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Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and ChildrenLadybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children

Ladybug Stories, Poems, and Songs Magazine for Young Kids and Children September 2015

Bring the magic of LADYBUG to pre-schoolers and early readers. Each issue offers a mix of enchanting stories at appropriate reading levels, with colorful illustrations that draw children into the text. Ear-pleasing poems, lively songs, and a 4-page craft insert round out this delightful reading experience. Pre-K-Grade 1

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Cricket Media, Inc.
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i spy

Heehaw! Can you find all 15 tails the children are using to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Now, can you count them in order from 1 to 15? Keep an eye out for us! We are going to roll through this magazine with you!Answer on page 35. ■…

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max and kate

Kate’s daddy brought two chubby striped caterpillars home for her. “They are called monarchs,” he says. “They will turn into butterflies.”Kate's caterpillars live in a jar. She feeds them milkweed plants.Max and Charlie like to come over and help her. In a few days, each caterpillar turns into a bright green chrysalis. Inside, its shape changes.“I can't wait to see what they do next,” says Kate. One morning, the butterflies hatch! At first, their wings are small and wet.Max says, “It's like me unzipping my sleeping bag.”The butterflies rest for a few hours. Then they are ready to be free. The beautiful creatures spread their wings and fly up and away! ■…

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the birthday worm

Frogs had a party Near the oak.Frogs had a party, Croak, croak, croak! Gulls had a party On the beach.Gulls had a party, Screech, screech, screech! Dogs had a party In the park.Dogs had a party, Bark, bark, bark! Worms had a party Underground.Worms had a party With no sound!text © 2015 by Maggie Murphy, art © 2015 by Juana Martinez-Neal ■…

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mud-pie meg

Meg loved to make mud pies. She loved the squishing. She loved the squashing. She loved the glop and the slop and the mess and the muss. She loved the fuss when she offered Dad a taste.“Yuck!” Dad said. “No, no, no thank you!”Mom pretended to taste a pie. She didn’t put her mouth very close.Meg tried feeding a pie to her puppy. He just sniffed it and licked Meg’s elbow instead.She tried feeding one to the cat. The cat just nosed it out of the dish. “I made you a pie,” Meg told her grandma.Meg’s grandma didn’t see very well. Grandma took a real nibble.“Never, NEVER,” said Mom later, “did I think you’d play such a trick! How would you like mud pies for your birthday, Meg?”The next day,…

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moth or butterfly?

Orange, red, yellow, blue Circle the air and wave to you. Brilliant colors catch your eye: Is it a moth or butterfly? Moths prefer to fly at night, Attracted by a shining light. Resting wings, open and flat. Fuzzy bodies, thick and fat. Butterflies take flight by day. Thin, smooth bodies lead the way. Knobbed antennae feel around, Exploring clover on the ground. ■…

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just enough for me

Nathan raced into the kitchen and announced, “My first day was fun. One day of kindergarten is just enough for me!” “Just one day of kindergarten?” asked Mom. “Yes, one day of kindergarten is just enough for me,” said Nathan. “Why don’t you give it another day,” she said, giving him a hug. “OK, but just one more day. Two days of kindergarten are just enough for me!” said Nathan. The next day, Nathan arrived at school and sat next to Katie. He took a bright red crayon out of the box they were sharing and began coloring his dinosaur.Katie looked up and said, “I thought you weren’t coming back.”Nathan smiled and said, “Oh, this is my last day. Two days of kindergarten are just enough for me!”Nathan’s teacher, Mrs.…