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LA, Journal of Landscape ArchitectureLA, Journal of Landscape Architecture

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture No. 48

The only Indian publication exploring the practice of landscape architecture and its allied fields in India. The publication provides a forum for information flow, exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and showcases breadth and variety of works and research in the field of landscape architecture in context of Indian region. Since its inception in February 2001, it has been attempting to widen the visibility of landscape design, and bring the profession of landscape architecture closer to public realm.

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture
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In 2007, LA Journal published two special issues on Heritage Conservation. A span of nine years is perhaps too short to mark out and profile any substantial changes in such a specialized area of research and work. At the same time, we can take stock of the overall situation which has remained dynamic in these years and note a few developments.Many advances have been made in the field of Conservation such as the inclusion of the a Clause of Heritage in Delhi Master Plan 2021, the preparation of Dossiers of Delhi and Ahmedabad as World Heritage Cities and finally nomination of latter for this year, the establishment of Shahajahanabad Redevelopment Corporation, projects by the Heritage Cell of Ahmadabad Municipal Corporation in the last decade, the completion of restoration of World…

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Indeed, one of the most crucial and pertinent steps in the process of urbanization, spatial planning and design for all is the democratization of decision making processes, while at the same time conserving urban environment and natural resources. There has to be a sensitive yet non-negotiable approach towards history, towards environment and towards people in general. It has to be people-first planning, their aspirations, their safety and their well-being, across all sections and across all ages.—G Wasan D’Alia, VarkalaIn this day and age of fast-paced life, traditional values and systems have all the more relevance that—while being the anchor points of references and connections to our past—can impart so much richness and meaning to our present and the future. These models of traditional knowledge and value systems have withstood the…

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ISOLA ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2017CHANGING CLIMATESEVOLVING LANDSCAPESGOA | JANUARY 19-22, 2017Recent research across the world has established that climate change is the most serious global environmental challenge today. It has been projected that changes in natural cycles will severely affect socio-economic and environmental textures at global as well as regional levels. Changes in rainfall patterns are already severely impacting agriculture and water resources. Assessments carried out by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights that countries mostly affected by climate change would be agrarian-dominated, eco-sensitive economies.In the Indian context, the strive for sustainable development is confronted by challenges from the rising global threat of climate change. Extreme climate events are becoming more frequent and have caused widespread impact to both natural and human systems. The National Action Plan on Climate Change…

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hunter pgp ultra

Hunters’ PGP has maintained its status as the best-selling rotor in the world since 1981. PGP’s original design and impressive performance, along with continuous improvements and enhancements, have meant decades of unmatched durability, versatility, and value. The PGP Ultra takes all the conveniences and reliability of the original PGP and raises it another notch.ADVANCED FEATURESAUTOMATIC ARC RETURNThis patented feature returns the turret to the original arc regardless of where it is turned. This ensures vandal protection in any environment.NON-STRIPPABLE DRIVEThe patented, non-strippable, vandal-proof drive mechanism enables the turret to be turned without causing damage.PART - AND FULL-CIRCLE IN ONE MODELPatented non-reversing 360 for part – and full-circle in one model, from 50 to 360 degrees.The PGP Ultra takes the foundation of the best-selling PGP Rotor and raises the bar with…

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k-lite introduces led landscape – redefined

Landscape LuminairesAjna BollardVertical Light BarThe essence of lighting is one of the most important things in our lives. At K-Lite, people are passionate about creating a distinctive atmosphere that improves the quality of life in the cities and towns by exploring the many potential facets of lighting that supports the wellbeing and safety of all. Founded in 1977 in India, K-Lite has grown to be one of the leading manufacturer of outdoor luminaires and decorative poles. K-Lite’s proven performance in the landscape segment is because of its ability to stylishly convey the identity of a space with a blend of efficiency and modularity to maximise the visual comfort that is best suited to each specific space.K-Lite’s landscape range includes linear wall washers, up-down lighters, LED strips/ neon flex, promenade lighting,…

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historic conservation

Image source:connectkaro.orgRabindra J Vasavada has been formerly (2007-14) Professor and Head of the Post Graduate Program in Architectural and Settlement Conservation, at the Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology University, CEPT, Ahmedabad. He has been involved in research projects in and around the state of Orissa for the last twenty five years with a focus on architecture of feudatory kingdoms. An adviser on many organizations and academic institutions in India, he is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. An erudite teacher and researcher, Rabindra shares his views about various aspects of the subject of conservation and his works.orissa’s cultural heritage is one of the most authentically preserved in our country. historically, this has evolved retaining its close tie with tribal cults, tutelary gods and…