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 / Men's Lifestyle
Maxim India

Maxim India August 2018

Indian Edition of the World´s leading men’s lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy´s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing so!

Burda Media India Private Limited
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1 min.

DAN CARNEY Well-known automotive journalist Dan has a special interest in reviewing aspirational cars, super races and interviewing celebrities about their automotive interests. His larger aim: to remind Maxim readers why we love cars. ELENA FERNANDES After completing her law education, Elena embraced modelling and acting, and is even a former Maxim Covergirl. She’s a vocal advocate of animal welfare and currently mothers five cats and one dog. When she has some free time, she loves to write. NICK SAGLIMBENI The brain behind Slickforce Studio in downtown LA, Nick has photographed for more than 120 magazine covers and numerous campaigns. He has received several awards, and is the author of the hugely successful ‘Mastering’ series of books. He has also created WMB 3D: World’s Most Beautiful, a magazine photographed and designed in 3D. He does…

8 min.
what i’ve sniffed

“Are you a dog person or a cat person?”—it is one of the most common questions that I am often asked. Well, I have both! Now, if you must know, I live with five cats and one dog (her name is Princess), and I love my babies. But, I feel my cats tolerate me and my dog dotes on me. And dogs, right from when they’re nutty puppies to when they’re in their elderly phase, are man’s greatest friend! I’ve always been an ardent animal lover and I feel my passion for animal welfare stems from my mother and grandfather. My grandfather would rescue injured pigeons. I remember him making splints for their wings from lollipop sticks. So, I guess saving animals and loving them has always been in my blood. My…

4 min.
the master of minimalism

Even in London’s frenzied dining scene, few openings have ever been as buzzed about as Ollie Dabbous’ first restaurant, launched in 2012 on such a tight budget that he had to bring pots and pans from home. In a spartan, central London space that one reviewer noted looked like a car park, Dabbous’ fresh, pared-back dishes had critics salivating into their sourdough-brown paper bags. The London Evening Standard’s Fay Maschler, the hard-to-please grande dame of London restaurant critics, gave it a full five stars—something she’d done only a handful of times. A Michelin star followed eight months later as Dabbous was hailed as a new culinary messiah who’d appeared out of nowhere to slay stuffy fine dining with his unpretentious enterprise. Soon, it seemed every London opening was about bare concrete, bare…

3 min.
boozy classics

Weekend getaways and sunshine on a tap aside, it’s definitely prime season for cool cocktails. These five recipes are a mix of modern classics and outstanding originals that are sure to keep you happily hydrated. But, be warned—they are dangerously tasty! THE 50-50 MARTINI The martini is one of the world’s most popular cocktails for a good reason! Traditionally, it’s just two ingredients that are easy to remember: gin (or vodka) and dry vermouth. The 50–50 split between vermouth and gin (or vodka) makes this classic a perfect drink on a hot summer day. 45 ml gin (or vodka) 45 ml dry vermouth Combine all the ingredients into a mixing glass. Stir with ice until properly chilled or diluted. Strain into a coupe or a cocktail glass, garnish with a lemon twist or sliver, or…

5 min.
all about the ticker

Truth be told, it is the increased workload on the heart as a result of exercise that makes it adapt progressively over a period of time, resulting in a stronger cardiac output and an enhanced ability to withstand fatigue. The secret, though, is slow progression, as studies suggest that for the greatest heart protection, the total weekly energy expenditure is more important than the energy expenditure of a single session. As is said in the world of sports—consistency is the key to success. In fact, consistency is what makes the heart the one muscle that does the most physical work over the course of a lifetime. The power output of the heart ranges from one to five watts, and even though the quadricep muscles can produce over 100 watts in a…

1 min.
juice it up

Let’s face it. We are not the health experts we consider ourselves to be. The diet we plan to follow often gets shoved in the corner as soon as the aroma of deep-fried bacon and the goodness of chilled beer take over. But, did you know, all the junk that we so fondly put in our bodies can take away the greatest pleasure from us—yes, the joy of sex! But worry no more. We’ve got your back. Several nutritional studies have found that a couple of elements in certain fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices can actually pump up your sex drive, boost your performance and spike your pleasure quotient. Sounds ecstatic, doesn’t it? All you need is a tall glass of juice loaded with an abundance of L-tyrosine, L-arginine,…