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Maxim India January 1, 2016

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all eyes on top

The new Porsche Cayman GT4 is a radical version of the smallest coupé by the German brand that takes all the experience gained on the track and places it in a car made for the streets. To understand where it comes from, let’s analyse the 911 range, because this car has the most versions with Porsche. The first one was called Carrera—named after the Pan-American Race that took place in Mexico in the ’50s; following up was the Carrera S, with more power that came from a bigger engine, and the last one is the Carrera GTS which was oriented towards use on the streets. At the top of the list we find the Turbo versions—Turbo S (with more power), GT3 (with an orientation for race tracks), and GT3 RS (which is…

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king of customs

“IT’S ABOUT THAT PERFECT, HARD-CORE RIDE: A MODERN FEEL AND A VINTAGE LOOK.” THE BACK LOT AT BODIE STROUD INDUSTRIES may look like a junkyard, but each junker is potentially worth millions. Surrounded by tall fencing, it’s cluttered with cars that are torn in half, parts broken beyond recognition, and stacks of bumpers. A 352 Ford V-8 engine dangles from a chain hoist, a motor without a home. The junk, the cars, the tools, and even the workers—there are eight of them today, wearing respirators and Mechanix gloves, sanding, shaping, tearing, bending, spraying, and turning wrenches—are covered in dust from the concrete factories that pervade this very industrial, very hellish corridor of the sun-blasted San Fernando Valley. To look at the plain exterior of BSI and its grim surroundings, you might never…

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auto focused

“Here’s a 1948 Ford Convertible—just like the one in the movie Grease—in for a complete rebuild from the ground up.” “This 1966 400 GT Lamborghini belongs to Adam Carolla. It’s a rare car and very valuable. There were only approximately 200 ever built.” “A 1967 convertible Camaro that belongs to Drea de Matteo. We work on it and store it for her, and when she is in town she uses it as a daily driver. She’s had it for quite a long time.” “This 1966 Chevy C10 has been chopped, sectioned, and heavily modified. It belongs to a guy named Brian who works at DreamWorks. This car fits him and his personality to a T.”…

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arctic ice

Absinthe cocktails are the grown-up cousins to those amateur-yet-nostalgic jello shots you gave up a decade ago. Since the average absinthe alcohol is 90-150 proof, just rinsing/bathing the cocktail glass with it is enough to add a strong flavour of liquorice and serious intensity. Here’s one of our favourite recipes courtesy of mixologist DK at Le Meridien in Gurgaon. Ingredients: 50 ml lemon vodka; 10 ml creme de menthe; 10 ml lemon juice; 5 ml sugar syrup; 10 ml absinthe Method: Rinse the serving glass with absinthe. Pour all the ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Add sugar syrup according to your taste. Serve it chilled.…

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being an edm superstar

LIFE AFTER “ANIMALS” I’m super happy that I made “Animals,” but like you said, I had a lot of pressure after it, because I was like, “Ah, I don’t know what to do now.” To be honest, the first two or three months after “Animals” hit it big, I did not work a lot in the studio because I was doing too many shows and planning my next move. iTUNES ON REPEAT There’s a new song by Florian Picasso called “Origami.” It’s a different song—and I love to listen to different-sounding songs. The problem for me is that a lot of electronic music sounds so similar, so I’m super stoked and super excited when I hear something different. ELECTRONIC MUSIC NOWADAYS I honestly think that some artistes now are doing so much of the same…

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style and tradition

MEXICANS AND NOW MORE PEOPLE AROUND the world can’t find a drink more perfect than tequila to say cheers with friends. But when you talk about tequila you have to enjoy a brand that provides quality, and at the forefront is Don Julio, securing a special place thanks to its light flavour and special production process. To witness their production process first-hand and reaffirm why they’re one of the best premium tequilas in Mexico, Don Julio invited us to their production fields, production plant and barrels in Jalisco. Each tequila starts with the selection of blue agaves, which are collected in the fields by harvesters in the Los Altos de Jalisco region—a beautiful field that you cannot forget because the land is red. Here’s where they collect the iconic sweet and citric…