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Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and ChildrenLadybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children April 2017

Bring the magic of LADYBUG to pre-schoolers and early readers. Each issue offers a mix of enchanting stories at appropriate reading levels, with colorful illustrations that draw children into the text. Ear-pleasing poems, lively songs, and a 4-page craft insert round out this delightful reading experience. Pre-K-Grade 1

United States
Cricket Media, Inc.
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max and kate

Kate has a surprise for Max—an ant farm!“Wow, it’s great,” he says. “But where are the ants?” “You have to order the ants online,” says Kate. “Then they come in the mail. Let’s go inside and ask my mom for help.” Charlie stays outside. He has already spotted some ants in the backyard. It looks like they are moving in! When Max and Kate come back, Charlie is very excited. “Look!” he shouts.“We already have some farmers!” says Max. Max looks closely at the ants. “See how they look bigger?”“That is one gi-ANT!” chuckles Kate. ■…

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puff and pip search for home

Puff and Pip lived in a burrow in the middle of a field. The wind blew the dirt over their home in dry, dusty sheets.Pip, a prairie dog, dug tunnels. He loved to pop out of the burrow, race across the plains, and then dash back inside. And Puff, a burrowing owl, nestled inside the holes Pip made, mostly content to sit and watch his friend hurry about—unless he was hungry. Unlike most owls, who are awake only at night, Puff liked to look for food at sunrise and sunset.Even though the two were very different, they depended on each other. They were content in their burrowed home. One morning, a mule deer who stopped by to snack on the golden prairie grass asked, “How can you live in this…

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nicholas and mr. pig

Nicholas flopped belly down on the cool grass beside the rock where he’d left his play dough pig to dry. “I’m an artist, Mr. Pig, and I’ve come to paint you.” He pulled a green marker out of his back pocket and popped off the cap.He reached for the pig but jerked his arm back. “Mr. Pig! You’ve got spots. Wait here, I shall return!” Nicholas raced through the back door and up the stairs—thump, thump, thump. He dug through his toy box until he found the doctor’s kit on the bottom.He rushed back outside and flopped belly down on the cool grass. “I’m a doctor, Mr. Pig, and I’ve come to cure your spots.”He pulled the stethoscope out of the doctor’s kit and fitted it to his ears. He…