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Lonely Planet Magazine India March 2020

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The world’s most trusted source on travel, Lonely Planet has made its way to India. Through vivid writing and stunning color spreads from celebrated and seasoned traveller-writers and photographers, Lonely Planet Magazine India Inspires travelers to sample different cultures first-hand, discover new people, and learn fascinating stories about every place.

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here’s to the power of your passport!

Follow me on Twitter @PrimroseDSouza & Instagram @primrosedsouza Sometimes, travel cannot be planned. Sometimes, like now, while advisories rage and the world holds its breath to know whether it’s safe to travel, you bide your time and plan. You plan to be ready when it’s time. This year particularly, you’re going to love this issue. It’s our 11th anniversary year, and our Last-Minute Travel special has a massive feature on Easy-Visa Destinations for Indian travellers: 11 new journeys you need to be making, as well as 10 from last year that you should also keep in mind – all of them places that you will be able to travel to at short notice. Mauritius and Reunion Island both lay out a variety of adventures for you. Once-war torn Belgrade in Serbia reveals its…

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statement of ownership

Statement about the ownership and other particulars about newspaper entitled Lonely Planet Magazine India as required to be published in the first issue of every year after the last day of February. FORM IV (See Rule 8) 1. Place of Publication: The Times of India Building, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 2. Periodicity: Monthly 3. Printer’s name: Mr. Joji Varghese for the Proprietors, Worldwide Media Private Limited Nationality Indian Address: The Times of India Building, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 4. Publisher’s name: Mr. Joji Varghese for the Proprietors, Worldwide Media Private Limited Nationality Indian Address: The Times of India Building, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 5. Editor’s name: Ms Primrose Monteiro D’Souza Nationality: Indian Address: The Times of India Building, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001. 6. Names and addresses of…

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food trails across india

@sum.err.pun Out of COIMBATORE (180km) Experience unforgettable flavours in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu Established as a hill station by American missionaries in 1845, Kodaikanal is among the more popular summer destinations in the country. While most would associate a hill station in Tamil Nadu with traditional South Indian cuisine, in truth, the most delicious fare on offer in Kodi might not be native to the region. Take, for example, the food at Tibetan Brothers, which has been serving up thukpa and more for over three-and-a-half decades (00-91-4542-244-638; Poet Tyagaraja Rd; thukpa from ₹70). Head next to Cloud Street for a taste of continental dishes (00-91-4542-246-425; www.cloudstreetcafe.com; 1st Flr, opp Govt Tourism Office, PT Rd; 12pm – 3pm 4pm – 9pm Tues – Sun, 4pm – 9pm Mon). For a taste of locally-sourced organic produce,…

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find peace in athoor, tamil nadu

sum.err.pun Out of MADURAI (60km) It’s rare these days to find a destination that isn’t over-popular and frequented by many. Especially so, if the destination in question has something unique to offer. Nestled in a lush valley in Dindigul district (known for its famous biryani), about 60km from the temple town of Madurai, lies the village of Athoor. With centuries-old festivals still celebrated at millennia-old temples, the village is significant to the faithful, but there’s another attraction here worthy of a visit. About 6km from the village, a 400-acre monsoon rain-fed waterbody known as Kamarajar Lake attracts over 150 types of birds, including 30 migratory species. The beautiful valley is dotted with coconut, palm and mango plantations, perfect for walking around on birding trips. It is recommended that you go with one of…

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immerse yourself in rural india at palakollu, andhra pradesh

_aishwaryamenon Out of VIJAYWADA (125km) The houseboat cruises down the river, gently making its way through the hundreds of lily pads that blanket the water on the eastern banks of the Vasishta River, a tributary of the Godavari near Palakollu in Andhra Pradesh. Just short of embracing the mighty Bay of Bengal, it flows at a languid pace, setting the tone for life along its banks. The setting sun paints the sky in orange hues and, in the light of the magic hour, the world is transformed. It’s all part of the welcome extended by the Sterling Godavari in Palakollu. A small city in coastal Andhra Pradesh, Palakollu has been occupied over the centuries by the British and the Dutch. Its greatest draws are the glimpses it offers into unspoilt rural life in…

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chay time easy visa

In Azerbaijan, the sweetening (or not) of tea is vital to changing families’ lives. When a man’s parents visit the home of the girl whose hand he seeks in marriage, only shirin chay (sweet tea) is good news. Tea served without sugar means the answer is ‘no’. These and other tea-drinking rituals are important elements of Azerbaijan’s culinary traditions and life in general. ✱ The chaykhana (teahouse) is a corner at which people gather to drink tea, socialise, and just while away the day over cups of tea; young people smoke shisha and older men play backgammon. ✱ When served, the tea should be a deep, rich red colour. In the days of the Silk Road caravans, chay was made in smuzer, copper containers. Today, the samovar, with origins in Russia, is vital…