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Lonely Planet Magazine India February 2020

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The world’s most trusted source on travel, Lonely Planet has made its way to India. Through vivid writing and stunning color spreads from celebrated and seasoned traveller-writers and photographers, Lonely Planet Magazine India Inspires travelers to sample different cultures first-hand, discover new people, and learn fascinating stories about every place.

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time to plan a summer getaway…

Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza, Editor Follow me on Twitter @PrimroseDSouza & Instagram @primrosedsouza It’s just the beginning of 2020, and already most of us are ready for a break. Come May each year, you’ll find me in someplace nice on a well-planned break. In 2018, it was Italy on a holiday that forever ruined pasta back home for me. Last year, it was Turkey, a magical fortnight filled with meandering and road trips and so much good food. This year, well, this year, family health circs have dictated that we couldn’t do our usual October-for-May planning, and so the whole world’s open before us… Which means we, like you, now have three months to decide where to go on a summer holiday. With this issue in hand, it just might be Switzerland, laid out…

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go the distance

Out of DELHI (300km) Get up close with nature’s colourful ambassadors in Pangot, Uttarakhand Most folks might not have heard of the tiny village of Pangot in the Shivalik Range of Uttarakhand, but serious birders from across the world certainly have. The mountain range itself is home to 250 species of birds, and the chirping in this sleepy little village is (sound) evidence enough. Even the villagers are mindful of the feathered inhabitants of the region; you’ll notice many houses are designed with space provided for nests. Among the species you’ll spot in Pangot are the bar-tailed treecreeper, the endangered grey-crowned prinia, the bee-eater, the bulbul, the oriental turtle dove, the plum headed parakeet and the spotted owl. You’ll find them at the Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, Cheena Peak (Naini Peak) or Woodpecker…

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explore a different side of madurai, tamil nadu

One of India’s most ancient cities sits on the banks of the River Vaigai in Tamil Nadu. Madurai (formerly known as Madura) is more than 2,500 years old and boasts a rich culture and heritage. The city is home to a thousand temples, but it’s the Meenakshi Amman Temple that grabs the limelight (Madurai Main). And, it takes a day or two in Madurai to convince you that there is more to this vibrant city than just its temples. Here, if you open your mind to revelation, you can expect the unexpected. Begin by checking into the luxurious Heritage Madurai. Designed by renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, the resort is spread across 17 lush acres, and hosts 72 rooms and 34 villas, each with its private plunge pool. The highlight…

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spot the spots in bera, rajasthan

Out of UDAIPUR (150km) With wildlife numbers across the world depleting at an alarming rate, we might soon be at a stage where the only place we see animals would be on our screens. It is up to us to ensure that we coexist with our fellow inhabitants and protect their habitats. There are still some pockets where animals live without encroachment into their habitat. Bera, a village in Rajasthan, is an inspiring example of sustainability, where humans have coexisted peacefully for centuries with one of the most elusive animals in the world – the leopard. Around 150km from Udaipur, visitors to this tiny village are almost always likely to spot the apex predators. The settlement is small, just a cluster of houses, roads lined with acacia trees, and a shop…

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1 HEDIYEM ISTANBUL Istanbul is the biggest, by far, of the world’s few transcontinental cities, and, until the first bridge across the Bosphorus opened in 1973, the only way between the strait’s European and Asian shores was by boat. This model of a ‘vapur’ (ferry) used daily by commuters and sightseers comes from simply-named Hediyem Istanbul (‘Istanbul Gifts’). www.hediyemistanbul.com 2 IZNIK CLASSICS This ceramic arts gallery is reviving prized Iznik ware from the 15th to 17th centuries. Tulip designs are typical – the flowers were introduced to Europe from Turkey, and the ‘Tulip Period’ of 1718-1730 saw the Ottoman court at its most elaborate. www.iznikclassics.com 3 MÜZ Belief in the ‘nazar’ (evil eye) goes back thousands of years.In the Mediterranean region, blue eyes were seen as more likely to cast a harmful glance – hence…

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kolkata, india

1 PICNIC ON THE MAIDAN The maidan by Fort William might be Army territory, but the public is allowed access during daylight hours. Take along a book, a chatai, and some snacks, find a spot under a tree, and you could while away an entire afternoon on the greens. If you’re a sports enthusiast, there are bunches of people all across, playing everything from football to cricket; you could watch a game from the comfort of your shade or join in for a post-lunch workout. This is also one of the spots from where to catch the city’s unique skyline, dotted more with heritage structures than skyscrapers. 2 STROLL BY RABINDRA SAROBAR While North Kolkata is great for a glimpse of history, the South is the newer part of town and better planned.…