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Maxim India January 2018

Indian Edition of the World´s leading men’s lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy´s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing so!

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why we write

We take a lot of things for granted... but information most of all. I can’t remember a time when opinion was so easy to dispense, or when judgement was so fluid. Chalk it up to social media proliferation, or to the rise of citizen journalism, or to human attention spans immune to things that don’t matter to us personally. It’s not that attention spans have shrunk—they’re no longer committed to any one entity for a length of time. We are probably more attentive now than we have ever been, it’s just that different things now take disproportionate measures of this most precious human commodity. People blame social networks, pollution, access to better pastimes and so forth. But almost all of it centres around our fascination for new things, especially technology.…

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ATUL KASBEKAR One of the original founders of the Kingfisher Calendar, Atul, has photographed most of the leading names in the fashion and entertainment business creating an empire spanning various fields today, from producing films to managing talent. ALLIA AL RUFAI Creative stylist-to-the-stars, Allia is a self-confessed travel addict, food enthusiast and dog lover, and she’s responsible for her clientele making it on to best-dressed lists across the country. KURUSH UMRIGAR Kurush decided on a career in photography quite late in life, after experimenting with careers in cooking, as well as teaching. He mentored under Farrokh Chothia for four years. Apart from fashion photography, he’s also working on two personal projects: black and white portraits of the elderly Parsees of India, and portraits that convey emotion. GEETIKA SASAN BHANDARI A lifestyle editor and journalist for almost two…

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hot tropics

Mitali Rannorey Mitali loves to travel and that’s part of the reason she’s in the modelling business, that, and meeting diverse people from different walks of life. She’s also mastered the art of the sexy selfie, and it turns out the secret is getting the perfect angle and some great lighting. We’re looking forward to one-on-one lessons, of course. When did you first start modelling? Right after my studies. It’s been almost six years now—how time flies! Where did you grow up? I’m a complete Bengaluru girl—born and raised. A model who inspires you? Several models who have built successful all-round businesses like Gisele Bündchen, Kathy Ireland and Miranda Kerr. If you weren’t a model... Working at a corporate firm, for sure. I studied telecom engineering before I started modelling. What was your favourite thing about filming the Kingfisher Calendar…

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what you wrote

Okay, so it’s not easy to pick a few letters from 12 years of great issues. Not that we couldn’t, we really didn’t want to! It’s more than compilation, you see. There were some years when we took the letters to the editor completely online, so it would mean some severe database- and server-crunching. And then there were some years when the abuse was so rampant that we had to print the letters in the magazine again, but it’s still a mountain of work. But, without a doubt, the readers of Maxim are a stellar lot, and we grudgingly got down to it. These are some of the best letters we’ve received, and we’ve stuck to the ones that ripped us a new one because they made us revisit our…

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why maxim?

This issue marks 144 months of Maxim’s Indian journey, which began in January 2006 with Priyanka Chopra as our first Covergirl. We’ve had the privilege of working with some of India’s top stars, and they’ve given us plenty of insights into ourselves. Here are a few... Deepika Padukone “My personal sense of empowerment comes from the fact that I feel confident and comfortable with who I am. It’s taken me some time to get here, but I’ve worked to get to this place.” Disha Patani “The hate is a part of it. One mantra I follow is that you shouldn’t be too happy or too sad about anything. Girls, especially, get a lot of shit for nothing. I’m here to live my life and I’m happy to be doing my work.” Kalki Koechlin “I feel flattered…

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negroni riffing!

Negroni Bianco o 30 ml gin o 15 ml bianco vermouth o 15 ml dry vermouth o 30 ml quinquina aperitif o 2 dashes of lemon bitters o 1 dash of verjus (verjuice) Stir on ice and strain. Serve up. Express a lemon twist and discard; garnish with baby’s breath flowers. The Negroni, more than the martini or the Manhattan, has become the cocktail that signals you know what you’re doing: a nod to the bartender that you’re not messing around. Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin stirred together to achieve spirituous harmony—bitter but bright, sweet but strong. Invented in 1919, it’s a classic, but it’s also spurred countless twists and riffs over the years. Consider the Negroni Sbagliato, which translates to the “wrong” or “false” Negroni. Legend goes that at Milan’s Bar Basso, a bartender mistakenly swapped gin for…