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Maxim India December 2017

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GILLES BENSIMON One of the world’s best-known celebrity photographers, Gilles has worked with many leading actors, singers and models. His style captures the subject and the environment with a sensual precision. Based in New York, he is a close collaborator of our U.S. cousins. ANWITA + ARUN The wife-husband duo works across a range of disciplines including photography, illustration and design. Anwita is a textile design major, and Arun worked for a decade in the textile sector before taking up photography. When not on the road in some remote part of India, learning and documenting traditional crafts, you will find them in Noida, poring over books, etchings and heirlooms. DAN CARNEY A longtime and well-known automotive journalist, Dan has a special interest in reviewing aspirational cars, super races and interviewing celebrities about their automotive interests.…

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cognac gets back in the game

COGNAC IS GUNNING FOR ITS TURN IN THE spotlight, but first it has a reigning champion to unseat. Whisky has dominated the luxury spirits world for a decade with long-aged products and experimental offerings. But the iconic producers of French brandy are starting to replicate whisky’s success by changing their way of doing business. In the world of aged spirits, cognac remains somewhat of a mystery. While whisky makers regularly print age statements and explain cask finishes, most bottles of cognac, which is a specific type of brandy, are packaged with little more than a couple of letters from the cryptic “VS, VSOP, XO” grading system. Cognac ages many of its products for decades, but XO only covers brandies that have aged a minimum of 10 years. Part of learning from whisky…

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the masters of finish

HENNESSY 250TH ANNIV. One for the collector, this heady blend is aged between 15 and 35 years. Its floral bouquet offers hints of spice, with a creamy finish. ABK6 VSOP This French masterpiece has a sweet finish, but takes you on a ride with cinnamon and orange. A pretty well-balanced sipper for beginners. COURVOISIER VSOP A famous blend, this has a fiery finish that somehow brings out its peach and jasmine notes. It is a great choice if you’re getting into cognac. COGNAC RENAULT This “Superior” quality Heritage Petite Champagne 1989 has a fresh nose and teases the palate with fig and apple notes. It’s very balmy. HARDY XO RARE Tasting note: This little-known cognac is made by H. Mounier, and has a fruity festive bouquet. It is very fresh, with hints of vanilla. HINE BONNEUIL 2005 This unblended cognac from…

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comic’s relief

What’s keeping you busy? Two series called I Can Do That! and Comicstaan, which is the hunt for India’s next big comedian and will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. I’m also touring the country doing standup! I Can Do That is generating quite a bit of buzz. What made you decide to do it? I’ve always been interested in trying out new things. The idea of learning a new skill is very exciting to me. So I thought I’d try to figure out a way where I really compress the learning process and have a show to test what I’d learned! Neat! What does the future look like for YouTube content creators in India? I’m not sure! There are multiple independent creators coming out and carving their own niches. I don’t know how the entry…

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the good ride

IT ALL STARTED WITH A PHOTO OF Jon Hamm. When Australian Mark Hawwa saw an image of the dashing Mad Men actor in full Don Draper garb atop a vintage bike, he came up with an idea that would bring together a community of café racers that had been growing steadily for years. Now called the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, the event has grown into a charitable movement, having expanded from 2,500 riders in 64 cities in 2012 to more than 57,000 participants in 505 cities and 90 countries last year. Funds from the ride go to Movember, the men’s health nonprofit, to fund prostate cancer research and male suicide prevention programmes. This year’s event brought together more than 95,000 bikers globally and raised close to $5 million.…

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grab & go

“CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE,” AS HENRI Matisse famously said. It couldn’t hold more true today, given the influx of stimuli all around us. Art is as art does, and you’ll find ample proof in a quaint little 50-sq. m. studio-meets-gallery-meets-store in the heart of Kala Ghoda, Mumbai’s art district. It’s called dayDREAM, and is the brainchild of ace lensman Prasad Naik and designer Manish Mansinh. The two are childhood buddies, and the idea behind the store is to allow everyone access to art. We caught up with the duo to sample the merch, and also to snag some ideas about following your passion, doing up a space and, of course, the future of a creative enterprise. Hi guys, we love this place. How did the idea for this place come about? Prasad: As…