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JATIN KAMPANI The ace photographer is one of those rare few who have been able to transform a passion into a career. From being a shutterbug as a child to one of India’s most sought-after photographers, Jatin’s body of work includes portraits of distinguished individuals such as Rajmata Gayatri Devi, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, and Shah Rukh Khan. Along with some other enthusiasts, he recently donned the mantle of promoting photography as an art form in India. SAPNA BHAVNANI One of India’s best-known celebrity hair-stylists, the owner of Mumbai’s Mad-o-Wat Salon wears many hats. She acts, directs, writes and runs several charitable movements. She’s been behind some memorable looks for M.S. Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, John Abraham and many others. She’s also super fun and was a contestant on Bigg Boss. ASHISH CHAWLA Born in New…

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snow storming

ACTION AND ANTICIPATION ARE A PART OF the psyche and process of Formula One racing. There’s so much awesomeness on the track itself that it’s difficult to add an extra dose of pep or pomp. Yet, people tend to find ways to do just that—including taking an F1 car to the ski slopes. That’s what Max Verstappen did as he unleashed the power of the Red Bull Racing world-championship winning car at the Hahnenkamm, the legendary alpine resort in Austria. At 1,712 metres, the peak is a part of the ski town of Kitzbühel, and hosts the annual World Cup alpine ski races, the Hahnenkammrennen. The showrun was a build-up to the races, and a unique showcase of driving prowess and the power of sport. The specially-liveried RB7 car was transported…

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how long does good sex take?

GOOD SEX TAKES TIME, but taking your time doesn’t always lead to good sex. As in many things (workouts, comedy), it’s more about timing than duration. Specific intervals are more likely to yield positive results. Setting a new record is only impressive if you actually accomplished something. Here’s what to accomplish and how long it should take... 5 MINUTES: Throw caution (and foreplay) to the wind and get straight to the point. There ain’t nothing wrong with a little quickie as long as you keep it intense. How about a power shower before work or a little afternoon delight on your lunch break? Five minutes doesn’t leave time for a lot of eye contact, but, hey, if you can power your way across the finish line in the time it takes…

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the beast burger

Get These Arborio rice 270 gmParmesan cheese 75 gmChopped garlic 10 gmButter 20 gmChopped fresh parsley5 gmCheddar cheese 7 slicesBurger buns 4 piecesSliced tomatoes 45 gmSliced cucumber 50 gmRomaine lettuce 100 gmSliced onions 200 gmWasabi powder 10 gmSoya sauce 10 mlFrench fries 250 gmCooking oil 500 mlVegetable stock/Water(enough to cook risottosoftly)Salt and pepper to tasteBread crumbs 100 gmCornflour 100 gm Method Heat butter in a pan and sauté Arborio rice, stirring regularly while adding a little water at a time until the rice is soft. Add Parmesan cheese while stirring the rice. Adjust the seasoning, remove it from the pan and cool it. In another pan heat 45 ml oil and cook the onions on low heat till light brown. Then cool them. Mix wasabi with a little water to form a small ball.…

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seychelles, a paradise on earth!

Nestled between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator, the 115 islands of the Seychelles are a traveller’s delight. Home to some of the most stunning beaches and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this Indian Ocean Republic is blessed with beautiful landscape and geographical wonders. The legendary Vallée de Mai on Praslin where the wondrously shaped Coco-de-mer nut grows high up on ancient palms and the fabled Aldabra—the world’s largest raised coral atoll—have left travellers yearning for more. The temperature in these islands hovers mostly between 24-32 degrees Celsius and some of the world’s rarest species of flora and fauna can be found here. A wildlife lover will find Seychelles a living museum of nature with 50 per cent of the landmass reserved for national parks. The largest seed in the…

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ru n way: rocking

NOT TOO LONG AGO, THE ANDROGYNY flaunting Ranveer Singh had the entire fourth estate frothing itself into a frenzy when he decided to hit the town wearing a nose ring. A chain linked the actor’s septum piercing with his earring and the media went into hyperdrive applauding Ranveer’s decision to boldly go where no man had ever gone before. All very stereotype-smashing, of course, and would have been a pioneering move, were it not for the little fact that heavy metallers Skid Row spent much of the Eighties ruling the charts with their bassist, Rachel Bolan, flaunting a swashbuckling-beyond-belief septum-earlobe combo. The fact that music has influenced popular culture is way too well established to be debatable. It shows up in the distressed denims that have been totally haute the last couple…