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The world’s most trusted source on travel, Lonely Planet has made its way to India. Through vivid writing and stunning color spreads from celebrated and seasoned traveller-writers and photographers, Lonely Planet Magazine India Inspires travelers to sample different cultures first-hand, discover new people, and learn fascinating stories about every place.

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Lonely Planet Magazine India is with you during these tough times, with lots on our digital platforms to keep you entertained and updated with the world of travel. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - because #LPMIHappyToInspire! Join us in candid conversations with travel influencers and bloggers, find out how to cook dishes from different parts of the globe, put your travel knowledge to the test with our online quizzes and contests, and join us in saluting the #LPMICovidCrusaders. And, because we always want you to interact with LPMI, watch out for our #LPMIMadeWithYou and #EscapewithLPMI initiatives, which invite you to be part of our digital issue. All this and much more coming up. Follow us on: Lonely Planet Magazine India lonelyplanetmagazineindia LPMagIn Stay safe and #stayinspired!…

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travelling the world has taught me a new appreciation for india

Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza, Editor Follow me on Twitter @PrimroseDSouza & Instagram @primrosedsouza In the last few years, even before the much-needed call to visit 15 desi destinations before 2022, I had already begun to feel that I was missing out on the incredible around me. Yes, my first-ever international trip to Mauritius had helped heal a broken heart; but wasn’t my heart lifted each time we drove out of Mumbai onto the Western Ghats? I had sat entranced as the aboriginals in Australia showed me their way of living, but I was no less captivated sipping apong with a Mishing elder in Assam. I have visited and revisited corners of India, and, yes, I have made comparisons, but, for the most part, India has stood up for herself. In this vast land…

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cashless encounters

Sure, the countryside seems the place to go to in post-COVID times, but we know there’s no way to not visit the cities. And, whether you’re a student, out on a trip with friends, a backpacker hoping to stretch every rupee, or simply someone who wants to explore a city without having to reach for your wallet, there are a number of options to choose from in major cities across the country. Have a look at these to add to your next city encounter – when it’s safe to travel again. BANGALORE CUBBON PARK: Located right in the heart of Bangalore, this park serves as one of the ‘lungs’ of the city. Created in 1870, Cubbon Park has subsequently been expanded from 100 acres to over 300 acres. Aside from the Karnataka…

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a is for (indian) art

It’s no secret that India is home to a rich and diverse array of arts and crafts, dating back centuries. While some forms have disappeared into obscurity along the way, others have stood the test of time, allowing artists to perfect techniques and methods, which has resulted in paintings and handicrafts unique in identity and aesthetic. If 2020 has you thinking about the way we travel and left you yearning to see more of your own backyard, here’s how you can get all artsy while doing that – we take you through a list of stunningly beautiful Indian arts and handicrafts that will have travellers out and about (when it’s time!), seeking out these art forms in all their glory! a is for Aranmula Kannadi, Kerala IN Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district lies Aranmula,…

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finding my ikigai in travel

I used to be an actor, but I’m done with that. My fate was always in other people’s hands, to cast me, to make good movies. I wanted to make my own fate. I’ve found my ikigai in travel – it’s the reason I jump out of bed each morning. I love shooting, editing, writing and travelling. I feel so blessed that I can make a career out of it. I love landing in a new destination and exploring. I enjoy getting out of my hotel and walking around different neighbourhoods. I want to see the cities first and then the countryside, nature. Travel, for me, is about discovering culture, food, people and nature in a destination. I’ve learnt to live simply. To not collect too much. To pack light and be light.…

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rediscover india by road

@sum.err.pun With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe and a vaccine in the wind, it has become clear that we have to learn to live with the virus. The world might not be able to go back to how things were before the disease broke out, but we have to adopt new practices to deal with the problem at hand and carry on. It’s pretty much the story of evolution. Those that adapt successfully survive to tell the tale. In this scenario, travel as we have known it has also changed drastically. Many countries across the world have reopened to visitors from beyond their borders, but with strict measures in place. WHAT CAN MY COUNTRY DO FOR ME? While travelling beyond your own country seems to be uncertain for the near future,…