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Maxim India June-July 2017

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ERRIKOS ANDREOU Born and raised in Athens, Greece, finding beauty in his subjects comes naturally to Errikos. It’s this eye for bold, beautiful and sensuous things that has made him one of the most sought-after celebrity photographers today. He stepped behind the lens for our cover shoot with Deepika Padukone. MUNEESH TARSEM After his master’s in filmmaking from New York, Muneesh returned to India and has been working in the field for the past 10 years. He feels that a camera can “take” a photograph, but only a photographer can capture the moment. He lives in Delhi with his wife and two kids, and often collaborates with his brother, Gireesh, an interiors and still-life photographer. VAIBHAV MEHTA An explorer, dreamer and evangelist of the free spirit, Vaibhav is the man behind our photo essay on…

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the next stop

For a rover to traverse untraversed terrain, reliability and sustainability are key, and that means constant evolution of tech protocols. GLIDING ON THE ROADS? YAWN! THAT’S so 2016. Audi’s Mission to the Moon, which was initiated back in 2015 in partnership with PTScientists—a Berlin-based group of motley researchers and engineers led by Robert Böhme—has created the most tangible and robust lunar exploratory vehicle yet. Humans have set foot on the Moon before (or not, if you’re a big one for conspiracy theories), but this endeavour seeks to perfect spacecrafts and rovers, and make a trip to our closest space entity a lot more manageable. The Audi Lunar Quattro is innovation and invention at its best. The vehicle has been created to withstand any and every bump the lunar surface throws its way.…

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the strongest super sheroes of all time!

WONDER WOMAN The most popular female superhero of all time carries the lasso of truth and happens to be the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons. Her superpowers include: Superhealing, control over soldiers, telepathy, resistance against electricity, teleportation, superspeed, and those bracelets of power. RED SONJA She’s a fierce sabre and pistol-wielding swordswoman. Even Conan the barbarian could not defeat her in duel. A 2014 reboot has made her more athletic, lusty and hotblooded, with a crude sense of humour and a love for both alcohol and sex unseen in earlier versions. Her superpowers include: Peak-level physical strength, superhuman tracking and martial arts. She’s basically a one-woman army. STARFIRE This 6'7" flirtatious combat specialist and Tamaranean beauty has romanced Robin, been a model and can fly through space at great speeds. Also, she’s…

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prague... for the thirsty (& hungry) man!

GOOD FOOD COFFEE & BAKERY Home of the freshest, crumbliest and tastiest Tdrelnik (a local grilled dessert) in the city. You can’t pass this up. TRY THIS: The fresh strawberries and cream serving with extra walnut sprinkles. Address: Karlova 8, Staré Město, Praha-1 HEMINGWAY BAR Hands down the slickest speakeasy in all of Prague. They’re quiet, creative and kinda cramped—all the makings of a memorable evening. TRY THIS: Their menu changes constantly, so just tell them your spirit and trust your bartender. Address: Karoliny Světlé 279/26, Staré Město, Praha-1 THE IRISH TIMES BAR For when you want to kick back and have some beer and grub. They’ve got a good line-up of local bands that play live every night at 9 pm. Get there early to get good seats on the ground floor. TRY THIS: Chicken liver pâté with…

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ooh la la!

THE DRIVER’S SEAT IS CUSTOM MOULDED TO SPECIFICALLY FIT THE DRIVER AND IS MOUNTED FOR PRECISION BALANCE. DALLAS COWBOYS FANS ALWAYS USED TO SAY THE roof of the Cowboys stadium opened so God could watch his favourite team. Maybe God wanted a peek inside Ferrari’s ultimate road car, too. The 350-kmph, 949-horsepower hybrid-electric LaFerrari Aperta will be available with a removable roof. If there was ever a problem with the original $1.4 million V-12 coupé, unveiled in 2013, it wasn’t the hard top but the fact that Ferrari made only 499 of them. The cars were snapped up by the lucky few—people like singer Sammy Hagar and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay—before they even officially went on sale, leaving many disappointed customers. To ease their pain, Ferrari announced the release of an open-air…

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power ranger

TRACTS, ROADS, BEDROCKS. There’s little the CRF1000L Africa Twin can’t traverse. Nimbly. Its powertrain uses the exclusive Unicam design, while the parallel-twin layout allows the front wheel to be tucked closer to the engine, making its wheelbase shorter. A low centre of gravity has also been achieved by placing the battery at the bike’s centre, which makes it more stable. Equipped with 21-inch front and 18-inch back spoked wheels, a tapered aluminium handlebar, an adjustable seat and a rally windscreen, the bike has been made for off-road assault. In fact, the genesis of the Africa Twin can be traced to 1986, when the iconic NXR750 made its debut at the Dakar Rally and won that year, and three consecutive years after that—which led to the development of the original XRV750…