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Indian Edition of the World´s leading men’s lifestyle magazine. Maxim is a guy´s go-to guide for everything that interests them, and arms them with tools to live a better life, and have more fun doing so!

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GILLES BENSIMON Gilles is one of the world’s best-known celebrity photographers. He has worked with many leading actors, singers and models. His style captures the subject and the environment with a sensual precision. Based in New York, he has become a close collaborator of our U.S. cousins. DARREN CENTOFANTI An Australian based in India, Darren has been a long-time Maxim collaborator and has more than 30 years of professional photography under his belt. His eye-catching, colourful and sexy images have made some of our best-selling covers and some famous campaigns. He also hosts photographic workshops across the world, making friends as he works. NICK SAGLIMBENI Nick is the brain behind SlickforceStudio in downtown LA, and has photographed for more than 100 magazine covers and numerous campaigns. He has received several awards, and is the author…

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time machines

THE RECOLLECTION OF MORGAN MOTORS’ history makes for a real journey through time, unlike what happens with other classic cars. A Morgan can’t be kept on display only. Therefore, to demonstrate its strength and usefulness in real life, Morgan Motors’ three models, the 3 Wheeler, the Classic 4/4 and the Aero, have been brought back to life, keeping modern-day automobile needs in mind. The 3 Wheeler, which is the iconic three-wheeled model, boasts the S&S 1,983-cc V-twin engine which is mated to Mazda five-speed transmission and produces 82 horsepower. Driving this icon is such a satiating experience that it is incomparable with any other automobile. The second masterpiece is the Classic 4/4 that honours Morgan’s name. The car has the same British design since 1950s but only in the looks department is it…

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stay indoors

CORBETT NATIONAL PARK: DOMAIN OF THE WILD by Ashima Kumar & Dushyant Parasher Publisher: Konark Publishers Price: 1,995 Centred around one of India’s most-loved wildlife parks, Corbett National Park: Domain of the Wild essentially unravels the enigma that Corbett is, and its marvellous inhabitants. Ashima Kumar’s love for the forest and wildlife is artfully put and complemented with stunning photographs by Dushyant Parasher. The book aims to narrow down a maze of data for the quintessential nature lover in simplistic terms. Worth mentioning are the anecdotes of conservation stalwart F.W. Champion that perfectly complement Ashima’s in-depth research into the park’s history, and the variety of species that used to co-habit in the area. For instance dhols—wild dogs—were once the park’s permanent residents. It takes the reader back in time and tells us a tale…

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high rolling

Odds are you’ve been drinking highballs since you’ve been drinking. Gin and tonic? Highball. Vodka soda? Highball. Rum and Coke? You guessed it. By simple definition, it’s a combination of booze and something fizzy—not shaken, not stirred, just poured in—and served in a highball glass with ice. Long ignored by the drinking establishment, highballs have improbably become the darling of cocktail bartenders in one of the most fickle drinking cities on Earth: New York. The reason is that bartenders secretly love to drink them. They’re quick, they’re not too boozy, and they taste good. As a result, a new wave of highballs is turning the basic construct on its head. Blacktail, the new Prohibition-themed, Cuba-inspired spot on Battery Park’s Pier A from Dead Rabbit creators Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon, is…

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canyons, cocktails, and ocean views

You don’t need to travel to an exotic location to experience adventure, natural beauty, serene sunsets, and that sense of exhilaration that comes when you’ve reached the top of the mountain that overlooks the sea. When your mantra is “Forever on Vacation,” it becomes a state of mind you carry with you everywhere—even when you’re home. When I don’t go to Brazil for the holidays, I create my own vacation in my hometown of Los Angeles. And of course, it usually involves the ocean. Malibu is legendary for its beaches, Santa Monica has mountains, Venice is full of amazing restaurants, and Brentwood has so many delicious dessert spots. Here are some of my favourite places to visit and a few things to do at home (my gift guide!) that make…

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we’ve been hit... with a wave of beachy nostalgia!

1989-1992 ERIKA ELENIAK She played the sexy and shy Shauni McClain, the show’s female lead for the first three seasons. 1989 BRYAN CRANSTON Before he was Breaking Bad or Malcolm’s dad, Cranston was seen in season one as Tom Logan, the captain of a party boat. 1989 DAVID SPADE The funnyman was seen as a young surfer in the first season of the show. Also, likely fire-eater–according to this still. 1989-2000 DAVID HASSELHOFF Mitch Buchannon was the guy who ran the show on and off the beach. The Hoff made a stellar comeback with this series. 1991-99 KELLY PACKARD Packard played the energetic young lifeguard April Giminski. Hers was one of the longest running characters on Baywatch. 1991-92 DANNY TREJO The Machete star has appeared on the show twice and he’s played a villain both times, once as Chulo and then…