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GEETIKA SASAN BHANDARI A lifestyle editor and journalist for almost two decades, Geetika is currently on a sabbatical from full-time work. She lives in Lagos, and spends her time trying to discover the domestic goddess within. She occasionally writes and edits. MUNEESH TARSEM After his Master’s in film-making from New York, Muneesh returned to India and has been working in the field for the past 10 years. He feels that a camera can “take” a photograph, but only a photographer can capture the moment. He lives in Delhi with his wife and two kids, and often collaborates with his brother, Gireesh, an interiors and still-life photographer. ANWITA + ARUN The wife-husband duo works across a range of disciplines including photography, illustration and design. Anwita is a textile design major, and Arun worked for a decade…

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how to drink like a londoner

Stepping out from your black cab, you arrive at The Milestone Hotel, a posh property at the southwestern edge of Hyde Park, and check into one of its staggering two-level master suites. Inside, a loaded DIY gin-and-tonic station has been prepared for your arrival, and you go ahead and customise a quick welcome refreshment. Then you clean up and don your finest blazer before heading for a sabrage demo—that is, how to be a total badass and slice off the cork of your Champagne bottle with a sword. Welcome to London. Sign up for the Milestone’s The Art of Sabrage experience and you can pick which bottle of bubbles you’d like—though Champagne works best because of the thickness of the bottle—and either let one of the pros handle the job for…

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making it look easy

After 15 years of working from home or in coffee shops or on spare couches, the filmmaker Joe Swanberg finally rented an office. It’s comfortable, but nothing extravagant: a signless concrete storefront on the North Side of Chicago next to a Central Asian restaurant. There’s a studio apartment upstairs with a kitchenette and built-in shelves. “All these books were in my house as of a week ago, driving my wife bonkers,” he says, folding spare towels. “Just that alone is worth the rental price.” Swanberg, 36, had spent August and September in Los Angeles finishing postproduction on Easy, his Chicago-set Netflix anthology series, the second season of which debuted in December. In truth, he’s still getting the place set up. (It took him three tries to figure out how the ceiling…

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watch with your ears

There’s nothing like compelling plotlines and fantastic soundtracks to keep viewers hooked, and these television hits did just that. If you haven’t shazam-ed your way through an episode yet, we’ve got you covered with the best tracks of the best shows on air right now. BIG LITTLE LIES With a star-studded cast that could sell the show simply with its credits sequence, this Jean Marc Vallee-directed, Reese Witherspoon-produced HBO hit has us by the horns with its equal parts drama and mystery recipe, and an underlying theme that is so poignant to the meaning of female empowerment in today’s world. If “Cold Little Heart” by Michael Kiwanuka as the title track wasn't the best musical find, then I don’t know what is. Maybe Zoe Kravitz covering “Don’t” by Presley? You decide. THE HANDMAID’S…

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sleeping in the buff

If you’re looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes this year, you’re in luck, because I know exactly where you should start: By taking your clothes off and sleeping naked. Study after study proves that stripping down and spending your nights au naturale is not only fantastic for your sex life, but it’s also really good for you, because it offers a lot of surprising health benefits that you totally wouldn’t expect. IT’S HEALTHIER FOR YOUR MANHOOD When you sleep in boxer briefs or pyjamas that hug your balls and keep them near and dear to your body, they heat up close to body temperature—somewhere around 97 to 98 degrees. And in case you didn’t know, your scrotum hangs outside of your body because it needs to stay a few degrees cooler…

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riding the ketosis wave

Probably not. Nowadays, there are so many dieting trends making their rounds that it is almost impossible to be up to speed with all of them. This particular diet, though, should start to evoke some memories because most people’s mothers were on this diet—they just had a different name for it then. “Atkins” was the name of the game a few years back, but now people are starting to call it by what it is, instead of the name of one of the doctors who initially advocated this type of diet. Ketosis. Basically, the ketogenic diet is a low-carb but high-fat diet that has been proven to cause weight loss and it also provides numerous health benefits such as maintaining blood sugar levels, for one. The idea behind it is to…