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LA, Journal of Landscape ArchitectureLA, Journal of Landscape Architecture

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture No.56

The only Indian publication exploring the practice of landscape architecture and its allied fields in India. The publication provides a forum for information flow, exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and showcases breadth and variety of works and research in the field of landscape architecture in context of Indian region. Since its inception in February 2001, it has been attempting to widen the visibility of landscape design, and bring the profession of landscape architecture closer to public realm.

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture
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Mumbai, an urban agglomeration of around twenty million people residing in an area of around six hundred square kilometers is one of the densest cities of the world. An important port city, since its history — eastern marine gateway (symbolically represented by Gateway of India), it is country’s wealthiest city, and is rated amongst the world’s top ten centres of commerce. Being a city of migrants, it possesses a rich cosmopolitan character where multiple cultures and faiths exist together. The architectural vocabulary of the city is a blend of many styles — Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic and the modern building forms including some of the world’ tallest skyscrapers. In the post-independence years, it is one of the few cities of the country that became the fountainhead of many cultural movements…

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polar lighting poles

K-LITE surface-mounted Polar Lighting Pole, integrated with LED Lighting Module is an exclusive choice of designers for city beautification lighting blended with architectural appeal. It is designed for a complete range of contemporary designs with single arm, double arm, L-arm, V-Arm, square arm and parallel arm. The pole is engineered to meet the adverse conditions and the pole sections are duly welded using special grooving techniques and high end MIG welding process. The control box is integral and built-in with service door, locking arrangement and safety chain. The MS pole is coated with epoxy zinc phosphate primer and finished using environmentally stable polyurethane based paint. The pole is supplied with necessary foundation hardwares for normal soil condition. The Polar Lighting Pole lighting arms are integrated with the LED modular lighting system, which…

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safe sports fields are created by understanding best practices for irrigation

A safe, pristine sports field can only be developed by implementing an irrigation system that consists of high-quality components designed with sports surfaces in mind. To determine the right irrigation products for a particular field, the turf manager must focus on player safety, aesthetics, playability, and cost. The essential components of a well-designed sports field can be selected only by a thorough understanding of efficient irrigation practices. The manager must consider how the field will be used, as well as frequency of use. The manager should also have a firm grasp on basic irrigation hydraulics, plant/soil/water relationships, and irrigation terminology. These basic steps are the same for any field across the world — new or renovated — and are imperative to field success. While the automatic valves are often referred to as…

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 remembering mahesh tarachand paliwal

An architect, urban designer and a landscape architect, Mahesh Paliwal was a multi-talented professional with immense ability and great acumen. On the personal level, he was extremely humble, approachable and always ready to help. Always oozing with life and radiating positivity, it is difficult to believe that he has left for the heavenly abode. From the days of being a student of landscape architecture in mid-1970s till his demise in 2018, he touched many lives in various ways. He was considered as a studio leader by his classmates. Resolving geometry was his forte and tenacity his quality. Drawing meticulously and as accurately as possible was his passion. His understanding of landforms and knowledge of subjects like landscape engineering and grading helped him convey through his designs. He had a child-like quality…

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reading mumbai

To truly experience my abode, you would need to see it through my eyes.—‘Saath Saath’, 1982 | Lyricist: Javed Akhtar As an introduction to an issue which focuses on the ecological and socio-cultural nuances of Mumbai’s landscape, the intent of this piece is to derive frameworks that introduce the readers to the multiple aspects that constitute and define these attributes. An intricate patchwork, Mumbai’s geography is the result of the fabric of seven separate islands woven tightly together with threads of rivers, lakes, hills, creeks and estuaries interlaced with mangroves, paddy fields and trees, further embellished with built forms signifying different slices of the city’s native communities and imprints of its colonizers. An elaborate network of roads, running parallel to the steady rail infrastructure, adds a layer of patterns to this fabric. Surrounded…

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city | landscape a rumination

Regardless of the sea, creeks, streams and a forest core, Mumbai evokes the metaphor of a ‘concrete jungle’. To appreciate the city’s natural landscape and ecological structure it is essential to look for clues in between its frenetic development. Transects across the city reveal a range of urban patterns and form. They also identify rocky foreshores, sandy beaches, tidal flats, marshlands, creeks and plains from the south to the north. A similar sequence is seen from the Thane creek on the east to the Arabian Sea along the west. The forested hills of Borivali National Park cohesively bind these, creating an intrinsic landscape pattern. Intrinsic landscape Mumbai’s evolution from a natural archipelago to its present amalgamated landform is well known and forms a typical narrative beginning from the reclamation of seven islands.…