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uncut gems

Directed by BENNY AND JOSH SAFDIE Starring ADAM SANDLER, JULIA FOX, KEVIN GARNETT Released JANUARY TBC Adam Sandler’s greatest strength is his flair for the ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if he’s blue-suited anger bomb Barry Egan in Punch-Drunk Love or garbling buffoon Bobby Boucher Jr in The Waterboy – a problem is a problem is a problem, and his characters, a motley crew of outcasts, weirdos and nasal-voiced nobodies, tend to have a lot of them. He cut his teeth as a comedian on variety sketch show Saturday Night Live alongside the likes of Phil Hartman and Chris Farley, before transitioning into a career as the King of Lowbrow Comedy which made him a beloved bannerman for the North American nebbish. Sandler sceptics cite his ‘serious’ work with Paul Thomas Anderson and Noah…

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money on the street

Josh and Benny Safdie are a couple of real Noo Yawkahs, so much so that they don’t even pronounce the term that way. They grew up ferried between Dad’s in Queens and Mom’s on the Upper West Side, developing an infatuation with Gotham’s grit and eccentricity that has informed their vivid body of work. The brothers’ world teems with crooks, addicts and sleazeballs — off-colour characters such as deluxe jeweller Howard Ratner, the antihero played by Adam Sandler at the heart of their latest and greatest film, Uncut Gems. Drawing from memories of their father’s work in the Diamond District, the legend of envelope-pushing Jew-Ubermensch Al Goldstein and a lifelong passion for pro basketball, they’ve made the rare Big Apple movie that feels as hectic and relentless as the city…

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safdie & co

Since producing their first feature film, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, in 2008, Benny and Josh Safdie have built up an enviable team of creative collaborators. Their roster comprises a notable array of recurring faces, each of whom brings a unique set of skills to the next Safdie joint. We reached out to five of their behind-the-line crew to gain an insight into what goes into making one of the brothers’ films. Sam Lisence PRODUCTION DESIGNER Credits: We’re Going to the Zoo, The Pleasure of Being Robbed, Daddy Longlegs, Good Time, Uncut Gems “I was an undergrad at Boston University when I met Josh. He had some vinyl records, and we looked at each other, and I think immediately we could just tell we were both displaced New Yorkers. The appeal of working with…

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a safdie brothers reading list #1

SELECTED BY THE SAFDIE BROS TITLE SuperBookie: Inside Las Vegas Sports Gambling AUTHOR Manteris, Art YEAR 1991 TEXT Senior Librarian Adam Woodward Forget everything you think you know about Sin City. In ‘SuperBookie: Inside Las Vegas Sports Gambling’, author Art Manteris, who at the time of publication held the highly influential position of vice president and director of Race and Sports Operations at the Last Vegas Hilton, unpacks the colourful history of Nevada’s gambling mecca across 234 absorbing pages. Offering an invaluable insider’s perspective on everything from point spreading to spot fixing, Manteris explains in jargon-heavy if uncomplicated and invariably snappy terms how legalised sports betting became a multi billion-dollar industry built around an intricate network of odds-setters and high-stakes bettors. At the heart of all this is “the house”, which here refers to the SuperBook…

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shine on you crazy diamond

Yes, Adam Sandler is antic and aggro and utterly committed as the diamond cluster hustler at the centre of Josh and Benny Safdie’s Uncut Gems. And yes, playing such an unapologetically mercenary, grifting, morally bankrupt character as his Howard Ratner in that film has inevitably been framed as a “departure” for Sandler. The Safdies, it should be said, are a different breed from Sandler’s usual house directors, your Frank Coracis and your Dennis Dugans and your Steven Brills. They came up through the New York independent filmmaking ranks, making films about irresponsible divorced parents (Daddy Longlegs), teenaged heroin addicts (Heaven Knows What) and outer-borough small-time crooks (Good Time), speed-of-thought movies that follow flustered characters improvising in response to shifting circumstances, the brothers’ frantic subject matter matched to an often abrasive…

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a safdie brothers reading list #2

SELECTED BY THE SAFDIE BROS TITLE What Makes Sammy Run? AUTHOR Schulberg, Budd YEAR 1941 TEXT Chief Archivist Christina Newland Budd Schulberg, the author of ‘What Makes Sammy Run?’, was born into movie royalty – the son of Paramount honcho and Hollywood pioneer BP Schulberg. The novelist was a princeling of Paramount Studios, dabbling as a newspaperman, sports journo and screenwriter which all ran in tandem with his literary aspirations. He had been furnished with the raw materials and experiences that writers thrive on – growing up surrounded by movie stars, prizefighters and other celebrities. It would make him a lively and often cynical observer of the movie enclave, never more so than in his first novel. Published in 1941, ‘What Makes Sammy Run?’ is a seminally spiky read on the bumptious rise of a young…