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 / Men's Lifestyle
Maxim India

Maxim India August 2015

Indian Edition of the World´s leading men’s lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy´s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing so!

Burda Media India Private Limited
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1 min.
rocket ride

CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF PRODUCTION OF the iconic Rocket III launched in 2004, Triumph has taken it upon itself to unleash the next-gen beast. The Triumph Rocket X. But what makes it so special? For starters, the custom paint scheme courtesy specialists 8 Ball, who have created a look that will make each of the 500 limited edition road monsters unique. There’s a total of six layers of lacquer and multiple days of curing involved—the reason why the Rocket X looks so sharp. It’s finished off with the contrasting polished ‘grind’ metal stripe. Each bike also features side panel badges and unique numbering, giving it that premium finish. Priced at 22.21 lakh in India, the 2.3 litre engine on this baby comes with a bad-ass black exhaust system. It’s coated with…

3 min.
slack attack

IF YOU’RE THE KIND OF PERSON WHO bitches incessantly about your corporate job, Stewart Butterfield has no sympathy for you. But he does have a remedy. His San Francisco–based start-up, Slack, has built a billion-dollar brand by alleviating the pain of workplace culture. A software application that allows teams to collaborate through group messaging, file sharing and person-to-person chat, Slack replaces the most soul-deadening rituals of the information economy: The reply-all e-mail thread, the daily status meeting and the conference call. (It also supports custom emojis.) He sold his last company, the photo-sharing service Flickr, to Yahoo, working there for three brutal years while the Web behemoth bled the life from his creation—and then quitting with a now legendary email. It’s no accident that using Slack can feel more like…

3 min.
would you race against a horse?

THE MAN VS HORSE MARATHON Where: Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales When: June 11, 2016 First started in 1980 in Wales, the Man vs Horse Marathon was the brainchild of Gordon Green, a landlord who overheard two men discussing who’d win if men and horses ran over mountainous terrain. The race does exactly that as runners compete against riders on horseback over 35 km. In 2004, a man finally beat a horse and claimed the title. THE BIG FIVE MARATHON Where: Entabeni Game Reserve, Bosveld, South Africa When: June 25, 2016 If you fancy testing your running skills against local South African wildlife, this one’s for you. It gives you a chance to run through some magnificent scenery as you are joined by elephants, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and even lions—there are no fences to separate you…

2 min.
the new king of vegas

DRAI’S TOP-PRODUCING CLUB DRAI’S: $60-$70 MILLION (PROJECTED) Eschews the priciest EDM DJs for pop acts like Chris Brown and Iggy Azalea. The original managing partner of XS and Tryst, Drai got a $15 million buy out on leaving Wynn. Exes include Jacqueline Bisset and Kelly LeBrock. He produced Weekend at Bernie’s. BUBBLE TROUBLE One notorious big spender bought 700 bottles of Champagne and wound up spraying most of it in the air. TAO TOP-PRODUCING CLUB MARQUEE: $80-$85 MILLION Having outfitted Marquee with a $5 million stage and multimedia system, Strauss claims his club, which sells more than one million vodka-based cocktails per year, is the first solely dedicated to EDM. He once dated Tiger Woods’ ex Rachel Uchitel. UP IN THE SKY Spend a minimum of $20,000 at Marquee Dayclub and your bottle service will be delivered via drone. WYNN TOP-PRODUCING CLUB XS: $103-$105…

2 min.
my favourite drink scotch, interrupted

I DIDN’T EVER REALLY ENJOY a drink—at least not properly—until after I retired in 2013. My career lasted 21 years and I didn’t consume a lot of alcohol during that time. I couldn’t. Of course, there was the odd night, celebrating a win. But even that was a challenge. One memorable example was in 1999, when Manchester United won the league championship. Typically, you’d have a big celebration afterward. We didn’t because we had to play six days later in the FA Cup final. We won that, but then we had to get ready for the championship final a week later. By the time we won the treble, we were so exhausted we could hardly stand. So really, I had to wait quite a while to savour a glass of whisky,…

2 min.
gourmet on the go!

SUPERSUCKER FIND IT IN: New Delhi. Follow facebook.com/saladtruck for directions. WHY: Serves kick-ass Indian-style Tex-Mex and high-end street food faves. TRY: Keema Pao, Paneer Tikka Masala Sexy Fries, Chicken Kebab Burrito and Caesar Salad with a Toasted Bun. THE SPITFIRE BBQ TRUCK FIND IT IN: Bangalore. Follow facebook.com/thespitfire bbqtruck for directions. WHY: For the best dude food, BBQ-style. TRY: The BBQ Smoked Chicken & Cheese Steak Burger and the BBQ Buffalo Wings. EAT N’ RUN FIND IT IN: Empire Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai. WHY: Quick and home-cooked good. TRY: Chicken Dimsum and the Junglee Sandwich. KOBRI FIND IT IN: Gurgaon. Follow flavourlabs.in for directions. WHY: Innovative South Indian fare. TRY: The Dosa Wraps, Idli Sandwiches and Deep Fried Oreos for dessert. FRUGURPOP FIND IT IN: Sector 57, Gurgaon. WHY: A new-age, all-natural gourmet paletaz (Mexican popsicle) fare. TRY: Kiwi Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Plum Cranberry and Banana Date Nutella Pistachio. THE…