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LA, Journal of Landscape ArchitectureLA, Journal of Landscape Architecture

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture No. 52

The only Indian publication exploring the practice of landscape architecture and its allied fields in India. The publication provides a forum for information flow, exchange of ideas and viewpoints, and showcases breadth and variety of works and research in the field of landscape architecture in context of Indian region. Since its inception in February 2001, it has been attempting to widen the visibility of landscape design, and bring the profession of landscape architecture closer to public realm.

LA, Journal of Landscape Architecture
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The city of Hyderabad, located on the Deccan plateau region along river Musi has a rich cultural history, shaped in the last six centuries. Founded by Muhammad- Quli Qutb Shah of the Golconda kingdom in 1591, it was subsequently taken over by Mughals and Nizams till independence. Thereafter, it became the capital city for the State of Andhra Pradesh. Traditional systems of nature conservation have played a great role in defining the character of the region. The city has a history of investing in creating ecological assets, large artificial lake (Hussain Sagar), grand reservoir (Mir Alam) and Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park KBR Natural Park to quote few examples. The iconic rock formations, hills, water reservoirs, and forests represent the dominant physical features of the historic city. The city underwent drastic…

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hunter eco-wrap™

It’s well-known that Professional Landscape Dripline, like other driplines, works well at grade. However, when irrigating subsurface, higher distribution uniformity through fleece-wrapping is a better solution to help the soil to move water to the root one where it is needed. Designed to suit a variety of hard-to-irrigate areas, the Eco-Wrap from Hunter Industries uses specially engineered fleece-wrapped inline emitter tubing to evenly disperse water from under the surface. The Eco-Wrap uses the capillary action of the fleece wrap to spread water quickly and more efficiently throughout the soil, keeping turf, gardens, and shrubs, healthy and flourishing. If the goal is to maximise water conservation and save money while growing flourishing plants, consider Eco- Wrap for subsurface applications. Eco-Wrap is installed in the soil to be irrigated, directly adjacent to the plant…

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led architectural lighting

K-Lite Industries, an ISO company, manufacturing indoor and outdoor luminaires has launched a new series of LED Architectural Lighting. Being the trend setters in outdoor lighting and inspired by the “Make in India” vision, K-Lite, through its innovative outlook, has showcased an all new product portfolio under architectural lighting. The application includes facade lighting, pathway lighting, in-ground luminaire, uplighter, up-down lighting, billboard lighting, vertical light bars, wall washers, area lighting poles and above all, popular sleek polar lighting solutions. The solutions offered are backed by extensive understanding of illumination in urban spaces and the expertise gained over a period of three decades. The fixtures are designed to provide value technology, ideally suited to Indian Conditions. The LEDs used comply to LM 80 testing requirements and from internationally reputed makes such as…

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post independence architectures of india: context & significance

The inaugural session of the day-long symposium commenced with an introductory talk by Prof AG Krishna Menon, outlining the significance of the post- Independence architecture of India and why its iconic examples must be valued and conserved as society’s heritage. He explained the role of INTACH Delhi Chapter in promoting this imperative and the status of the legal and administrative steps it had taken to conserve the post-Independence buildings of Delhi. He outlined the objectives of the symposium, which was to put in place a credible and acceptable framework of protection mechanisms all over the country. This was followed by talks by the keynote speakers. Joshua David, President & Chief Executive Officer, World Monuments Fund, New York described the initiatives of the World Monuments Fund to create awareness in all parts…

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the city of hyderabad

To introduce a contemporary metropolis with a historical background, like is Hyderabad, while referring to the practice of landscape architecture is enthusing to say the least. Hyderabad was described by the British as being as important as New Delhi. Its historical background is well documented. The context for the present landscape is largely a result of the transport system which was implemented in the 1870s by Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI, the Nizam of Hyderabad. The Railways (Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railway) was brought to Hyderabad after the Bombay Presidency (extended from Wadi). One could travel by train or bus with a common ticket. The City Improvement Board (CIB) cut through swathes of the city to build a riverfront along river Musi. People were shifted to labour colonies two…

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Cyberabad, an area in the southwest and west of the city of Hyderabad, was developed in the 1990s to address the country’s Information and Technology boom in which the city played a prime role. Spread over an area of 52 sq km comprising the suburbs of Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Manikonda and Nanakramguda, the technology township is within 2 km of the residential and commercial suburb of Jubilee Hills. It is developed as a Special Development Zone, with a mixed-use development that has institutional, residential and commercial landuse. A technology centre with IT parks, office complexes of world renowned IT companies and bio-pharmaceutical companies, Cyberabad, also known as HITEC City (Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City), has emerged as the symbolic heart of cosmopolitan Hyderabad. Vastu Shilpa Consultants, Ahmedabad, have conceptualized the…