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Little Angel

July 2019

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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Hi Angels! Welcome to another amazing issue. This month we’re kicking goals and scoring runs as we dive into all things sport! Read about super sports stars, like Serena Williams and Steph Gilmore, and try some tricky puzzles and quizzes by flicking to page 17 now. We’re also sharing behind-the-scenes secrets from The Secret Life Of Pets 2! This movie is sooo funny and sweet, make sure you catch it in cinemas. ENJOY THE ISSUE, Amy and the LA Team xxx THIS MONTH AT LITTLE ANGEL HQ FOLLOW US If your Mum or Dad is on Facebook, they should follow our Little Angel magazine page. We post THE BEST tips and news for families, including: * Recipes and craft ideas * Exclusive giveaways * And lots of cute stuff, including photos of puppies and bunnies! WIN A WICKED WATCH! Thanks…

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little angel

Group Editor Amy Vagne AVagne@nextmedia.com.au Writer & Editorial Coordinator Zachary Bryant Designers Malcolm Campbell, James Murphy, Melissa Wakefield & Dave Williams. Contributors Margie Wong National Advertising Managers Donna McIlwaine Ph: 02 9901 6384 DMcilwaine@nextmedia.com.au Jill Trochei Ph: 02 9901 6115 JTrochei@nextmedia.com.au Advertising Co-ordinator Charles Balyck adops@nextmedia.com.au Production & Digital Services Manager Jonathan Bishop Publishing Associate Publisher – Kids Daniel Findlay Publisher Carole Jones Executive Chairman David Gardiner Managing Director Hamish Bayliss…

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la scrapbook

Hi Little Angel, My name is Heidi and I am 8 years old. I love drama and ballet, though I’m trying out jazz right now. When I grow up I would like to be a zoologist and travel around the world. I’d go to Paris first so I could see the Eiffel Tower. I have two dogs, three cats, two ponies and some chickens. My favourite subjects are reading and writing, and my favourite sport is Touch Footy. I love fooling around and making jokes too. I love your magazine – my favourite parts are Blush, I Confess, Giggle Central and Clever Angel, but I love all of it. From your no. 1 fan, Heidi Hey Heidi! Gee, you sound super talented! We’re jealous of your performance skills. Being a zoologist is a great…

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what’s happening?

LEGO HOLIDA Y PROGRAMS June 29 to July 14, LEGO Education Centre, Melbourne, Victoria Budding LEGO builders and engineers will love the programs and activities you can do at the LEGO Education Centre. Build your knowledge (pun intended) while you express yourself in creative and colourful ways with LEGO! Sounds like heaps of fun! Book into a class at education.lego.com/en-au. GYMNASTICS FOR KIDS July 8-19, Eastern Gymnastics Academy, Waterloo, NSW Ever wanted to try gymnastics? Check out Eastern Gymnastics Academy during the school holidays for a day of flips, tumbles and twists. Learn the basics or try your hand at proper competitive equipment. Or, the just for fun program is suitable for all children attending school with little to no experience. Book online at www.easterngymnasticsacademy. com.au.…

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the art gallery

Aesha (7) is a master of collages and pastiche! She’s cut and pasted shapes and flowers into a lovely artwork. We’ve been inspired to make our own! Mischa (9) has drawn the cutest most colourful self-portrait. She’s giving us a wink under the gorgeous sun with her pet by her side. Who’s off to Wonderland? Aliy (8) is, with her new BFF, a gorgeous friendly white rabbit. This picture is so sweet! One of Nicola (11) ’s favourite characters is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. What a great role model – someone who is completely herself! Ruff ruff! Hayley (11) has drawn this lovely sketch of a cute cartoon puppy dog! Olivia (14) has coloured in this beautiful ladybird! They’re one of our favourite insects, with their shiny red shells! How now, Charlie Brown! We love…

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the quick question

“My favourite sports team is the Adelaide Thunderbirds because I live in Adelaide.” - Tia Rose (10) “The All-Blacks because they’re the world champions at rugby!” - Alice (9) “Collingwood Football Club, because they win plenty of games.” - Elodie (6) “I love watching the awesome females on Australian Ninja Warrior.” - Emily (4) “Tara Hinchcliffe (from the Queensland Firebirds) because she is an awesome netballer.” - Avalyn (7) “The Australian Olympic swim team, because like them I love swimming.” - Charlotte (8)…