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Maxim India August 2017

Indian Edition of the World´s leading men’s lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy´s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing so!

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the raw issue

LET’S GET THE OBVIOUS OUT OF THE WAY: WHY THE RAW ISSUE? Because we’ve taken it upon ourselves to curate socially relevant ideas that affect men’s lives. And, since we’ve never been shy as a magazine, we feel the need to stick our necks out every once in a while. The Raw Issue was born of the idea that the world needs another dash of bold, fresh thinking, and the faith—or misconception, depending on how you’re skewed—that we are, perhaps, the best equipped medium to handle that. Also, our previous issue’s cover with the sensational Deepika Padukone, who topped the 2017 Hot 100, was so well-received that we wanted to surprise you again. This issue is dedicated in content and spirit to the idea that simplicity isn’t related to tuning out all…

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GILLES BENSIMON One of the world’s best-known celebrity photographers, Gilles has worked with many leading actors, singers and models. His style captures the subject and the environment with a sensual precision. Based in New York, he is a close collaborator of our U.S. cousins. ASHISH CHAWLA He picked up the electric guitar at 17 to form a rock band called Zephyr, but after completing a BFA and dabbling with easels, sculptures and installations, he found his calling in an image eternally frozen in a moment. Sixteen years later, he is yet to encounter something that’s more expressive, communicative or enchanting than a well-taken photograph. TARAS TARAPORVALA He’s primarily known for his fashion portraiture, but Taras is also a keen travel photographer. His work can be best described as clean and personal. He recently completed a…

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steel bird

HERITAGE, POWER, RESPECT ENGINE: Water-cooled DOHC 88-degree 997-cc V-twin four-stroke POWER: 100 bhp/130 bhp (track-only sport version) WEIGHT: 186 kg TRANSMISSION: Six-speed BRAKES: Front, 4x230 mm Beringer 4D stainless-steel discs; rear, 1x230 mm Beringer 4D stainless- steel discs TORQUE: 89 Nm/120 Nm (track-only sport version) WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION: 50/50 MANUFACTURED: Toulouse, France LAWRENCE OF ARABIA WAS A FAN. “As reliable and fast as express trains and the greatest fun in the world to drive,” the swashbuckling British archaeologist, military officer, diplomat, and author once said of his Brough Superior SS100s, which he loved so much he ordered seven of them. Long considered the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles, Broughs (pronounced “Bruff”) were built in Nottingham, England, from 1919 to 1940, and became renowned for their unparalleled power, engineering, and sheer beauty. With fewer than a thousand original examples still in existence, they…

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the year’s hottest playlists

ARJUN VAGALE “DJ Hyperactive takes an already amazing original and twists it up. It was a highlight from my set at Awakenings in Amsterdam.” MARK BROOM One Sound (DJ Hyperactive Remix) ALFA ROMERO Ten Leaves (ROD Remix One) VINICIUS HONORIO, BALTHAZAR & JACKROCK Beat It THE SOUTHERN Rawmony ARJUN VAGALE ModMatrix (Pertter B Remix) JOHANNES HEIL EXILE 008 KOBOSIL 40000 L DENSE & PIKA Little Sun VICTOR CALDERONE Parallel ARJUN VAGALE & RAMIRO LOPEZ Even Flow (Kaiserdisco Remix) SHAAN “‘Galactic’ has pure groove and vibe. It’s old school. And Dubvision is the best in the progressive genre—where my heart has always been!” ARTY FT. ERIC NAM Idea of You DUBVISION Fall Apart RIVERO & WASBACK Wait For The Night (Suyano Edit) LOOPERS & GOJA Back to the Future ANG & BITAS Galatic (Synzz Edit) ILLENIUM Fractures (Trivecta Remix) BRKLYN FT. MARIAH MCMANUS Heart of the city KSHMR & MAURICE WEST Festival Of Lights HARDWELL FT. JONATHAN MENDELSOHN We Are Legends JAY HARDWAY Need It SARTEK “If you plan on moonlighting as a DJ, ‘Boom’ is…

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virtual travel, done right

VIETNAM, HAWAII AND AUSTRALIA KONG: SKULL ISLAND (2017) Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts The legend of Kong has come a long way. This version has him fighting subterranean dinosaur-lizard hybrids and Americans at the same time on a Bermuda Triangle reminiscent island. ALL OVER CONTINENTAL USA THE YOUNG AND PRODIGIOUS T.S. SPIVET (2013) Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet It revolves around an academic family in a Roald Dahl-like story about a prodigious young boy’s journey from a ranch in Montana to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. A heartwarming watch. SPAIN AND ARGENTINA THE LIGHTHOUSE OF THE ORCAS (2016) Director: Gerardo Olivares This story unfolds as a mom travels all the way from Spain with her autistic son to meet an orca conservationist in Argentina, who she believes can help her child get better. It’ll get you back in touch with the raw beauty of nature. GRAN…

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late summer libations

AUGUST IS A STRANGE DRINKING MONTH. Summer is winding down, the rains are intermittent and the nippy looms. You’re over rosé and can’t do another Tom Collins, but it’s not quite brandy season and whisky doesn’t seem right in the stifling heat. In other words, it’s the month to experiment. Maxim asked some of the best bartenders for their go-to August cocktails, and they didn’t disappoint. So drink up—summer’s not over yet. Perfect Daiquiri The Perfect Daiquiri is the perfect balance of sour, sweet, and spirit. The perfect combo of texture, brightness, and depth. It never outstays its welcome and is a great cocktail to enjoy all summer long and as you head slowly into the winter. 30 ml lime juice 15 ml rich cane syrup 75 ml rum mix (30 ml white rum, 15…