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apple m1 macs: what you need to know about buying a new mac with apple silicon

Macs are undergoing a big change. Apple is switching its internal architecture from one that uses Intel CPUs, third-party graphics processors, and other parts, to the company’s own “system on a chip.” The first Apple silicon SoC for Macs is called the M1. It’s a big step for Apple and the Mac. But what does it mean for you? In this article, we cover what Apple’s system on a chip means to the user, how it affects what software you can use, and answer other frequently asked questions. WHAT IS THE ‘APPLE SILICON’ M1 SYSTEM ON A CHIP? “Apple silicon” refers to the chips Apple makes. In the Mac, they replace the Intel processors they have used for the past 14 years, and will eventually also replace the AMD graphics processors in higher-end…

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with m1 macs, memory just isn’t what it used to be

The first Macs powered by Apple-designed processors are finally here. And from the outside, they’re almost dead ringers for the Intel-based Macs they’re replacing. But on the inside, they’re not like other computers. Apple has brought its approach to system design, learned through years of iteration on the iPhone and iPad, to the Mac for the first time. Those of us who are used to thinking of personal computers in certain terms are going to need to adjust to this new reality. It’s a world in which Apple sells three different Mac models without even disclosing the clock speed of the processor inside. (It doesn’t do it for the iPhone or iPad, after all.) But perhaps the item on the spec sheet that will require the biggest diversion from the old way of…

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imagining the possibilities with apple silicon

The M1 Macs have arrived. The benchmarks are in. And what we’ve seen is nothing less than mind-blowing performance from Apple’s own silicon, compared to the Intel chips that came before. But this, as we know, is just the beginning. The M1 is only the first in a whole family of chips that will be powering Macs from now on. As impressive as these new processors—and the improvements they bring in speed and battery life—are, some have felt underwhelmed by the new Macs, given that they look pretty much identical to the models they’re replacing. This was by design, of course, to impart a feeling of continuity from Apple’s existing models, assuring customers that fundamentally nothing has changed. But as we look forward to the next generation of Macs that are no…

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how to quickly move everything from your old intel mac to your new m1 macbook

When you buy a new iPhone, getting it all set up takes minutes. All you need to do is back up your old phone and sign in to your iCloud account on your new phone, and you can pick up right where you left off, home screen layout, open Safari tabs, and all. It’s not quite as simple on the Mac. While Apple offers several ways to transfer files from one machine to another, none of it is as simple as iCloud backups on iOS. But if you know which toggles to flip, apps to sync, and folders to share, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Just follow our guide to getting everything set up on your new Mac. APPLE SERVICES, PASSWORDS, AND APPS First the easy stuff. If you subscribe to…

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i really want to buy a crazy-fast m1 macbook pro. here’s why i’m not

The reviews for the new M1 MacBooks are here (see pages 72 and 86) and they’re spectacular. They’re not just faster than the previous Intel machines, they’re among the fastest Apple laptops ever made, with some tests besting even the flagship 16-inch MacBook Pro. And I really, really want one. I’ve made no secret of my intention to hold off on buying a new Mac until Apple started using its own silicon inside, and the day finally arrived. The Apple Store was down, the event clock was ticking down, and I was ready to buy my first new MacBook in nearly a decade. Except I’m not. At least not yet, anyway. While there’s a lot to like about the speed and battery life claims in the new M1 chip in the MacBook…

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belkin surgeplus usb wall mount surge protector: this compact outlet-mounted gadget checks all the boxes

Belkin’s SurgePlus USB Wall Mount surge protector offers a dense array of six AC outlets and two USB ports that fully covers a standard two-outlet wall jack. Like all surge protectors, it requires three-prong grounded outlets. The SurgePlus plugs into a wall outlet’s top position without removing the outlet’s cover plate. A plastic protusion from the bottom anchors in the lower outlet’s grounding plug. The surge protector comes with a long screw that can be removed or used to replace the cover plate’s center screw for a more permanent installation and for additional anchoring and stability. (Note that you’ll need to remove the screw if you plug the unit into a Decora style outlet, which has screws at the top and bottom of the wall plate, but none in the middle.) The…