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macos monterey: universal control, shortcuts, safari, and more

Apple has unveiled macOS 12 Monterey, the first major update to macOS since the big shift in macOS 11 Big Sur. There are a bunch of new features, and we’ll cover everything you need to know about the update before it arrives in the fall: the top features, system requirements, availability, and more. Let’s start with the key features. UNIVERSAL CONTROL Apple users often switch between devices, and with Universal Control, you can now use a single mouse and keyboard between your Mac and iPad. If you’re using a MacBook, you can use its keyboard and trackpad with the iPad. You can even drag and drop files between devices and perform gestures on the MacBook trackpad to navigate the iPad. Additionally, Universal Control can do something that Apple’s Craig Federighi said would appeal…

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five windows 11 features apple should steal for macos

It’s been six years since Microsoft unveiled a new version of Windows. Now Windows 10 users with eligible PCs can upgrade to a brand-new version of Microsoft’s OS called Windows 11. And whether Microsoft wants to admit it or not, the new Windows looks a lot like macOS. Microsoft has changed a lot about the way Windows looks and works, but it’s hard to deny that its “modern, fresh, clean and beautiful” interface borrows heavily from Apple’s style, with rounded corners, subtle transparency, and an overall fluidity that would feel right at home on a MacBook. Along with these familiar interface elements, Windows 11 brings plenty of features that Mac users don’t have. It leverages the touch-friendly nature of many PCs, introduces new ways to type and talk, taps into the power…

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how to find out which mac apps are tracking your location

The privacy issues associated with our location when we’re carrying an iPhone or iPad have gotten a lot of attention. But a Mac can reveal to apps where we’re located as well. No Mac includes a GPS or cellular modem, but between Wi-Fi positioning and cues and information retrieved by associated and nearby cellular devices of your own and those of other people, a Mac can often approximate its position fairly well. Open the Security & Privacy pane in System Preferences, click the Privacy button, and select Location Services from the list at left, and you can see all the apps to which you’ve given permission and for which you’ve revoked access. To remove permission to retrieve your location: Uncheck the box to the left of the app or service. You can’t…

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got a new 24-inch imac? do these five things first

When that new 24-inch iMac arrives, you don’t want anyone or anything getting in your way as you unpack it and set it up. It’s an exciting moment, so go for it! But (of course there’s a “but”) after you’re done placing it perfectly on your desk, plugging it in, turning it on, and then sitting back to gaze upon it admiringly, take a little break. Pause for a bit, because now it’s time to set up your Mac for the work you want to get done. To get the most out of your Mac experience, there are a few things you should do before anything else. Many of these tasks are the type you need to do only once. When you’ve set things up, you will rarely need to address…

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the m1 imac has more in common with the imac g3 than just colors

It’s hard not to look at the new 24-inch iMac, which I recently had the chance to use for a week, and not feel at least a little pang of nostalgia for the original iMac. Introduced in 1998, not only did the iMac G3 save Apple, it injected a blast of color into the cold beige world of personal computers. That sense of nostalgia lessened when I picked up the new 24-inch iMac and carried it around my house. (The original iMac weighed about four times as much as the new model!) And yet, for all that has changed over the past 23 years, you’d be surprised by some of the similarities between the original iMac and these new models. It’s not all about the color. But let me be clear:…

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fastestvpn: a good choice for vpn newbies

We like simplicity when it comes to VPN services. Even if they stuff a ton of extra features into the app, it’s important that regular users can still navigate it. That’s one of the attributes that we like about FastestVPN. It also supports 10 simultaneous connections instead of the usual five. SECURITY, SOFTWARE, SERVERS, AND SPEED When you first open FastestVPN for Mac, it has a large connect button on the right side of the app, while the left contains a list of its 32 country connections. At the very top of the app, it shows the current IP you are using and its location, and then in the upper-right corner, you have access to the app’s settings. To connect to a location, you just click the large button or choose the…