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the masculine summer bouquet

They say a fragrance is all about its notes, and they couldn’t be more right. The summer is also the best time to put this theory to the test, because the combined onslaught of heat and humidity need your fragrance to work hard for you. That said, there are some scents that will announce your presence and perk up your mood. Skinn by Titan – India’s largest French fragrance brand, suggests some essential masculine scents to elevate your summer perfume game. GRAPEFRUIT This subtropical citrus fruit has an uplifting and refreshing quality, and is used for its unique sweet yet bitter mix. Being from the citrus family gives it an immediate freshness which, when combined with other smells as bergamot and green apple, enhances the feeling of a pick-me-up. This is a top…

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NICK SAGLIMBENI The brain behind SlickforceStudio in downtown LA, Nick has photographed for more than 100 magazine covers and numerous campaigns. He has received several awards, and is the author of the hugely successful “Mastering” series of books. He has also created WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful, a magazine photographed and designed in 3D. Nick does a ton of pro bono work for numerous charities. SUPRIYA SEHGAL With credits in over 30 guidebooks, Supriya is definitely a travel writer. She says she’s happy to travel for 250 days a year, and has finally abandoned the idea of calling any one city her home. She’s also an avid trekker. ASHISH ASTHANA A self-taught artist working as an illustrator for the last 18 years, Ashish drew Phantom and Mandrake as a kid and believes those comics were…

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shark crusader

If some people are destined for a specific career, then Ocean Ramsey—yes, that’s her real name—was meant to become a preeminent shark and marine researcher and conservationist. From her home base on Oahu, Ramsey has travelled the world to study sharks in their diverse habitats and bring awareness to the threat that numerous shark species currently face. She’s also an advanced free diver (a diver without a breathing apparatus), scuba instructor, business owner, and designer. When she’s not travelling the world free diving, she’s at home in Hawaii working at her own company, One Ocean Research and Diving. Her cause went viral when she was caught on tape riding the back of a fully grown great white shark with no cage or other protection. There’s also the fact that she’s attractive…

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sex by science

Are you in a romantic relationship with an amazing woman? If yes, great! I’m happy for you. But has the passion been lacking in the bedroom and is your sex life a little lacklustre? Fret not, my dude. Let’s rectify the situation. As explained by sexpert Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a massive study of 40,000 people found that there are five big differences between couples who always have hot, passionate sex, and couples who long ago lost that flame. Those who keep the passion alive in the bedroom are more likely to do these five key things: • Spend time setting the mood • Practice sexual communication • Receive oral sex • Be happier with their relationship in general • Engage in more acts of sexual variety In other words, couples who have amazing sex lives actually make an…

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sunken treasure

The waters in Žuljana remain a consistent 15 degrees Celsius throughout the year, right in the sweet spot for maturing wines. Legend has it that there’s treasure resting off the coast of Žuljana, a tiny town with some 250 residents located along the southern side of Croatia’s Pelješac peninsula. And I’ve come here to find it. Scuba gear strapped on, I dive below the waters and come upon a cage resting at the bottom of the sea—the buried treasure, at last, in the form of seashell and coral-covered bottles of wine. The treasured wine isn’t the remnant of some ancient shipwreck, however. It’s been placed there purposely by upstart winery Edivo Vina. Because who needs a subterranean wine cave when you have the stunningly beautiful turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea? “It’s the…

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the cachaça diaries

It’s almost a guarantee that any trip to Brazil will be laden with the intrinsic pleasures of beachside caipirinhas. The cocktail is made with cachaça, showcasing Brazil’s 500-year-old spirit of choice. Cachaça is distilled from fermented sugarcane juice, making it a cousin of rum and, more specifically, of rhum agricole, or cane juice rum, though with an even longer history. The good news is that even when you’re back home there’s no need to stop your new-found Brazilian love affair—we’re still talking about the cachaça! It’s now readily available across the world, and some of the best bottles are barrel-aged using indigenous Brazilian woods that deliver entirely unique flavours. “Cachaça as a category is aged in 30 different woods,” says Peter Nevenglosky, co-founder of Avuá Cachaça. “We find the unique flavours and…