in a state and no jurisdiction can have a law more restrictive than state law. Preemption prevents a patchwork of local ordinances, which can entrap honest citizens traveling within or through a state. Even in states with more-restrictive knife laws, with preemption, if knife owners know the state law, that’s…

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new knives & field gear

01. SPYDERCO’S MAGNITUDE FLIPPER The Magnitude is Spyderco’s new linerlock folder, designed by custom knifemaker, Peter Carey. It features a Kit Carson-inspired flipper for easy one-handed opening with the index finger, but also has the Trademark Round Hole in the blade for additional quick access to the blade. Ball-bearing washers provide smooth, low-friction blade deployment. The 3.35-inch plain-edge blade is made of CPM S30V particle stainless steel and is hollow ground. The handle is comprised of solid twill carbon fiber scales and a scalloped G-10 backspacer over fully skeletonized titanium liners. THE SPECS • Overall Length: 8.22 inches• Blade Length: 3.50 inches• Closed Length: 4.72 inches• Edge Length: 3.35 inches• Weight: 5.3 ounces• Blade Thickness: 0.157 inch• Steel: CPM S30V• Handle: Carbon fiber• Clip Position: Right• Tip Carry Position: Tip-Up• Lock Type: Linerlock• Grind:…

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out of africa

“WE WANT TO EXPAND AWARENESS FOR THE KNIFEMAKERS AND THE QUALITY CUSTOM KNIVES COMING OUT OF AFRICA.” – NATHAN REYNERSON Think of Africa and you might think of a safari adventure, of a beautiful, but dangerous land, of jungles and plains filled with exotic wildlife. African Custom Knives makes some of that mystique available in this country through the works of some of the best African knifemakers. Things developed quickly after Nathan Reynerson and his father, David, formed a company in 2012 to become the U.S. importer/distributor for South African knifemaker, Arno Bernard. Other knifemakers from Africa soon showed interest. That’s when the Reynersons came up with the idea to form African Custom Knives, along with Nathan’s brother, Nolan, and close friend, Chase Weatherly, to represent a group of small knifemakers from…

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half face fighter

Half Face Blades is a relatively new knife company that’s quickly earning a reputation for top-quality, purpose-built knives and tomahawks. Founded by former Navy SEAL Andrew Arrabito, Half Face Blades builds tools that, while very artistically attractive, can withstand the rigors of military and other professional hard-use applications. A fine example is the company’s Combat Fillet. UNFURLING THE FILLET Visually, I like the looks of the Combat Fillet’s semi-stiletto blade design and the slimness of the overall knife. The Half Face Combat Fillet, in my professional opinion, is one of the best and most unique combat knives. I love the design of the thin, but strong blade. The Combat Fillet is suitable for close quarter combat, EDC on the farm, and law enforcement use. If I were a deputy sheriff in Grant County,…

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half face full circle

“AS … WE, AS A SOCIETY, ARE BEING FORCED TO LIVE WITH OTHERS THAT DO NOT BELIEVE IN BEING GOOD PEOPLE, THE NEED FOR A WEAPON AND DAILY TOOL BECOMES GREATER …" One newcomer, who has brought a high level of art to knifemaking, is former U.S. Navy SEAL, Andrew Arrabito. Through his company, Half Face Blades, he has taken the lessons learned with the SEAL teams to create some of the most functional and outstanding custom knives on the market. We caught up with Andrew to get the real deal on the company and his humble beginnings. KI: Why did you choose the Navy and what made being a SEAL the path you wanted to take? AA: In sixth grade, my cousin gave me a Navy SEAL workout book. As I got older…