Legends of the NFL

Legends of the NFL

Legends of the NFL

In Legends of the NFL we've collected the incredible stories of dozens of the league's most celebrated players. From early innovators like Don Hutson and Jim Brown, to modern giants such as Tom Brady, there's something for every football fan here.

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legends of the nfl

Over almost a century, the NFL has provided fans with hundreds of unique personalities, countless unforgettable moments and some of the greatest feats of sporting brilliance ever seen. From its humble beginnings in the American Midwest to the global phenomenon it has become today, the league has evolved and changed almost beyond recognition. But the exploits of the footballing heroes of years past continue to stand the test of time, and you'll find many of them within these pages. In Legends of the NFL we've collected words on dozens of the league's most celebrated players. Across more than 130 pages of expert commentary and lavish photography, you'll explore and rediscover the attributes that made these players, coaches and teams iconic, as well as the moments that propelled them to greatness.…

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50 iconic nfl players

To succeed in a gruelling sport like football requires a fistful of traits that can’t be coached. Athletic ability and/ or a frame that can stop a locomotive in its tracks are a given, but beyond that the sport requires guile, mental strength and the ability to get inside the head of your opponents. Needless to say, the sport has thrown up many great players over the years that have these skills in abundance, and here we showcase some of the greatest individuals to ever grace the gridiron field. From laser-guided ball throwers to rapier-like runners, immovable linebackers to unflappable receivers, there is no shortage of legends to take up any position on the pitch. And while there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of players worthy of a place in this…

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lawrence taylor

LAWRENCE TAYLOR POSITION LINEBACKER NFL DRAFT 1981/ROUND 1/ PICK 2 CAREER NEW YORK GIANTS (1981-1993) HIGHLIGHTS 2 x SUPER BOWL CHAMPION (XXI, XXV) 10 x PRO BOWL (1981-1990) NFL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (1986) 3 X DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR (1981, 1982, 1986) DEFENSIVE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR (1981) NFL SACKS LEADER (1986) NFL 75TH ANNIVERSARY ALL-TIME TEAM 132.5 CAREER SACKS 9 CAREER INTERCEPTIONS PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME (ENSHRINED 1999) “If ever there was a Superman in the NFL,” said former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, “I think he wore No. 56 for the Giants”. Yet Lawrence Taylor, the man of steel known simply as L.T., did not want to be a Giant. Not at first. In 1981, the Giants had not made it to the playoffs in 17 years and hadn’t even had a winning record for eight. The Giants had the second pick…

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the humble hero

JERRY RICE POSITION WIDE RECEIVER NFL DRAFT 1985/ROUND 1/PICK 16 CAREER SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (1985-2000) OAKLAND RAIDERS (2001-2004) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (2004) HIGHLIGHTS 3 X SUPER BOWL CHAMPION (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX) SUPER BOWL MVP (XXIII) 13 X PRO BOWL (1986-1996, 1998, 2002) 2 X OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR (1987, 1993) NFL 75TH ANNIVERSARY ALL-TIME TEAM NFL 1980S ALL-DECADE TEAM NFL 1990S ALL-DECADE TEAM 1,549 CAREER RECEPTIONS (1ST ALL-TIME) 22,895 CAREER RECEIVING YARDS (1ST ALL-TIME) 197 CAREER RECEIVING TOUCHDOWNS (1ST ALL-TIME) PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME (ENSHRINED 2010) NFL fans are obsessed with GOATs. That is, those who can lay claim to being the Greatest Of All Time. One name which is inescapable in such conversations is Jerry Rice. When it comes to Flash 80, as he was affectionately known, fans usually dwell on the stats. Over a 20-year playing career, with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks,…

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dick butkus

DICK BUTKUS POSITION MIDDLE LINEBACKER NFL DRAFT 1965/ROUND 1/ PICK 3 CAREER CHICAGO BEARS (1965-1973) HIGHLIGHTS 8 X PRO BOWL (1965-72) 2 X NFL DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR (1969, 1970) NFL 75TH ANNIVERSARY ALL-TIME TEAM 22 CAREER INTERCEPTIONS 25 CAREER FUMBLE RECOVERIES PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME (ENSHRINED 1979) “When they say All-Pro middle linebacker,” the Chicago Bears standout once remarked, “I want them to mean Butkus.” Who is the best at any position is always case for debate. But when mentioning premium middle linebackers, Dick Butkus is always at or near the top of every list. Consumed with the idea of being the best, he played every game as if it were his last and no-one played with more intensity. His nine years with the Bears earned him All-Pro recognition seven times, as well as eight Pro Bowl invitations. A two-time…

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the greatest steal in history

TOM BRADY POSITION QUARTERBACK NFL DRAFT 2000/ROUND 6/ PICK 199 CAREER NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (2000-PRESENT) HIGHLIGHTS 5 X SUPER BOWL CHAMPION (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLIX, LI) 4 x SUPER BOWL MVP (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, LI) 12 x PRO BOWL (2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009-2016) 2 x NFL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER (2007, 2010) NFL 2000S ALL-DECADE TEAM 4 x NFL PASSING TOUCHDOWN LEADER (2002, 2007, 2010, 2015) OVER 60,000 CAREER PASSING YARDS 97.9 CAREER PASSER RATING Nearly two decades ago, Tom Brady had the chance to spend the season asserting himself as the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots. He went from a little-known, unimpressive late draft pick to one of the NFL’s very best players, later of all time, but like almost every player in the league, he needed a little bit of luck to get him started. Having been drafted the year…