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the expert panel

KC MITCHELL POWERLIFTER The pursuit of strength isn’t just for gym selfies. For war veteran Mitchell, it was a lifeline that helped him overcome PTSD p82 JEN RULON TRIATHLON COACH Training for three sports? Who has the time for that? Rulon says you do. Get in the fast lane with his sprint triathlon training plan p38 PATRICK WILLIAMS HEAD CHEF So long, sad salads. Let our team of star chefs upgrade your limp leaves, starting with Williams’s BBQ pork and crispy tofu p76 THOM HUNT WILD CAMPING EXPERT Fine-tune your summer staycation plans. From mild to wild, Hunt’s top camping tips can make your trip pitch perfect p62 PADDY GRAHAM FREE-SKIER From Alaska to Georgia, follow Graham’s lead and take the pistes less travelled. You won’t miss the chairlift queues p46 DECLAN CAHILL UROLOGICAL SURGEON Cutting-edge science, four-armed robots and skilled doctors like Cahill are turning the…

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editor’s letter

When I was a youngster, many moons ago in the late 1970s, Why Don’t You? was a popular morning TV programme. Aimed at listless children, it was broadcast by the BBC during the school holidays with the intention of promoting activity. While I don’t recall too much about the show’s substance – Wikipedia tells me it mainly consisted of gangs of kids engaging in peculiar craft games and magic tricks – I vividly remember the theme tune. In particular, I remember the confusion I felt upon hearing its self-defeating demand for viewers to “switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead”. What kind of programme asks you to stop watching it? Was that genuine bemusement or nascent pedantry? I’m still not sure. But I do…

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take the weight off your mind tonight

01 MAGIC SLUMBER 02 SLEEP SCHEDULE Here’s a wake-up call to those looking to shape up before summer: cutting carbs is not the surest route to weight loss. According to a review by the University of Chicago, calorie-restrictive diets are only effective for reducing fat mass on the back of eight hours’ quality shut-eye. Increasing your sleep time by just one hour per night was seen to shed 3% more body fat. Meanwhile, those wearing their measly five hours’ rest as a badge of hard-working honour are likely to put on weight twice as fast. No amount of dieting, HIIT or fasted cardio will make up for that. We know what you’re thinking: more sleep is good? Yawn. But take a closer look at the science and you’ll see why prioritising your Zs…

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sweep up more holiday gains

Picture the scene: the hotel doesn’t have a gym, your running shoes are 1,200 miles away and you just saw a hungover Glaswegian throw up in the pool. As the glow of your hard training at home begins to fade, where are you meant to get your vacation fitness fix? The answer is: absolutely anywhere. The side-sweeping pike will wipe away any fears you have about your six-pack becoming a keg under a cabana. “This move works all the abdominal muscles, hitting your internal and external obliques,” says PT James Stirling, Instagram’s London Fitness Guy. It’ll also target your shoulders to maintain a broad silhouette and keep your joints moving, justifying the next 12 hours you spend on a sunlounger. “It’s important to drive the movement with your core,” says Stirling. “Initially…

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04 POWER PLATES 05 DOUBLE DOWN 01 MOMENT IN THE SUN For many, “tapas” conjures holiday memories of oily croquetas and patatas bravas. But they’re just the tip of the Iberian iceberg. “It’s a myth tapas are greasy or unhealthy,” says Angel Zapata Martin of Parrillan, the latest offering from the Barrafina family. Much of the cuisine focuses on seasonal ingredients, fusing flavour and nutrition. Just remember: you’re supposed to share. Coal Drops Yard, London N1C 4AB parrillan.co.uk A CARABINEROS They may be named after the customs police, but there’s nothing to fear from these Mediterranean prawns. Studies show that 300g are enough to give you a 12% increase in “good” HDL cholesterol, protecting your heart health. B LEEKS Unjustly dismissed as potato’s soup sidekick, leeks are antibacterial, appetite-suppressing and full of potent allyl sulfides, to which…

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get beach ready in one session

06 QUAD GOALS 07 THE LOW DOWN It’s that time of year again. The annual panic sets in as you realise your summer body plans are more than a tad behind schedule. And, as the mercury rises, Instagram is flooded with quick-fix workouts promising you a superhero physique before you board the plane. However, these “short cuts” invariably start from the wrong spot. Curls and lateral raises are not the answer. The one muscle group you need to target for total-body results is your legs 1. The mirror-muscle workouts that become so popular at this time of year consist almost exclusively of single-joint exercises. These attempt to isolate specific muscles: usually your biceps brachii and superficial six-pack muscles. (Turn to page 34 to find out exactly why that is a waste of time.)…