MATCH! 5-May-2020

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ja-done deal?

THE DEAL! Spies reckon United have been tracking Sancho for ages, and they’ve finally reached an agreement – including a huge buy out clause! All that’s left is to agree a price with Dortmund, but a figure of around £109 million is expected to be enough, which would be a new British transfer record! ANTI-UNITED CLAUSE? When Man. City sold youngster Brahim Diaz to Real Madrid, they added an ‘anti-United’clause, basically meaning that Real would lose out on big money if they sold him to The Red Devils! However, they didn’t add that clause when Sancho left in 2017, so Dortmund aren’t against selling to United! SANCHO CONFIRMS? Last September, the winger said he wouldn’t mind a return to England, but he left an even bigger hint recently on social media! On an Instagram live…

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serie a star!

THE TIME OFF! ROMELU SAYS: “I miss the competitiveness, I miss training sessions and I miss playing in front of the fans. Right now is a moment for me to analyse my game and see what I’ve done in the last six months, and then to take it forward and try to add something else!” PLAYING FOR INTER! ROMELU SAYS: “Inter were my team in Italy when I was a kid, so it’s a dream to play here.I loved R9 Ronaldo–he was here when I was six or seven–and then later Adriano. I still remember the UEFA Cup final that Ronaldo played in and won in 1998!” WORKING WITH CONTE! ROMELU SAYS: “Antonio Conte has helped me get more assists. When we analyse our game and see positions when we shoot when we shouldn’t, he…

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old eagles

WOLVES WINNER! Diogo Jota beat Trent Alexander-Arnold 2-1 in the final of FIFA’s ePremier League Cup, but the tournament’s highlight was Andre Gomes stuffing Reece James 8- EURO 2020 LIVES ON! Even though the Euros have been postponed until 2021, UEFA have still decided to call next year’s tourno Euro 2020 to honour the cancelled event! BYE, BOSS! Phil Neville will be leaving his role as Lionesses boss next summer! With the Women’s Euros postponed until 2022, the FA are now looking for a new manager for that tourno – Neville’s assistant Bev Priestman is the current favourite, while Chelsea boss Emma Hayes and former USA gaffer Jill Ellis are also in the mix! ULTIMATE PLAYER! Over the last two weeks, MATCH has been asking fans on social media to help create an Ultimate Player using current…

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itk boot leaks

Nike Phantom VSN Boot gossips reckon these Nike PhantomVSN cleats are part of an awesome Metallic pack that could get released very soon! We’re expecting all of Nike’s silos to be wrapped in a slick grey for this collection! adidas Predator These adidas Predator boots have got MATCH well excited! The ace Animal colourway features a snake-like scale pattern, and the spikes make the boots look proper deadly! adidas Predator Here’s another Predator, an gossips reckon these wicked red Preds could be released as soon as football returns! They’re part of a mega bold adidas pack, which could drop alongside some bright yellow Copas and bright pink X kicks. Get in! Puma Ultra Puma had an official presentation of some new boots recently, and these bad boys were on show! We’re expecting them to take the place…

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top tekkers technique of the week!

THIS WEEK… TWO-TOUCH FINISHING! Do youenjoy scoringgoals? Grab apartner, head to the garden andset up agoal with anytwo itemsyou’ve gotlying around andwork on your shooting tekkers! You’ll become lethal in frontofgoaland score from anywherewithonly two touches–justlike HarryKane! Here are To pTe kkers’ tips… Tr ytotakeyour first touchintospace! Strike themiddleofthe ball with your laces! Keep your head over theballwhile striking! THE CHALLENGE… Now practise this week’s Top Tekkers drill at home! Use a goal or lay down any objects you can find as posts. Set up a rectangular area, five stepswide by four steps long. Make sure the area is around ten steps from your goal. Place a marker one step inside each post, so you have corners to aim your shot at. Your partner passes you the ball when you’re in the area. Take two touches – one to control the ball…

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say what?

CARDBOARD CRAZIES! Borussia Monchengladbach fans are paying for cardboard cutouts to be displayed at their ground – and they’ll stay there if the Bundesliga returns behind closed doors! GROOVY GUANGZHOU! Check out the design of Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande’s jaw-dropping new stadium, which will host over 100,000 fans! They started building it recently and gossips say it’ll cost over £1 billion! COOL KIT COMP! Italian club Pescara held a competition for kids to send in their kit designs – this sick shirt was created by a six-year-old, and will be worn by the Serie B side next season. Awesome! HORROR HAIR! It looks likethe battery died on Antonio Rudiger’shair clippers halfway through trimming his barnet! Nightmare, Toni! BONKERS BAYERN! The Bundesliga giants have finally returned to training, and one of their first sessions involved a giant Velcro darts target.…