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The world’s most trusted source on travel, Lonely Planet has made its way to India. Through vivid writing and stunning color spreads from celebrated and seasoned traveller-writers and photographers, Lonely Planet Magazine India Inspires travelers to sample different cultures first-hand, discover new people, and learn fascinating stories about every place.

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let travel transform your life…

Can it? It can. Because, when you travel right, it changes the way you’ve lived thus far, and changes the perspective with which you will approach your days to come. Our 50+ travel goals this issue are all very different. Some of them gently challenge our physical limits, others tease the boundaries of our comfort zones. A few are sure to make serious demands on our bank balances. As you read through them, you will find goals that are easily achievable, others that will take a bit of planning, some you might be doing already. All of them are meant to invite us to look again at the experiences we would like to add to our lives. Perhaps you’d like to look polar bears in the eye from within a massive buggy…

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look beyond the obvious

Out of CHENNAI (72km) Go on a temple run across Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu While most people know this busy little town for saris and idlis, the temple architecture here is fascinating. Most of the places of worship were constructed during the Pallava dynasty, from 6th – 8th century BC, so, even if you’re not religious, you’ll get a magical glimpse into the rich history of the region. Start your day early, before hordes of the faithful overrun the temple complexes. Make your first stop Kailasanatha Temple, the oldest in town, dating back to 8th century BC. You will spot half-animal deities, characteristic of early Dravidian architecture, along with the 108 dance poses of Shiva in stone, and this is still a functional temple, so you can offer prayers here (6.30am – 6.30pm, inner…

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go local in ooty, tamil nadu

Out of BANGALORE (270km) In the winter months, as you approach the popular hill station Ooty, a thick blanket of mist shrouds the entire mountainside, making it seem as if you’re on an island in the middle of a sea of clouds. The scene might seem straight out of a dream, but, happily, this is just a taste of things to come. The Western Ghats presents some amazing vistas in the region. Stay at Sterling Ooty – Fern Hill, set in the Nilgiris, surrounded by terraced tea estates; it makes for the perfect base from which to explore the queen of hill stations. Known for rolling tea plantations and delectable chocolates, this honeymooner’s paradise was once the lofty domain of wild beasts and ancient tribes such as the Todas, Kotas and Badagas.…

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hark back to colonial times in lucknow, uttar pradesh

Out of DELHI (555km) Reputed the world over for its mouthwatering Awadhi cuisine, the ancient city of Lucknow is also a treasure trove of architecture. As much as the nawabs held sway over the city, the British, who came later, had quite an influence on it too, and it’s evident in the many structures built by and for them that stand to this day. The revolt in 1857 by the Indian sepoys of the East India Company’s forces left its mark on the city. The damp and dark cellars of The Residency were used as a refuge by around 3,000 Britons in those war-torn times (Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Deep Manak Nagar, Qaisar Bagh; 7am – 6pm; Sat – Thur; entry: ₹ 15). Months were spent in despair there, as the attacks continued…

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a year of unusual sports

March: Sheep shearing, New Zealand Ewe better believe the annual Golden Shears International Championships are a big deal in New Zealand. The four-day lanolin-scented jamboree, touted as ‘the Wimbledon of sheep shearing’, is held in the town of Masterton every March to crown the world’s fastest sheep shearer. Live bands bring a party vibe, and there’s much food and drink to be enjoyed. Can’t make it? Competitions are also held in Europe, Australia and the USA. www.goldenshears.co.nz May to October: Lawnmower racing, the UK In 1973, a group of wannabe racers from West Sussex dreamed of accessible motorsport. Over a few pints, they came up with lawnmower racing. Now the British Lawn Mower Racing Association (BLRA) holds a 30-race championship from May to October. Most races are part of larger rural events, such as…

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join the carnival in brazil

WHAT IS IT? The original carnival brought over by the Portuguese had its elaborate costumes, but it really gained its energy with the input of Afro-Brazilian music and dance. Rio’s samba schools, each with its own colour scheme and theme tunes, now compete to drum out the loudest beat, put together the flashiest floats, and fit the most sequins on the least amount of clothing. WHEN TO SEE IT The main action takes place over the five days before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.In 2020, the dates will be February 21 to 25. You’ll also find rehearsals and parties in the weeks before, and there’s a parade of champions on the Saturday after (cheaper to see than the headline show). WHERE TO SEE IT The showpiece of carnival is the…