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what’s new on fifa 20?

VOLTA The biggest addition to FIFA 20 is Volta. The brand-new game mode is all about small-sided games focused on quick passing and skilful dribbling. There’s loads to get stuck into – it’s basically a whole game on its own! Read all about it on page 6! CUSTOMISATION However you play FIFA, there are loads of ways to make it totally unique to you. On Volta and Career Mode you can style out your player or manager to look exactly how you like, while Ultimate Team allows loads of new ways to personalise your club! SET-PIECE REWRITE Free-kicks and penalties have been given a total makeover on the new game. It will take plenty of getting used to, so check out our guide to make sure you get to grips with it! Learn about set-pieces on page…

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volta guide – the basics

VOLTA MODES There are plenty of ways to get stuck into Volta… • VOLTA KICK OFF: Pick a club, choose how you want to play and give it a try! Don’t forget that you can’t make subs during the game! • VOLTA STORY: If you enjoyed The Journey, you’ll love Volta Story! Create a player, develop your skills, recruit team-mates and guide them to the Volta World Championships! • VOLTA LEAGUE: Here you can build a team to play online against opponents from around the world. You can set your home turf, so try out all the arenas and see which one best suits your playing style! • VOLTA TOUR: Volta Tour is a series of single-player tournaments. Each location has a different type of competition for you to take on – sometimes it’s a…

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volta guide – the tips

CUSTOMISATION • When you start a brand-new Volta campaign, there are loads of ways to customise your avatar – from skin colour, face shape and hairstyle to trainers, tattoos and outfits. Make sure your player looks as cool as possible! PLAYER RECRUITMENT • When you win a game, you can recruit a player from your opponent. Build a squad with a good balance of positions and chemistry styles. You can only have ten players in total though, including your own player, so you’ll have to chop and change your squad as you improve! DEVELOPMENT • Your player improves after every game that they play. The higher your performance rating, the more you’ll improve! Good performances also earns you Skill Points, which you can use to boost your attributes. Head to the Skill Tree and select…

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how to... defend

CONTAIN • Use L2/LT to jockey your opponent. Your player will slow down the dribbler and quickly react to any change of direction! • When you’re closing down an opponent, you can get help from a team-mate by holding R1/RB! • The Contain button (X/A) is also a good way of closing down your opponent and getting into position to make a tackle! TACTICAL TIPS • Set a high defensive line if you want to press high up the pitch – but make sure that at least one of your defenders has enough pace to cover! • Your keeper can help you out with a high line too. Just set their instructions to Sweeper Keeper! • For extra protection from your midfield, set one of your CM or CDM’s instructions to Drop Between Defenders! • If you want…

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how to take... set-pieces

FREE-KICKS • Change your run-up by flicking the right stick to one side or the other, then use the left stick to take aim! • Hold the right stick down to power up your shot. You’ll usually need about three bars of power to beat the keeper! • There are different ways to strike the ball – you can curl it, hit a knuckleball or mix it up! Try out all the different styles and master your favourite! • Just before striking the ball, tap the shoot button. If you get the timing right, you’ll have a better chance of scoring! PENALTIES • Use the left stick to aim your shot, then press shoot to begin your run-up. If you want to hide your aim, press up on the D-pad! • Hold down sprint for a fast…

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how to... attack

DRIBBLING • Strafe Dribbling is a new way to beat defenders. It gives you closer control, drawing markers in before sprinting away from them! • Learn some of the simple skill moves like Heel-to-Heel flick, Ball Roll or Backheel to improve your dribbling. We’ve listed all the other new ones on page 31! • Another vital weapon for any top FIFA player is the fake shot. To pull it off, just press shoot or cross, quickly followed by pass! FINISHING • Timed Finishes take practice! Hold shoot to power up a shot, then tap it again as you strike the ball. Time it just right and it’ll be totally unstoppable! • For a Driven Shot, hold L1/LB and R1/RB as you shoot to drive the ball along the ground. This works best inside the box! • Hold…