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Maxim India February 2016

Indian Edition of the World´s leading men’s lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy´s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing so!

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small wonder

INSIDE A TRIBUTE TO LEGENDARY MUSICIAN DAVID BOWIE THE DAKAR RALLY 2016 WINNERS INSIDE CROSSFIT CEO GREG GLASSMAN’S LIFE A FULLY ELECTRICALLY-POWERED TEXTILE TOP HAS BEEN CREATED SPECIALLY FOR THIS MINI. AND, IN TRUE JOHN COOPER WORKS STYLE, THE ROOF COMES WITH AN OPTIONAL UNION JACK GRAPHIC AS FAR AS THE MINI GOES, IT IS A CASE study on how you can take an iconic shape and create bona fide renditions that are individually as engaging. From the Clubman and Countryman to the Cooper D, each model harks back to the origins of the exterior while showcasing the technological expertise of its car-making parent group. Now, the 2016 John Cooper Works Convertible is a shining beacon for the new model generation, a beautiful car with a racing mind. At the heart of the new…

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JATIN KAMPANI The first thing that comes to your mind when we say Maxim Covergirl is... “that to me, a Maxim Covergirl is the epitome of feminism, most sensual, someone who is the personification of beauty. She is a woman of substance. It’s always fun shooting with Maxim because of the creative freedom a photographer is allowed.” Okay, we love that, but there must have been some hairy moments during the many shoots you’ve... “when discussing clothes, one has to weave a story around why less is more. When I was shooting the January 2015 cover with seven supermodels, the shoot started with the girls being a little conscious but, by the end of it, they were completely comfortable in their skin and in the environment we had created around them.” We celebrate…

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the alien and the earthling

IT IS ALMOST AS IF BOWIE HAS CHECKED OUT OF THE PLANET IN MUCH THE SAME WAY AS HE ARRIVED ON IT FROM MARS; AN AVATAR THAT WOULD SPAWN A GENRE. BY THE TIME HIS CREATIVE COLLABORATION with photographer Brian Duffy resulted in the iconic red-lightning-bolt-across-the-face album cover at the turn of the Seventies, David Bowie had already ushered in a creative zeitgeist that firmly established him as one of the most intriguing musical shapeshifters of his era. A prolific singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bowie had completed his sixth album in as many years since kick-starting his career with an eponymous debut in 1967 and Aladdin Sane (the aforementioned lightning bolt blitzkrieg) was, in many ways, the beginning of a brand new trajectory. It says much about the depth of the man’s creative oeuvre…

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the essential bowie

SPACE ODDITY Folksy, post-hippie vibes with an enduring character in the fictional Major Tom. THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD Bowie debuts the man dress and creates a hard-edged rock template which would find favour with the grunge boys. ZIGGY STARDUST Loads of glitter and conversations with aliens. Nothing gets better, really. REBEL REBEL Bowie cranks up the amp and gets the riffs out even as he gender-bends with abandon. HEROES Part of Bowie’s Berlin-era output, it wasn’t much of a commercial success. Creatively, though? Aaah!…

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the life military

IT’S IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE ETHOS AND SPIRIT OF THE ARMED FORCES, AND A CLASSIC EXAMPLE IS WHAT WE DO DURING PEACE TIME. PEOPLE DON’T REALISE THAT WAR OR A DECLARED WAR IS THE LAST PART OF THE SPECTRUM OF WAR AS A SECOND-GENERATION ARMY OFFICER, Lt. General Hasnain, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM & BAR, has lived his life with a clear focus. He has been in the thick of the action in many kinds of conflict—in Jammu & Kashmir over several tours of duty, as Commanding Officer on the Siachen Glacier, in Mozambique and Rwanda and during the Punjab militancy. He has also mentored a generation of soldiers in the art of conflict resolution without aggression, and has lectured and written extensively on national security, civil society and the military’s…

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pocket rocket

DESIGNED BY MARC NEWSON, the influential designer who’s created everything from plates to yachts, these writing instruments showcase a new aesthetic—while marking the first ever design partnership for the House. Using Newson’s unique biomorphic style, the fluid, uninterrupted form highlights Montblanc’s iconic workmanship in black precious resin, with the emblem appearing twice for the first time. Functionality is paramount, of course, as a magnet automatically aligns the platinum-plated clip to the plateau of the barrel and the metal forepart is ringed with ruthenium-plated metal to balance the weight and to ensure that the holding surface facilitates traction and ease in writing. The collection features a fineliner pen for precision drawing, a ScreenWriter for use on touch screens, a fountain pen with a two-tone gold nib, a ballpoint pen and a…