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SATYABRATA DAM A globetrotting thrill-seeker and die-hard adrenalin junkie, Satyabrata served in the Indian Navy for 22 years before taking voluntary retirement. He has climbed the highest peaks in all seven continents, skied to the Poles, and traversed the ancient Silk Route from Mongolia to Istanbul, among other expeditions. VESNA P. JACOB Born in Bosnia, Vesna made New Delhi her home several years ago. She is the force behind Vesna’s Wellness Clinic. An established pilates, fitness and wellness expert, she has also penned several articles. Her book, Work It Out, Without A Workout is a total guide to fitness. BRIE CHILDERS Right from her teenage years, Brie was interested in fashion. So, it was only natural for her to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She has worked with the who’s who of the…

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what it feels like

ONE OF LAMBORGHINI’S MOST SUCCESSFUL SERIES, THE GALLARDO WAS IN PRODUCTION FROM 2003 TO 2013. NAMED AFTER A BREED OF FIGHTING BULLS, THE COMPANY SOLD SOME 14,000 UNITS OF THE GALLARDO DURING ITS 10-YEAR JOURNEY. WE SPOKE TO THE OWNER ABOUT WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO OWN A SUPERCAR. It’s not just any car. It’s the supercar! What’s the most attractive thing about the Gallardo Spyder? It’s rough and masculine. A good car to drive your girlfriend around in. With a car like this, we bet you have a few other girlfriends, too. Hahaha. I’m too busy teaching my girlfriend how to drive, I don’t have time to meet other girls. My car definitely attracts many guys, though. One time, many drunk young guys tried to get into my car. Isn’t this car too low…

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it’s a boi!

I’ve had a lot of crazy nights of drinking, but only one where I ended up with a baby afterward. It was Atlanta, 1999. There was no Uber then, so I had my homeboys drive me around. We started at a strip club called the Gentlemen’s Club—one of the best in the city—where we’d always order about 50 shots of Cuervo Gold for us all. I wouldn’t feel nothing until after the first 10. I had an iron liver and drank a lot of water. Something about Cuervo Gold just makes you randy. So after about 20 shots, I wanted my wife. She doesn’t drink that much; she might have a vodka and cranberry or some wine. So she was back home, dead asleep. And when I got there, I…

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the sounds of india’s first stoner movie

“FILMS IN INDIA HAVE EVOLVED AND WITH THEM, THE MUSIC HAS TOO.” Directed by Agneya Singh and Aban Raza and starring Ira Dubey and Imaad Shah, M Cream is a refreshing, coming-of-age road trip movie about friends who travel into the far reaches of the Himalaya to get their hands on a mythical form of hash. Hailed as India’s first stoner movie, it was made two years ago and toured the international film festival circuit to massive critical success. It released in India last month and people (us included) have been raving about the soundtrack. We caught up with the film’s music directors—Nikhil Malik, Arsh Sharma and Srijan Mahajanfor a jam session. What took your film so long to reach the Indian audience? Nikhil: To be honest, we didn’t even know if this…

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the shape shifter

“THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE MALE PSYCHE... THAT ATAVISTIC, MAD, HUNTER-GATHERER THING COMES OUT.” CILLIAN MURPHY CRACKS UP WHEN I HAND HIM A REEKING, hexagonal gift from his native Ireland—a small piece of cheese, as olfactorily challenging as it is oleaginous—called St. Killian (pronounced just like his name). “I fucking love cheese,” he says, delightedly. “Especially when it’s got my name on it. I’ll be eating this tonight with some nice red wine.” He underwent a starvation diet as shipwrecked sailor Matthew Joy in Ron Howard’s whaling epic, In the Heart of the Sea, based on the true story that inspired Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. It’s a remarkable transformation for Murphy, 40, who has lent those perilously etched cheekbones and fiendishly intense eyes to such roles as the psychopathic Scarecrow in the Dark Knight franchise,…

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warning: graphic content

CRUISING THROUGH THE LOUVRE by David Prudhomme A visual art tour worth taking, this one is the latest in NBM publishing’s popular Louvre series and it focuses on the people who view the artwork at Paris’ iconic museum. Our favourite panels include one where Prudhomme shows patrons looking at the Mona Lisa but from her perspective. CRY HAVOC by Simon Spurrier One of the more unique plot lines we’ve read in a while, this one deals with a lesbian werewolf who goes to war. Yeah, we guessed that would be enough to get your attention. Order your copy, stat. DARK NIGHT: A TRUE BATMAN STORY by Paul Dini Acclaimed writer Dini who has written several Batman pieces faced adversity in real life when he was attacked by muggers and had his skull shattered. He writes this story about…