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MASK The Magazine Spring 2015

In our time-deprived society, how do parents keep up? MASK The Magazine will conveniently bring a comprehensive approach to educating families on the severity and risk factors of relevant issues. MASK takes pride in fostering parent-child communication and will provide successful strategies to encourage ongoing dialogue. This publication will equip and prepare families with appropriate knowledge, resources and decision-making skills to empower families to make safe, healthy choices.

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MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-Age Kids)
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brainwashed to believe

We can all be guilty of it: medicine cabinets or bathroom drawers with remnants of old prescriptions or medicines we needed for a cold or for pain. I mean, why would we get rid of them? We may need them again sometime. What we don’t realize is that American households are rapidly becoming the cheapest, most convenient way for our children to get high, hooked and headed down the path to drug addiction and other harmful habits. Not too long ago, my son had his wisdom teeth pulled, and—poor thing—I only allowed him to take a few of the prescribed pain pills, as my awareness on these highly addictive medications has raised my concerns. I still, to this day, don’t understand why he would be prescribed 30 pills. And, like most…

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what is mask?

MASK (Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization created in 2007 by a group of dedicated mothers who recognized the need to consistently educate families on rapidly changing issues. MASK’s mission is to educate parents and children about the issues facing our youth and to empower children to make safe, healthy choices. MASK gives parents the resources that will allow an open dialogue with their children, which provides children with tools to live productive, happier lives. MASK fulfills its mission by engaging, educating and empowering parents and children through its E3 (Engage, Educate and Empower) Program and MASK The Magazine. The E3 program presents helpful insights on over 70 topics in the following categories; health & wellness, digital solutions and relational development, offering a comprehensive approach to educating…

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ANGELA AMBROSE // Writer During her 25-year writing career, Angela Ambrose has written for Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Public Health Service, as well as a number of magazines, newspapers and websites. A mother of two, Angela enjoys writing about the important issues affecting kids today and applying what she learns at home. Angela is also a nationally certified group fitness instructor and registered yoga teacher. STACY BARRY // Writer Stacy Barry is a former public relations/marketing executive for the hospitality industry, and is currently a contributing writer for Bayou City magazine in Houston, Texas. She received her degree in journalism from Texas Tech University and worked as a broadcast journalist for KAMCTV in Lubbock, Texas. For the past 15 years she has done freelance and contract work from her home, while raising two…

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vaccinate debate

Vaccinations are victims of their own success. As the rate of vaccinepreventable infections plummeted— while hype about potential adverse effects and distrust of organized medicine spread—the risks of vaccination seemed to outweigh the benefits. As a result, well-meaning parents jumped off the vaccination bandwagon and vaccine-preventable diseases began to re-emerge. I hope never to experience the terror of caring for a child with meningitis or epiglottitis, or deal with large outbreaks of measles. Having watched a strapping 18-yearold football player die from meningococcal disease within minutes of arriving in the ER, I was overjoyed when a vaccine became available for this terrifying disease. I have great respect for my naturopathic colleagues, though they remain philosophically hostile to vaccination. While strategies to support healthy immune function and detoxification are critical, we disagree about…

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mask’s need-to-know tips

DRUG For an adult, even just a pint of alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning. Imagine what it can do to a child. Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person’s blood alcohol content is so high that it hinders the body’s ability to metabolize and break down alcohol and remove it from the blood stream. It’s important to monitor your child around alcohol, and to know the signs of alcohol poisoning so you can get help, if needed. BULLY While it’s important to recognize whether your child is being bullied, it’s equally important to know your child’s school policy on bullying. If your child is being bullied or witnesses another student being attacked at school, you and your child should know what steps to take in addressing the situation with school officials, as well as…

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mask on facebook

Jarrett Ransom Thank you. I am honored to be among so many amazing women doing phenomenal work in our community. Selena Urbalejo — I love what they are doing to make this world a better place. Kristi Watson Core — Great magazine! So glad we support this awesome magazine at Dr. Gore’s office! Sophia Phillips — Thrilled to be a part of MASK spreading the message on communication, parenting at every age and stage in life, and how to handle/cope with true life events as our children continue to grow. Moms coming together sharing and making a diffrence. Maria Wojtczak — Excellent organization that is geared towards open and honest communication with our kids. If we don’t talk to them and get involved in their lives we won’t know when they really need us. Colleen…