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Maxim India March 2016

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small wonder

AS FAR AS THE MINI GOES, IT IS A CASE study on how you can take an iconic shape and create bona fide renditions that are individually as engaging. From the Clubman and Countryman to the Cooper D, each model harks back to the origins of the exterior while showcasing the technological expertise of its car-making parent group. Now, the 2016 John Cooper Works Convertible is a shining beacon for the new model generation, a beautiful car with a racing mind. At the heart of the new convertible is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder power unit with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology that has been developed exclusively for the John Cooper Works models. It is the most powerful MINI engine to date and puts out 231 hp at around 6,000 rpm, with a maximum…

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the primer

THE GROUPS GROUP A BANGLADESH / IRELAND / THE NETHERLANDS / OMAN In this group, Bangladesh have the maximum exposure to international cricket. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to beat the others in the qualifying round but they will find it hard in the next stage where they will meet Australia, India, New Zealand and Pakistan. If Ireland can win against Bangladesh, they may cause an upset for one of the top teams. GROUP B AFGHANISTAN / HONG KONG / SCOTLAND / ZIMBABWE Going by their players’ ability, Zimbabwe can beat teams such as Scotland and Hong Kong. Their chances of going ahead in the tournament will depend on whether they can avenge their recent losses to Afghanistan. Yet, going by Afghanistan’s form, they are likely to be the side that meets…

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the superior smoke

“AT 89, OBVIOUSLY MY DAD HAS SLOWED DOWN, BUT HE STILL COMES IN EVERY DAY .” The Padrón family, one of the preeminent clans in the cigar business, has an origin story as rich and complex as their finest smoke. It started in 1880, when the Padrón ancestors emigrated from the Canary Islands to Cuba and began growing tobacco, then took a dramatic turn when the clan’s patriarch, Jose Orlando, was forced to flee the Castro regime and start afresh in the United States. Fifty years later, his son, 47-year-old Jorge Padrón, is running the show, with the thoughtful guidance of his father and consigliere. My father left Cuba in ’61. At that time, the US government had this programme to give all the Cubans coming in financial help and the basic…

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grand havana room

On the penthouse floor of 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, lies one of the last holdouts of a luxurious bygone era. At the Grand Havana Room, the elite can still enjoy a drink among smoke trails, admiring their domain below through 360-degree views, in rooms filled with luxe leather sofas and comfy chairs. Between the East and West Coast locations (there’s one in L.A.as well), members include Laurence Fishburne, Alec Baldwin, Rudy Giuliani, and dozens of the world’s top power players. As a result, the wait list is extensive: Expect to wait a minimum of two years for a formal invite.…

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wizard of the fright

IT IS SAID THAT VINCENT PRICE HATED to be the hero of the horror history, because he considered it boring. That Boris Karloff was very worried that his make-up would scare the children who worked with him in his movies. That Alfred Hitchcock was scared of his own movies. And that Tim Burton’s worst fears have been provoked by ordinary, everyday people. It appears Guillermo del Toro is not an exception to this rule. “I had an awful childhood, emotionally. I was never beaten or locked in closets, but I had a really intense relationship with the horrors of Catholic guilt. My grandmother was like Piper Laurie in Carrie. I was a chubbier version of Carrie. It was hard to come through this,” he says, his face mirroring his intense intent…

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who is appleby?

APPLEBY’S VISAGE IS ROUND, EVEN cherubic. His eyes widen, and he’ll flash a fluorescent smile every time he gets excited about a topic of discussion. Which is often. But you’ll have to take my word for it—at least for now. The 23-year-old singer-rapper from Chicago, who has drawn comparisons to the Weeknd both for his velvety voice and the mystery he cultivates, refuses to be photographed. In fact, he has so far managed to keep his true identity a complete secret. In pictures, Appleby’s face is obscured by a hood or a hat, or tucked underneath an overcoat. But right now, at Chicago’s Classick Studios, he’s completely present—every garrulous, goofy inch of him. “Yo! How’s it going, my man?” Appleby bellows, all wide-toothed smile and chirpy, come-here-bro charm, wrapping me in…