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LA, Journal of Landscape ArchitectureLA, Journal of Landscape Architecture

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture No. 51

The only Indian publication exploring the practice of landscape architecture and its allied fields in India. The publication provides a forum for information flow, exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and showcases breadth and variety of works and research in the field of landscape architecture in context of Indian region. Since its inception in February 2001, it has been attempting to widen the visibility of landscape design, and bring the profession of landscape architecture closer to public realm.

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture
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In these times of change, political discourse and public engagement about the idea of nationalism, and development for masses rather than only for classes make it important to talk about issues of “identity” on multiple scales and public participation in the decision-making processes. Narendra Dengle reviews a book on the subject of heritage management in South Asia which may have lessons, as the authors observe, for a global context. The section View from within explores various meanings of the words “Indianness” and “indigenous” in the realm of landscape design. History is never absolute. Continuing research and explorations give it new meanings. The study of pedestrian circulation and street patterns from Manasara, the ancient Indian treatise on architecture and town-planning, adds a new temporal dimension and brings to light new findings in…

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igbc's green landscape summit 2016

5TH EDITION OF IGBC GREEN LANDSCAPE SUMMIT, 23-24 NOVEMBER 2016, NEW DELHI Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), plays a catalytic role in spearheading the green building movement in the country. It partners with various stakeholders to facilitate the adoption and promotion of Green Landscapes in the country, highlighting their need and benefits. As part of its mission of dissemination of knowledge about the subject, it organises the Annual Green Landscape Summit, an intellectual discourse towards transforming landscapes into greener, healthier, inspirational and recreational places. For the year 2016, IGBC, in partnership with ISOLA, organised the event in New Delhi. Sonali Bhagwati, Member, Delhi Urban Art Commission underlined the need and importance of creating green spaces in the concrete jungles of the cities, in the form…

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key messages at green landscape summit

Achieving 33% of green cover in urban spaces by 2020 is technically feasible and financially viable. To showcase the benefits and value associated with Green Landscaping. Focus on new and innovative futuristic green landscaping technologies. Exploring possibility of all concrete roof structures to be green roofs. Urban horticulture to be promoted. Preserve and protect gardens of historical importance. Highlight the benefits of indoor landscapes on health and well-being of the occupants. Need to identify and protect native trees.…

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changing climates evolving landscapes

With the background of—as also in response to—the changing climatic conditions, the 12th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) was organised on the theme Changing Climates, Evolving Landscapes on 20-21 January 2017 at Kala Academy, Panaji, Goa. The conference was classified into three broad tracks: Challenges, Mitigation and Adaptation. ISOLA “As landscape architects we play a pivotal role as part of large teams shaping urban development. We work at various scales, from regional planning studies to designing for infrastructure or institutional campuses. And we are involved right down to addressing the very basic concerns of residential and civic open space design. We weave livability and environment to enrich urban spaces. As a dynamic discipline, in response to the changing climatic conditions, we are organizing a thought provoking exchange, of theory…

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national conference on landscape and conservation

A two-day National Conference on Landscape and Conservation focusing on varied subdisciplines— Conserving Cultural and Heritage Conservation, Landscape Images, Perception and Memories, and Emerging Landscape Practices—was organised by Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Architecture (SKNCOA ), Pune. It was supported by Indian Society of Landscape Architects (ISOLA) and INTACH Maharashtra Chapter. Emerging Landscape Practices Ravindra Bhan talked about the idea of balance between man, nature and design process. He elaborated that for healthy landscapes there needs to exist a mutual balance between these elements for which it is essential that the natural processes which are responsible to create a particular landscape should be understood where design opportunities will be preserved and strengthened and constrains are either removed or minimized by taking appropriate measures. In this context, he showcased his landscape projects including…

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public participation in design works

Like all incoming flights from overseas that first set foot in the international airports in India’s metropolitan areas, the NIMBY syndrome begins here. NIMBY, an acronym for “Not In My Back Yard” began in the West in the 1960s when local protesters might chain themselves to trees to protect a park. The first visible sense of NIMBY in Mumbai came with the local residents across the Oval maidan forming a group to thwart the proposal of allowing underground car parking under the vital open space. It was the group of residents across Oval maidan that made sure that this proposed car park would not see light of day despite being underground in idea and concept. The physical proximity of the underground parking with eight entry-exit points to the road would have…