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gobsmacking giulia

LET’S MEET THE ALFA ROMEO GIULIA QUADRIFOGLIO Verde (QV), a new-born shapely sport sedan which marked the Italian automaker’s 105th anniversary and it’s launched at the perfect time to come out from the shadow of European rivals, especially to hunt the BMW M3 and Jaguar XE. Alfa Romeo’s Giulia sedan made its worldwide debut at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Milan and it’s got enthusiasts of all sorts lined up. But what everyone is excited about is the fact that the Giulia will come equipped with a Ferrari-prepped, six-cylinder engine churning out 510 hp. With that engine, the car will go from 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds. The machine is also equipped with a cylinder deactivation feature to keep the fuel consumption down when you are in normal drive mode. For precision…

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rum and revolution

The bar in Pétionville leaned drunkenly on a hillside. The power came and went, plunging the city into darkness at intervals, lingering just long enough to keep the beer cool in the ancient ice chest. But it was too dark a time for beer. Haiti was, as usual in the early 1990s, bathed in blood, but men never drink as much as they do between funerals, and there were so many of them in Port-au-Prince those days that the processions often intersected. Pétionville was an upscale section, at a lofty remove from the vast slums at the waterfront, but even here among the rich folks, you could feel the country sliding deeper into violence. The democratically elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, had fled, and the poor Haitians who had put him in…

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four breakout artistes to stream right now

STURGILL SIMPSON He’s a throwback country crooner who fills his swaggering, Merle Haggard–style twang with big-think lyrics about the cosmos and the meaning of life. Stream this: “Turtles All the Way Down” THE WEEKND Atmospheric, grooving, and unapologetically sexy—that’s what you get from a breakout R&B Romeo with a bedroom-ready album called Kiss Land. Light some candles. Many candles. Stream this: “King of the Fall” WAXAHATCHEE Alabama-born Katie Crutchfield makes raggedly beautiful indie pop. Her new album, Ivy Tripp, is a sonic breakthrough sure to be the fall soundtrack of the disaffected youth in your life. Stream this: “Under a Rock” EARL SWEATSHIRT Part of the L.A. hip-hop collective, Odd Future, Sweatshirt’s brutally honest, bass-heavy, and brilliantly considered I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside is one of the best rap albums of the year. Stream this: “Grown Ups”…

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the eerie archaeology of daniel arsham

CONCEPTUAL ARTIST DANIEL ARSHAM KNOWS how fast the fetish objects of one era can become the detritus of another. He was 12 when Hurricane Andrew ripped through his family’s home as he huddled in a closet. The next morning, Arsham wandered around the Miami cul-de-sac, spotting his family’s photos and other belongings. “I don’t remember it as traumatic,” he says. “It was just sort of fascinating.” It’s not hard to see how the experience informed his artwork, which includes painting, set design, architecture, film, and sculpture, most famously an ongoing series of pieces in which he casts various iconic objects—from a Casio keyboard and a Benz steering wheel to basketballs and boxing trunks—in volcanic ash, obsidian, and other elemental materials. The haunting result is a little like the Statue of Liberty…

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who is hubert?

WHAT HUBERT CARRIES IN THE SIDECAR Essential spare parts (small size, small weight, small volume) Clothes bag (carries essentials only, depending on where in the world he is and the weather conditions there) Survival food (10 litres drinking water, can of sardines, meat spread, soup powder, coffee, one dry codfish) Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag) Crank winch (a sturdy rope winch) Basic cooking utensils and petrol gas stove Computer and camera THERE ARE MEN WHO SPEND DECADES AS hardened corporate suits, till it dawns on them that they are actually bikers. I spent 18 years riding an Enfield until I realised I was really a suit. It is both ironical and poetically just that I should be penning this story of a man who pushed the boundaries until they gave way, who—by his own admission—has achieved his life’s…

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hot tracks

CREATING THE PROPER MUSICAL accompaniment for a romantic evening is every bit as critical as washing the sheets. The wrong songs could send your potential bedmate trooping out into the night, while a well-considered playlist can help set just the right vibe. You don’t want to be the guy cluelessly streaming free Spotify or SoundCloud, getting assaulted by mood-ruining ads for a local community college or the new Imagine Dragons album every 10 minutes, do you? Herewith, some essential rules for constructing the ultimate “sexxxy” playlist: “For me, it’s a lot of Frank Ocean, the Knife, Zola Jesus, the National—basically, the same songs you’d play if you suffer from chronic depression,” says comedian Whitney Cummings. “The hardest part is naming it so it’s not just called ‘Sex Mix’ on your computer.”…